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Havana Club Barrel Proof rum

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22 Havana Club Barrel Proof ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Filip from Sweden with 82 ratings

What I´ve heard this is the old version of the Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros (HCSM), or rather that the HCSM is the new version of Havana Club Barrel Proof..? Anyway, I´m a fan of the HCSM and once a got a oppertunity to try the Barrel Proof I got pretty excited and I enjoyed every sip of it!

Posted 9 months ago by Alfonso from Hungary with 5 ratings

This is one of the best Havana Club.
Dry, masculine rum, with the high Havana club marks.
I like it very much.

Posted about 3 years ago by Václav from Czech Republic with 74 ratings

Higher proof but smooth, with lovely but bit alcohol smell, and superb balanced taste. The sweetness is right on spot, smooth vanilla caramel taste with hints of oak and nuts taste is so mellow it is almost perfect sipper for me. Although I cherish the Seleccion very much, the Barrel Proof just won my heart.

Posted 8 days ago by darrenfitzp from United Kingdom with 13 ratings

Not my absolute favourite rum but it is so very nice. Great for sipping and mixing, but mixing feels a wrong. Would drink this everyday, recommend for everyone.

Posted over 1 year ago by Matje from Netherlands with 23 ratings

Te vroeg van deze fles geproefd, toen nog niet ‘volwassen’ genoeg. Wel al meteen onder de indruk van de smaak, krachtig en zwaar. Zou graag voor een herkansing gaan.

Posted over 2 years ago by Jonte Json from Sweden with 111 ratings

The best Havana Club so far. Great for cocktails and possible for sipping

Posted over 2 years ago by Giancarlo from Peru with 60 ratings

Aún tengo 2 de estas botellas, es un buen ron. Normalmente es lo que esperas de un ron cubano, fuerte y seco.

Posted about 3 years ago by Dumle2000 from Sweden with 26 ratings

All of a sudden all my bad experiences of Havana Club rum are blown away. Unfortunately a bit too expensive...but anyway....

Posted about 3 years ago by Elgrande from Cuba with 56 ratings

Smooth and sweet classic rum combined with barrel wood flavor.
Barrel proof has its name from the fact that it is bottled directly from the barrel.

Posted about 3 years ago by Peter from Spain with 3 ratings

El mismo procentaje que su "hermano". Con 45% de alcohol es suave. Tengo una botella de 1L en mi colección pero no la voy a abrir por si no la puedo conseguir.

Posted over 3 years ago by Rodrigo from Mexico with 115 ratings

I really enjoy that bottle. Great full flavor, very smooth, just at right level of sweetness. So easy to sip.

Posted over 3 years ago by Tony Lindo from Panama with 133 ratings

Suave En boca con notas a vainilla y frech Oak complicado conseguí le pero gracias al maestro ronero Miguel Fernández pudo ser posible

Posted over 3 years ago by Linus from Switzerland with 13 ratings

Good rum but not woth the price in my opinion. There are better for less money.

Posted over 3 years ago by Dr.iree from Australia with 10 ratings

Unfortunately I will first apologise for my review. Having been a fan of the Havana 5 and 7 year varietys I purchased a bottle which is yet to be opened...8 years later.

Sampled in a bar on a fuzzy night.

8/10 to keep the average.

Posted over 3 years ago by Roenick from Czech Republic with 14 ratings

I have read a lot about this rare rum and then bought it from ebay (it is possible but difficult and expensive). What a moment when we opened box with three 1L bottles :) I have not opened it yet but found a bar with Barrel Proof on menu, quite a luck.

So to the review: colour, smell and taste is absolute delight. Have not yet tasted better rum. Toffee, oak, cinnamon. 45% means strong afterburn but not unpleasant. Want more! ;)

Posted almost 4 years ago by Unai from Spain with 45 ratings

Una muy buena lección de hacer ron. Potente pero muy agradable en boca.

Posted about 4 years ago by Derek from Canada with 12 ratings

A purchase while in Cuba. A very fine example of good rum. Not to sweet. A perfect match with Cuban cigars... or any cigar. Would always make sure to have a bottle in my cabinet... if I could find it. The last 4 ounces in the bottle have been clinging to life... I don't want to finish it for always longing for more. I know, I know... just drink it already.... enjoy it. I think I will.

Posted about 4 years ago by DonDanD from Switzerland with 69 ratings


Posted over 4 years ago by Ken Klasson from Sweden with 21 ratings

Gillar denna romen skarpt. Den är sjukt prisvärd och en av mina favoriter helt klart

Posted over 4 years ago by petr from Czech Republic with 4 ratings

škoda že už se nedá sehnat, alespon tady v čechách, jeden z nej rumů co jsem kdy pil, ještě mám doma cca 0,3l v lahvi, schovávám na nejhorší.

Posted over 4 years ago by Erik from Belgium with 10 ratings

Lovely havana club rum to sip. Not as good as some others in the same price range.

Posted over 4 years ago by Torbjörn Bosk from Sweden with 1 rating

Soft, fruity flavor of raisins.
Do you love rum raisin ice cream, you must have one.
Have never tast a better rum. (But im novice)