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Plantation Pineapple Stiggin's Fancy rum

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264 Plantation Pineapple Stiggin's Fancy ratings

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Hr Jensen from Denmark with 15 ratings

Dejlig frisk sommer rom, der kan nydes rent, men også er helt fantastisk som mixer,

Posted almost 2 years ago by C. F. from United States with 29 ratings

Sharp bite of alcohol on the front gives way to sweet rum flavor. Pineapple comes in late and subtle. Rough when sipped neat. Best when mixed.

Posted almost 2 years ago by Bart from Netherlands with 6 ratings

Nice subtitle pineapple touch. Nothing more to say. Just try

Posted almost 2 years ago by Cory from Australia with 27 ratings

Yep I like it. Not my classy go to but a damn fine weekend drank

Posted about 2 years ago by Steven Richardson from United Kingdom with 123 ratings

If you like pineapple its amazing. Its such a smooth sipper I haven’t got round to trying it in a cocktail yet but I’m pretty sure it will be awesome.

Posted about 2 years ago by Jacob from United States with 7 ratings

This rum has fantastic reviews and many friends of mine are also big fans of this rum. I understand why people enjoy this rum, but it is not for me, I did not like it as a sipper and feel its better serviced in cocktails. The nose carries a sweet buttery pineapple scent, that is a bit off putting for me. Warm rum spice and liberal amounts of pineapple come with the sipping. It also carries a bit of heat, but the sweetness of this rum becomes just a bit to syrupy. Its finish is a bit to strong on the pineapple flavor for me and it lingers for quite awhile. This is an interesting rum for sure, and if you are looking for sweet and pineapple, Id imagine you will enjoy this rum in any format. If it was a few notches less sweet and carried a bit more oak, id be a bigger fan.

Posted about 2 years ago by Robert Ferron from United Kingdom with 166 ratings

It's nice but was expecting a sweeter pineapple fruit finish rather than steeped with the bark. It's good to mix but more of a novelty rum the 5 year old expression is much better and £10 cheaper

Posted about 2 years ago by LePirate80 from United States with 2 ratings

Love this one, I like using this one in classic recipes like the maitai or daiquiri and see what happens. Great to sip on or in an old-fashioned

Posted about 2 years ago by Mayo from Italy with 22 ratings

Ambra dark, pineapple ,ananas,pineapple, pineapple ,ananas, pineapple ananas...

Posted about 2 years ago by stefan from Canada with 50 ratings

I am a big fan of Plantation rums and not general a fan of flavored spirits especially rums. This is not too bad neat or on ice but it can also be mixed. Definitely a great summer and party rum to have around.

Posted about 2 years ago by Simon Doherty from United Kingdom with 70 ratings

After trying don papa and getting the nose of candy floss and unbridled sweetness I was worried about this one. Plantation XO is my favorite rum so I’m pleased to say this is very good. Sweet on the nose with pineapple, toffee and vanilla. Smooth on the palate, a slight burn but a lovely mouth feel leaving a taste of sweet pineapple. This isn’t going to stand up to the worlds best rums but as a fancy rum it’s excellent.

Posted about 2 years ago by Nick from Canada with 22 ratings

When my friend told me to taste this one, I was not sure. I don't really like pineapples. But, wow! This rum is a solid one. Hard to find where I am but when I was able to buy one, I did.

Posted about 2 years ago by Chris Edwards from United Kingdom with 20 ratings

This one is delicious! No burn, and a nice pineapple aftertaste. Nice with ginger ale, but I prefer it straight. A decent sipper.

Posted about 2 years ago by Samurdavidov from Latvia with 60 ratings

О, да, этот ананас...

Очень ароматный. Выраженный вкус, этот ром не перепутать с другим. Он по своему индивидуален. Выпивая его - хочешь на лазурный берег, без сомнений, гамак, пальмы и яркое солнце. Как крепкий алкогольный напиток редко когда будет приятно пить его в жару. Но если подать его в холодном виде, со льдом, я уверен, что благодаря этому ананасу - он будет незаменим. Ананас даёт эту приятную легкость данному рому.

Posted about 2 years ago by Roger Averill from United States with 31 ratings

As most of the plantation I've tried, a good flavor with a wonderful pineapple finish! Very enjoyable!

