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Medium clement vieux 6 rhum

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Agricole is slowly becoming one of my favorite styles. It can offer such a beautiful mixture of complexity and dry delicacy with a natural sweetness to die for. I eagerly dive in. The Clement 6 year has a very floral and grassy nose. It´s a little spicy with notes of pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugarcane and oaky tannin's. Very intriguing nose. The taste struggles a bit compared to the nose. The profile of notes is similar to the nose, but the balance just tilts a tad in the acidic direction. Given the money it's nice, but the depaz vieux fx. offers better value in my book.

But that's easily the best part. Cinnamon, grass, flowers, pepper, wood, A bit hotter than I expected, but still nice.

Je m’attendais à mieux. J’aime les rhums agricoles, leurs chaleurs et leurs caractères sec pourtant ce 6 ans d’âge m’a un peu déçu. Il a des saveurs florales intéressantes mais l’alcool y est quand même très dominant. Dans la même gamme de prix, le hors d’âge qu’un ami m’a fait gouter est vraiment supérieur.
I expected better. I like agricultural rums, their warmth and dry character, yet the 6 years old disappointed me. It has an interesting floral taste but alcohol is still very dominant. In the same price range, the hors d’age is really superior.

This is a decent rum. I prefer it to the Clement VSOP, but it's a little hot at 44%abv.

The smell is really nice. Has a strong floral note, with honeysuckle, sugarcane, oak, and cinnamon. Taste is similar, but I don't think it should be 44%abv (to me, only top shelf rums should be this strong).

I definitely prefer it to the Clement VSOP, but it's a little too expensive to justify the $56.99 price (Beltramo Wines 2015). My score does not factor in the price.

A delicious agricole. Bright and bitey first note and nice sweet finish. Worth being a bar.

Add 3 points to the score if you like Rhum Agricole's. I don't fancy the Clement 6 year at all since it is way too dry for my taste. It is a rather flavorful Rhum Agricole in general terms, but not my cup of tea. There is quite a strong burn at the end. It's not bad at all, but deserves a score of 4, nothing more.

I was really hoping for something special and I must have picked up the wrong bottle. I couldn’t tell if it was aged. It has that diesel fuel ⛽️ taste straight. I tried with coke and I just can’t do it. Fortunately, my liquor store will take it back. No spice no age no sweetness.

Just a footnote. Rhum Agricole French and Haitian. These types of rum are not cane based rums and would taste very dry. Cane syrup would need to be added. So if you are use to cane based aged rums, don’t buy it.


The island of Martinique will always hold a special place in my heart, having been there a few times. As your cruise ship approaches Fort De France with your jam box recording island music, the radio stations scream the hint, "We are French! We are very different from the other Caribbean islands!". Indeed they are! As one walks through the downtown area with the shops, all have the same radio station on and the music is all in sync with one another.

And their rhums are also very different from the rest of the Caribbean. I have personally never yet found one that I like until now. There were memories of getting sloshed on Ti Punch made with rhum agricole blanc while trying to keep our balance on a party boat. Definitely not for sipping! Then there are the really awful ones like St. James and Negrita. Through this website, I found out that Clement has the best, but most were way out of my price range.

I made the trek to my favorite well stocked budget liquor store this morning in hopes of buying a bottle of their VSOP. They were out of it, but had this 6 year old. To my pleasant surprised, it was priced right at my $50 per bottle limit. I had not even read the reviews for this one, so I assumed that it is better than the VSOP and bought it.

It has quite a kick at 44% ABV and does not sit well on the tongue being served neat. I added two ice cubes and let it sit for a few minutes. Ah, no more burn and the flavors come out. This is the only way to drink this rhum! The distiller probably increased the ABV knowing that most will want to serve this on the rocks in their hot tropical climate. Some have compared this to a bourbon and I strongly disagree. I would compare it to Lowlands Single Malt Scotches like Glenkinchie and Auchentoshan, but with a very subtle sweetness added to it's grassy and herbal flavors. There appears to be no added sugar, so all of the purists may really like this one. However, when I broke the seal, I was shocked to find a simple plastic screw on cap instead of a real cork. So, yes I would say that this rhum is over priced. Being different does not come cheap.

