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Foursquare Port Cask Finish 9-Year rum

Foursquare Port Cask Finish 9-Year

Barbados | Aged

94 ratings
Now this is some good stuff


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94 Foursquare Port Cask Finish 9-Year ratings

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Posted over 3 years ago by Mr.B from United Kingdom with 70 ratings

Beautiful bronze reddish colour in the glass. The second maturation in the port cask the aromas ore not overpowering. Overall nicely balanced with a more fruity type notes coming up front. Taste is a bit light for a bajan rum but again is nicely balanced with fruity notes leading into more dark fruits, caramel, spice with plenty of tannins. Nice creamy mouthfeel. A nice sweetish dry finish.

Another great rum from Foursquare and wish I had bought another bottle.


Posted almost 5 years ago by willem686 from Netherlands with 1 rating

I really enjoy the port cask influence. It makes this rum more complex and very interesting. Already getting more expensive in Holland so buy it while it is still available. In my opinion a very honest rum.


Posted almost 5 years ago by Jan B. Nielsen from Denmark with 2 ratings

overwhelming sweetness - despite no sugar added. Notes of oak, coconut, vanilla and caramel. Even a hint of bitter chocolate. Love the mix of port and bourbon cask flavours. Just elegant. Best Buy Rum for the price


Posted 5 years ago by tim from United States with 57 ratings

Fruity undertones of apricot and pear. Finishes with elements of spice and plums.


Posted 5 years ago by Chris from Belgium with 100 ratings

I have tasted this Foursquare last saturday during a tasting event and I was a little bit disappointed.
This rum is a little bit too thin for me and I was not really able to determine all the blended aromas.
Maybe I should give it another try ...


Posted 5 years ago by SK from United States with 2 ratings

A very nice drinker at a fantastic price. Need to stock more bottles.


Posted 5 years ago by Jesper Vejle Krog from Denmark with 66 ratings

This is a great example of what diffetent casks does for a rum. The 6 years in port cask are very noticable in the taste


Posted 5 years ago by Marc Cardinal from Belgium with 401 ratings

Sweet spicy with vanilla and banana. I can find the oak but I have more trouble with port. Need to taste again because he was the fourth in a series of 7 tested rum last night and too light body would not let me unforgettable memories


Posted 5 years ago by Chet from United States with 192 ratings

Very Unique, I have around 40 different rums in my cabinet and this one is a dead give away. Blind taste test is a piece of cake. You can taste the whiskey on the nose and if finishes with a nice port essence. Not sweet but just a fun and enjoyable libation to make you say, " Wow, like that stuff is pertty darn good, Man". Enjoy it is money well spent. I don't know how you could drink this any way but neat... let me know if u find something.. no don't do it man, i like it just the way it is...


Posted 5 years ago by IvoK from Czech Republic with 53 ratings

I tried this one at last rum tasting event...I was surprised how nice it tasted! No added sugar, which you will like after all those Riise/Zacapa/DonPapa.
They store it 3 years in US white oak casks, then 6 years in port casks. It is a crossover between port and rum, which makes it unique.
For this price a must have with very nice bottle!

Nose: mild alcohol, cherry
Body: no extra sweetness, strong, port taste, bit of vanilla
Tail: raw, very long lasting,opening up
Bottle: definitely upper average!


Posted over 5 years ago by mamajuana from United States with 148 ratings

This is one of the oddest profiles on a rum I have ran across to date. While it is rather smooth it does have a strong cask influence from the port. Meaning just that really the port is the main note here. It does have some very nice spice going on behind the port, but this becomes rather muted by the cask influence. Overall not bad if you like port very nice in the mouth and going down. If you want a rum with a rare profile and different taste then this is a good bet. A gripe I had with the US bottle with the wax was that the bottles I bought leaked unopened when upturned. Drops came down the sides. Upon further inspection of the opened bottle there was glass missing at the top of the bottle creating space between the metal screw top. I did not see any glass chip in the bottle so I can only assume that it happened prior to bottling.