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8 Old St. Pete Righteous Rum & Spice ratings

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This is one of the worst rums I've ever had. The 'spice' could just as well be labeled "bizarre chemical tastes". Tried it neat, on the rocks and as a last ditch - in a rum and coke. If the "Captain" is good, this is a private!

I'm not a big fan of this rum. As others have noted, it has a very odd spice to it.

The smell is bad, though the taste is ok, since it has a nice hint of sweetness that I like, though I realize that's not for everyone. If you like sweet spiced rums as I do, you can do a lot better, such as with the Koloa Spiced.

The poor aroma detected in the bottle should have given me a clue. I don't mean to sound insulting but it smells similarly to how some urinals smell after a new odor disk is place in it. Not good. Drinking it was worse. Labeled as "rum & spice"...where's the rum? Overwhelming spices with a strong chemical flavor. WAY too much. HORRIBLE FLAVOR! Needed something to wash out my mouth. According to the label it is a "full-bodied rum" "married...with all natural spices". Well whatever it is, it ain't "full-bodied rum" and whatever "natural spices" they used were the wrong ones in the wrong amounts. In my humble opinion this is one of the worst things I've ever tasted. I am ashamed to admit I wasted my money on this. Almost $40. This wouldn't work in mixed drinks and it would ruin my Coke Zero. This is getting poured down the drain. Literally.

They need to scrap their current recipe and distilling methods and start from a scratch. I suggest they try their neighboring Siesta Key Spiced Rum for what a really good spiced rum is all about. Possibly one of the worst rums I've ever sampled. I'd give it a zero if that were an option. It sucks with a capital SUCKS.

If you're a fan of Captain Morgan's Spiced you are highly like to thumbs this one down. I'd say it's intended to be a sipping rum; however, the plastic aftertaste is preventing me from going any further with the bottle. I Can detect real spices in there, but whatever is causing the chemical taste has Got to go - it's undrinkable as-is. I will not be purchasing this again.

I attempted it straight, on ice, and with cranberry cocktail on ice. The cranberry seemed to enhance the chemical taste. It's a pretty bottle that will decorate my liquor cabinet and always be full, minus 4½ ounces.

A smooth, fragrant rum, golden amber in color, and rich in taste and feel. It lingers with a pleasant vanilla tobacco finish that leaves you wanting more. Perfect for sipping on the boat, the beach or the boardroom. Each batch is a little different, but none I tried lose the distillery's heart. Hard to find outside of Florida, it worth searching for.

I had this rum at a Tampa restaurant before a cruise to Cuba I was so impressed, I asked them to show me the bottle so that I could find it. It has a complex nutmeg/cinnamon finish, with a smooth taste. The mouth feel isn't dusty like other spiced rums. My first sip was just amazing. It was not like any of the spiced rums that I have enjoyed. Here, the spices are much more complex. Well done

I'm not a high end yuppie whiskey bar kinda drinker. I don't fancy whatever some liquor guru says is the best and if you don't like it you know nothing.

That being said, Captain Morgan Private Stock was the quickest bottle to be empty in my selection of stock at my bar until I started stocking Old St Pete.
Might not be what many connoisseurs are looking in a spiced rum but I enjoy it and especially enjoy the fact that it has a unique flavor. I believe a good creative bar tender could put together some really interesting drinks with this product. It's spendy but like many things it seems you get what you pay for.
It might be that some don't care for it due to looking for the taste of their old favorite in a product that is completely unique.
I applaud its creators for being bold enough to step outside the box far enough to offer something new to the market.
I actually put a case of Old St. Pete away for safe keeping in case this very young company does not succeed. .

PS: "my bar" = private beach bar at private beach community home regularly frequented by many friends and family. I suppose that makes my opinion either very limited or possibly just not influenced by current popularities of the commercial bar scenes.

Sugar: 45 gpl. This is a sweet and simple spiced rum, although there is not a lot of spice. It doesn't have a lot of flavour and is not complicated in aroma or body. I found it to be similar to Captain Morgan Private Stock. This would be a good introductory spiced rum for those that usually mix their rums and want to try a sipping rum. I think that it's a bit pricey for a spiced rum. There are better spice rums available for less money.