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Clement VSOP 4-Year rum

Clement VSOP 4-Year

Martinique | Agricole | 40.0% ABV

171 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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171 Clement VSOP 4-Year ratings

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Posted over 8 years ago by Flash from France with 16 ratings

One of my first "old" rum and i like it !


Posted almost 6 years ago by Reddew from United States with 53 ratings

If you are a whiskey fan you should try this. I won't say it was bad, but I won't say it was good either.


Posted almost 6 years ago by Nicholas Miller from United States with 75 ratings

So it isnt corked. Boo caps are lame, cork it please. Opening it and smelling it smells exactly and I mean to no exaggeration it smells exactly like Woodford reserve bourbon. Like a granny smith apple with some wood in it. Pouring it is a pain cause it runs down the side of the bottle and gets all over the place. In the glass it smells much the same as the bottle. And drinking it tastes exactly like..... Woodford reserve, like to the point I think it is woodford reserve. It acts the same way in the mouth too, bites in the same points ect. So this is hard to rate. Because its literally a bourbon not a rum. So rum I would give this a 0 for it not being rum but as I bourbon I give it 9. I'm just gonna be one of the sheep and say this is a 7 lol.


Posted over 6 years ago by Dustin Doran from United States with 79 ratings

I don't usually drink a 4 year old gold r(h)um but when I do I choose Clement. Light oak taste, definitive "heat"(alcohol taste), mild fruit with a hint of spice and low level of "butteriness".


Posted over 6 years ago by Lanier from Belgium with 37 ratings

I had the feeling that I was drinking brandy.
This is more a kind of rum for people who also like to drink whiskey


Posted over 6 years ago by Skipjack from United States with 20 ratings

Clement has a good range of rums that easily slip into a number of other spirit categories. Clement VSOP is a rum agricole that makes a successful transition into the brandy realm.

Bottle: Lovely, simple and old school.
Color: Rich brown.
Bottle Aroma: A hit of a very well aged bourbon gives in to a brandy sweetness.
Glass Aroma: Less intense with an older oak nose.
Taste: A little heat paired with a heavy oak flavor, the agricole grassy sweetness comes in to lend a brandy familiarity, a strong oak finish.

This isn't my style of rum, but it is impressive with its range and depth. It is a great rum on the shelf to share with friends.


Posted over 6 years ago by Charles M from United Kingdom with 140 ratings

Not the greatest fan of Agricole's but this was well made, with a tarry finish to it. Dry, good length. OK but FAR FAR too expensive for what it is.


Posted over 6 years ago by Phil from Réunion with 154 ratings

1st rhum vieux agricole tasted,
Nice amber colored, the "vieux Clément" is dry, a bit harsh in the mouth, with a strong wood note.
Then tobacco and vanilla taste.
Nice and sweet sugarcane finish.
Not bad dry, better in "ty punch".


Posted over 6 years ago by Orion from United States with 20 ratings

This is my first experience with Rhum agricole. The nose is spice citrusy. The color is amber. Medium legs on glass. The taste is more like whiskey; very little sweetness. Mild after burn. I prefer sweeter rums. Maybe a good choice for smokey whiskey drinkers but not on my like list.


Posted almost 7 years ago by Sabrina from United States with 10 ratings

Nice one for the collection not to expensive refreshing and well flavored


Posted 7 years ago by Margus Mägi from Estonia with 78 ratings

This is brandy not room. Big disappointment. Never again.