Posted about 2 years ago by JRR from Canada with 37 ratings

Not sweety, just à great pineapple aroma and taste on first than it let the alcohol Do is job. Very Nice quality here. Great création

Posted about 2 years ago by Tim from Canada with 55 ratings

Not avail in BC Canada, but just come in fresh from HI. Tasty with pineapple in front almost to the cloying but immediately backs off into a more than lovely rum taste. Recommended for any mix for a fun fragrant twisf!

Posted about 2 years ago by Ron Borkent from Netherlands with 9 ratings

Again...very nice in a mix. I do not drink rum pure much so I'll admit to be something of a rum barbarian but this one is very nice!

Posted about 2 years ago by Mathieu from Canada with 51 ratings

Candied fruit and distinct pineapple (natural!). Oak? Maybe. Regardless It’s quite "round". It’s sweet.

Although the sweetness is expected and welcomed on my part in the case of a infused rum, it seems that the same aberrant syrupiness found in most Plantation rums really dominates here in the same way it does in the Original Dark and the XO 20th. As much as I want to endorse the product for the effort, I detest that sickly syrup taste. I believe most people describe it as coconut.

Posted about 2 years ago by Diplomatte from Cayman Islands with 16 ratings

Quite sweet but pleasant as well. (matches Plantation overall tasting profile)
Mostly used in Cocktails and takes them to a whole new level , but can also be used as a sipper from time to time due to its unique flavor in my opinion!!
Profile: Tropical Pineapple , smoky banana , citrus peel

Posted at The L Garage about 2 years ago by Canadian Captain from Canada with 55 ratings

I'm always wary of flavoured rums. A friend took a chance on this though, and man was I happy about it. Immediately on opening the bottle, you could smell the pineapple. In a good way. We poured a glass, and took a quick sniff - where did the pineapple go? All we could smell was the rum, and it smelled delicious. But, after a few moments, the pineapple was back. Subtle, but enticing. We each took a taste, and lit up. Delicious. Light brown sugar, maybe toffee, oak, spices... and the pineapple. Casually there. Not in your face, but waving 'Hi!' on every delicious sip. The soft, delicious (sweet) of the pineapple, but none of the acidity. So good. I bet it would be even better in a mixed drink (rum punch?), but I think it's too good to use for that!

This wasn't some cheap party booze. The pineapple was there, but it was still a solid rum. Highly recommended.

Posted about 2 years ago by Mihai from Romania with 206 ratings

Interesanta combinatia de arome cu preponderenta cea de ananas. la inceput mi s-a parut ca este foarte dulce dar nu e asa. Acea aroma de ananas induce in eroare gustul care este perfect echilibrat si chiar deloc dulceag, suficient de fin pentru straight sau on the rocks!

Posted over 2 years ago by Cejer from United States with 9 ratings

This rum was my first introduction to Plantation rums. I had read a lot about them, and was very excited to taste this rum. Maybe I was setting the bar too high, but I was disappointed. It was obvious that the rum was high quality with a slight pineapple flavor. The rum was thick, low burn, complex, but I just couldn't find a way to enjoy drinking this. I tried it neat, with water, on the rocks, in a coke, even mixed in with POG juice. Every time the rum dominated the drink and was just not enjoyable. I wanted a lighter rum that would compliment a mixed drink, but this overpowered every drink. I waited a month until I finished the bottle, but I never really connected with this rum. High quality for sure, but I never found a way to enjoy it.

Posted over 2 years ago by Erik from Netherlands with 3 ratings

Very subtle pjnapple taste to this rum. The aroma is comming through nicely and is definitely on the background. Not too much complexity but there is some and you do taste (a bit) of the classic plantation taste. Nice to try this but I got this for 40 euros (you can get it for 30 on some websites) which is kinda expensive. Pay a bit more and you can enjoy the XO. It's a nice rum on the rocks and great in a cocktail. Sipping straight is fine also but it does have a harsh burn. But ok, you are a rum lover which means you are a pirate by heart so if you can't handle that start drinking Bacardi breezers. Try this you won't be disappointed. It's just fun to try and it's a plantation so you can't really go wrong there.