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Plantation Pineapple Stiggin's Fancy rum

Plantation Pineapple Stiggin's Fancy

Caribbean | Flavored

7.3/10 (291 ratings)
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291 Plantation Pineapple Stiggin's Fancy ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by Adrian Adame (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 277 ratings

nádherná vůně i chuť, velká spokojenost, už je v rumovém báru vždy připraven mne potěšit :-)


Posted over 1 year ago by Rob from Netherlands with 11 ratings

Plantation Original Dark Pineapple is een mooie bruine rum met een infusie van annanas. Door het laten rijpen van de Original Dark Rum gedurende 3 maanden met de schil van rijpe Queen Victora ananassen wordt deze mooie rum gemaakt. De welbekende Plantation Original Dark 73% Overproof is hier de basis van, deze mooi en straffe rum van 73% afkomsting uit Trinidad en gemaakt door Cognac Ferrand estate wordt geblend met een distillaat die een inbreng heeft van rijpe Queen Victoria ananassen en witte rum waarna deze twee worden samengebracht en eerst nog een extra periode mogen rijpen in vaten.
Deze rum leent zich er goed on zo te drinken, eventueel met een ijs blokje maar mengen in een cocktail is ook zeker aan te raden!


Posted over 1 year ago by je_farley from United States with 107 ratings

normally not much on flavored rums outside of spiced rums. Either they are not natural tasting or overpowering with an aftertaste. This is a very nice rum to start with then the pineapple adds without taking away from the original rum(s). I do not consider it a sipper but a great mixer and blender; makes a great cocktail. Looking forward to the many different ways I can find to use this.


Posted over 1 year ago by AntonioNunez from United States with 10 ratings

Very smooth and easy to drink, elegant in the mouth, no burn


Posted over 1 year ago by xCorporalx from Germany with 84 ratings

The smell is very fruity and fresh...did enjoy sniffing on the glass, unfortunately it does not last long...after finishing a glass it vanishes rapidly.

The rum is not sticky as well in the glass...watery, not too oily.

The taste is good with a good hint of pineapple. Not really comparable. For the money it is good.

Looking forward to taste more, yet not too convinced if I buy another bottle...we will see.

6,75 to a 7.25


Posted over 1 year ago by AlexMo from Russian Federation with 142 ratings

Sweet, buttery with a fruity acidity. Ripe pineapple. Long aftertaste. It based at the Original Dark therefore it`s heavy. For a higher assessment I didn`t have the feeling of the core as in aged rums.


Posted over 1 year ago by MartinK from Slovakia with 45 ratings

Na tento rum som bol velmi zvedavy. Zaujimavy je vyrobny proces, pri ktorom sa v Dark aged plantation rume maceruje 3 mesiace ananas. Nasledne sa cela zmes este raz vypali. Ananas je krasne citit vo voni, okrem vone melasy ananas jasne dominuje. S chutou je to uz trochu inac. Rum je vzhladom na svoj nizky vek znacne surovy, nieje sladky, ananas je citelny slabsie. V dochuti je ista horkost. Je to zaujimavy kusok, suchy rum s nevtieravou a neprehnanou ananasovou aromou... No pre mna malo sladky/chutny... preto nizsie hodnotenie


Posted over 1 year ago by plukybrewster from Australia with 13 ratings

I did NOT think I would like this but it's delicious. No added sugar but sweet and not an overpowering or fake pineapple taste.


Posted over 1 year ago by GA34 from France with 13 ratings

Ne pas ce méprendre ce n'est pas un rhum mais un rhum infusé et ça marche bien, c'est très délicat sur l'ananas. un jolie 7 à ne pas comparer avec d'autre rhums.


Posted over 1 year ago by jcapable from United States with 7 ratings

This stuff is fun in a bottle. The pineapple flavor really stands out. I always enjoy having a bottle in my collection.