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43 Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15-Year ratings

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A very nice aroma in the bottle. Hints of sweetness. The flavor is wonderful with butterscotch notes and a warmth to it rather than a harsh burn. I detect some woodiness to it but not really a strong oak so I'm not sure what they aged it in although I have read they aged it in rather large barrels. A tongue tingler for certain. A very good rum. Wished they had used a cork rather than a cheap screwcap.

Sugar: estimated at 8-10 gpl. To me it seemed that the blender added some form of sweetener to soften the Agricole bite in this rum. Okay taste with wood, caramel but it tasted like they added sweet n low to the blend leaving a what is that taste. Good mixer, but not a sipping rum for me.

The thing is how many times are you in Hati. So not exactly the easiest to find but one to grab if you can smooth and nice.

Nice rum for a cool night. Great over a big cube. A favorite. Served to a few whiskey drinkers and they loved it.

This should be it! Dry, yet balanced and smooth. I don't care for the other agricoles I've tried and in general enjoy dry rums, but wow this is well done!

edited to add sugar test results- 6g

Found this and was impressed by the deep fruity taste without too much sweetness. Will be my regular go-to rhum.

Usually I go for corked bottles but this was an amazingly good rum. Big step up from the 8 year.

Un ron bastante robusto, y con mucho cuerpo. Nada delicado, seco y raspa, pero una boca llena de mucho sabor. Un verdadero regalo de Haití.


I am told there should be some grassy notes but cannot say I recognize them. Still learning.

belle saveur au nez. Au goût un peu épicé pas trop agressif avec un soupçon de chêne se termine avec une final modéré. À boire avec de la glace

This is some primo stuff. It has a nice aroma with just the right amount of burn needed. Goes great over some ice or in a mixed drink. This was a gift from a friend in Florida and is not available to buy here in Texas as far as I know. If you get a chance to purchase some. Please do and revel in its spicy flavor.

Väldigt positivt överraskad! Rund och välbalanserad, inte för söt

Just found this hidden treasure upon organizing my bar, given to me by a client and I found it very useful for my tiki mixology, I have used it in many mixes with great success and just tried it neat with an ice cube and really enjoyed it! It is oak aged and has some bite which may be too much for some, I normally like sweet sipping rums like Diplimatico, but I still enjoyed this agricole.

Barbancourt 5 stars 8 year Rum is one of my favourite rums and has, thus far, been the only Agricole rum I enjoy. Well, the 15 year version is also very good but not as good as the younger one which is also 40% cheaper. Nevetheless I still enjoy this rum.


It has been a very long time since I have tried any rum from Barbancourt and since reviews after the quake were mostly bad, I did not want to buy a whole bottle. So I ordered one shot of this 15 year old neat in a well stocked bar. The bottle is totally new, which is why I did not recognize it behind the bar.

It is very dark with no aroma and a slight burn on the tongue with no after burn. There are also no notable flavors and this is just an average tasting dark rum that tries to hide it's agricole roots. For what it is, this one is too expensive at $48 per bottle or $9 per shot. I could not wait to finish it so that I could move on to my third and final trial of rum shots tasted.

The smell is sweet and easy. The taste is a truly rum taste. No spice, no extra sweetner. Simply grand rum taste. Smooth enough as well.


Very smooth with little to no burn. Notes of caramel, pineapple, and a bit of spices.

43% ABV. Very rich in nose and flavor. Deep vanilla and caramel. Dried fruits. Leather. Thick, oily mouthfeel. Hint of tar (yes!).

One of those rums that you want to keep nosing all night long—even the empty glass. The 15-year is a huge jump above the 8-year (I tried them side-by-side); I'd skip that one entirely. My only complaint is that I wish it had a little more bite. Would LOVE a 100+ proof version of this :)

8+, 9-

Would but again. What else can I person say but I'd buy again

A local Cuban restraint here in Memphis has the whole line of these stocked on the shelf, and let me tell you this rum didn't disappoint. Although, I have had this rum before with my father, the bottle I had was from many many many years ago (long before I was born) and I wasn't expecting Haiti to be able to put out that quality rum anymore. Especially not after the toll that the country has had. Yet, I was surprised when I got to this one, because I saved this one for last of the three I had, I wasn't expecting much from it. Not after the 4 and 8 years let me down. However, this rum is a well balanced of fruit and spice that's not over the top sweet. However, it does have an over earthiness aspect to it but an ice cube helped mellow that out without diluting the other flavors.

Nothing really wrong with this rum, but it wasn't a standout for me. At $50, it doesn't compare favorably with the competition. Subtle and smooth, slightly dry. Finishes nice.

A diferencia de otras opiniones, yo creo que este excelente ron es un verdadero Ron Agrícola Francés. Algo seco, amaderado leñoso, y ligeramente acaramelado. Ademas la presentación es muy buena, me gusta bastante el diseño de la caja con imágenes de personas que trabajan en el campo con caña de azúcar.
Para mí este es un excelente ron, lastima que en mi país sea muy difícil de conseguir.

What a disappointment for a 15 year old rum. I have tried over 400 aged rums over the past 15 years and this one is the second worst rum of them all, only losing marginally to the awful 8 year old Barbancourt. The rave reviews from other users just simply does not make any sense. This is rat poison disguised as an aged rum!

The top 10 worst rums I have ever tried:
1. Barbancourt 4y / 8y / 15y
2. Bounty Dark Rum from Fiji
3. Stroh 40 / 80
4. Plantation Pineapple Stiggin's Fancy
5. Villa Rica 23y
6. Mocambo 15y / 20y
7. Captain Morgan different variations
8. Don Papa 10y / 15y
9. Bacardi flavored "rums", all of them
10. Kraken rums

this is one of my first rum. maybe a mistake in my choice. too dry for me. i have to go to more sweet rums