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Opthimus Port Finish 25-Year rum
Opthimus Port Finish 25-Year rum

Opthimus Port Finish 25-Year

Dominican Republic | Aged

9.1/10 (25 ratings)
Truly a fantastic choice


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25 Opthimus Port Finish 25-Year ratings

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Posted about 3 years ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 435 ratings

I had this alongside their whiskey aged rum, and their regular 25 and 21 year rums. I liked this better than the whiskey aged, but not as much as their regular 25 and 21 year rums.

Tastes and smells of honey, sweet molasses, oak, and port. A very nice rum indeed! I rate it a low '9'.

My favorite Port Rum to date is the Foursquare Port Cask Finish, which costs less than half as much.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Rums-of-the-World from United States with 7 ratings

I'm thrilled that I have a chance to review Opthimus 25 Oporto by @opthimusrum_usa . In the glass it has a deep, dark rust color and thick sticky legs that coat the glass. The nose is full of deep scents of tobacco, leather, wood and a hint of grapes. There is no sense of astringency. This rum is thick and coats the tongue, while tickling the #umami flavor receptors and skipping over the sweet, salty, and sour receptors. At first I sense some burnt caramel and wood. After swallowing, the long finish pops with hints of port wine and leather. There is no heat on the way down, but the flavor lasts until the next dram. A wonderful rum.

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Chet from United States with 182 ratings

Well I was in LA LA land with the Opthimus 25 year Whiskey finish, probably my favorite rum currently, great bang for your buck. I could not wait to buy the Oporto finish. Well it is good but not nearly as good as the Whiskey finish. However, after sitting a bit it took over the Whiskeys standing.
A bit sweet but not overwhelming. You can taste the Port and it has a long finish which is really important to me being the Rum Snob I claim to wanna be. Bang for your buck at $100ish it is worth the money spent. Get U some uh DAT!

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Posted almost 5 years ago by Kenneth Olesen from Denmark with 77 ratings

This is very very good! The aftertaste of port is remarkable, and comes forward a lot more than its the case for the 15 y version. Which really suits it! Still sweet, but has a lot more character.

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Michael N from United States with 70 ratings

After trying Opthimus 25 year and rating it a well deserved 10 I decided to try another offering from Oliver. Side by side they are very close. Both have excellent aromas, both are smooth, sweet, and flavorful. I don’t think the port finish does anything that makes this worth the extra price. I thoroughly enjoyed the regular 25 year and still rate it above this one and like it better. But make no mistake, this is truly a remarkable rum. Everyone should have a try.

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Skeelos from United States with 27 ratings

Out of everything I have tried, nothing could top this Opthimus. So much aroma, flavor, smoothness with a nice port finish. The label does not lie. It was everything I had hoped it was.

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Posted over 2 years ago by Simon from Switzerland with 9 ratings

The taste of Porto is definitely prominent. Exquisite rum for sipping.

It's missing a little bit of character to reach a 10.

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Posted over 2 years ago by Jesper Mazanti from Denmark with 125 ratings

Beautiful bottle.
Nice dark colour.
Great smell.
Fantastic taste.
For ever long eftertaste.

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Posted over 2 years ago by Ronnie bo jensen from Denmark with 27 ratings

Super Nice rum White a hint Of port.... easy to drink.... 1000% not the last time ill be drinking This rum

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Co Ka from Switzerland with 85 ratings

Beautiful Mahagoni color
Bouquet hints of coffee and alcohol
Taste hazelnut, coffee, toffee and oak
Longlasting and really nice
A Rum of its own league, superb
2017 Bottle 57/1000

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Lasse brøndsted from Denmark with 8 ratings

Er helt klart min ynglings ROM har prøvet prøvet denne i flere udgaver denne er helt klart den bedste