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If you like to make drinks with coconut rum, this is your Rum! They use their fresh distilled 150 proof silver rum and cut with 100% Coconut water and come out with an 80 proof coconut rum that doesn't come across sickening sweet or more cordial like than rum like

Strong coconut taste, almost like a syrup. Not very classy, not very rum-like.

Went on the tour and tried Wicked Dolphin Coconut. I have never been a fan of a flavor in a rum, but this changed my mind. It's not sweet that it ruins a cocktail in fact have had it straight. It took over 2 years as the distiller said to get this right, it was worth the wait. Cheers!

This is a rum distilled from Florida sugar cane and according to the bottle it is flavored with "natural coconut". However their website says, and I quote,

"Our coconut is made with real coconut water & natural ingredients for a fresh & genuine coconut taste. This allows for a light, clean coconut flavor versus the overly syrup, sweet style found in other coconut brands."

Coconut water? Natural ingredients?

What "light, clean coconut flavor"? It's more along the lines of the "overly syrup sweet style". Granted, it's not nearly as bad as, let's say, Parrot Bay coconut rum, but it's not a "light, clean coconut flavor" by any stretch. It would be nice if they managed to achieve that but they haven't. This is still a syrupy sweet mess that should be better. Also leaves a bad aftertaste. More of a rum liqueur at only 60 proof. They need to rethink this and figure out which description they want to go with. "Florida Rum with Natural Coconut" just ain't the same as "coconut water & natural ingredients". I feel misled. Not buying another bottle of this unless they completely revamp the formula AND be more specific and consistent in what goes in it. Better than most coconut rums but far from being recommendable.