After note: Since the music of the FWI's is what brought me down there to visit several times and most of you have probably never heard of these legendary musical artists, I will suggest some of the most popular ones to accompany your Martinquan rhum drinking: Kassav, Djo Dezormo, and DeDe St. Prix. I have personally met members of all three groups and besides being wonderful human beings, all are downright perfectionists when it comes to their music.

Reliable stopper. Too wide a bottle - it's uncomfortable to hold in your hand.
Aroma is complex and sweet: prune, wood, tobacco, spices, background alcohol.
The taste is woody and burning.
Aggressive pressure on the stomach and the head. However it makes a good mood and a feeling of self-sufficiency. No desire to move to another rum.
In large numbers will make the morning unkind.

When I started drinking rum, that the first non-basic rum that I recevied.
When I got it, it was the best I ever tasted. Now that I have a bit more experience, this one is fine but not more.

OK, to be clear, I mix all my rums with Diet Dr. Pepper. So my ratings are a bit diluted, but this is how I enjoy my rum. I mix 1 shot glass with one 12 oz. can. Try to used cans, i.e. 2-liters don't taste the same. I really enjoy this rum. It is strong and complex is a good way. It seems to change flavors and aromas as you drink it. Not to sweet, not to dry, and offers a good "tickling - flavorful - burn" that is addictive. Since it is very-very flavorful, I could use just a half of a shot glass full and achieve the same pleasurable flavors. I try a lot of rums, and this is a must have for your bucket list to try.

Decent flavour nice touch . Knows a decent French rum

I had it straight up. Not a rum that I will remember for a long time...
Not a lot of taste. No pleasant aftertaste.

Il s'agit d'un assemblage de rhums ayant au moins 6 ans d'âge, ma bouteille porte la mention XO.
Bouteille : design standard de chez Clément, élégant et sobre. Le rhum a une couleur vieil or.
Nez : arômes de fruits, d'épices et d'alcool (ce rhum titre 42°).
Bouche : attaque douce, fruitée puis dominante de notes boisées, torréfiées et de fruits secs.
Finale : Belle longueur en bouche avec un petit arrière goût de chocolat, vraiment agréable.
Ce rhum mérite de reposer un peu avant la dégustation, pour éviter le goût d'alcool.
Une bonne surprise que ce Clément 6 ans.


C est un bon rhum sans grande surprise. Ce n est pas un indispensable. Juste une evolution du vsop

Es un ron diferente, se nota que su elaboración es original pero no logra ser un producto Top. Es dulce y se siente el alcohol.

Color: beautiful rich amber
Aroma: bit grassy and somewhat astringent
Flavor: grassy and a bit funky...very dry...some burn...slight caramel aftertaste
Overall it's just a tad harsh for me (44%ABV - 88 proof)...others, especially those who enjoy scotch, might like this as a sipping rum...I prefer it in Coke Zero. I expect this would work well in mixed drinks. Perhaps a counter to sweet fruit-based cocktails.

This is a solid rum. Very versatile.

just not that nice for sipping. clement xo, now that is another story. the best.

Je ne suis pas un fan des rhums agricoles...
Il pique la gorge et les yeux. Il emporte tout sur son passage. Il parait même qu'il rend aveugle :-)

C vrai que ce rhum est bon, il a des senteurs très agréables, mais il à encore trop ce côté ''costaud'' des rhums agricoles... Je ne l'ai gouté que sans glace, donc peut-être qu'avec un soft adapté je l'aurais sûrement plus apprécié.

Avevo sentito parlare bene di questo rum, ma quando l'ho provato sono rimasto deluso.

Clement Vieux 6 Rhum bliver aldrig min favorit, den minder om en billig cognac, alt for sprittet.

Maple syrup color, great younger rum

I've nearly tried al the range of rums produced by Clement in Martinique (FWI) from the classic white rum up their 10 years old (never had the chance to taste the oldest ones).
The 6 years old is definitely my favorite one among those I've tried. This is the least wooden flavored of the range of old rums produced by Clement which makes it very easy and pleasant to drink.
Please noticed that in France this rum is bottled in the same kind of bottle than the VSOP.