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This is the epitome of sickenly sweet. Artificially flavored. I won't waste time writing anything more. Avoid this "rum" at all costs.

Sugar: 45 to 50 gpl. Basic white rum with lots of sugar and coconut flavoring is how I would describe this. I did not detect a strong chemical smell or taste that I expected from this rum, but there is a trace of it. The coconut flavor is overshadowed by the sugar. It's another specialty mixing rum for the Captain. The Parrot Bay and Blue Chair coconut rums are better tasting. I am thinking of calling an intervention on myself as I need to stop trying these rums. Damn you Las Vegas.

I'm not a huge fan of coconut rums. There are a couple I like (Gubba Silver, Siesta Key Toasted Coconut, etc ...), but this pretty much exemplifies the rum plus suntan lotion standard. It's cheap enough to mix in a huge punch bowl, but it's not my go-to.

I tried a little bit of this while mixing cocktails at a friend's place.
It's like summer in a bottle! You know, coconuts, spray-on sunscreen, pool water... summer things! Stupid sweet. Super smooth. It tastes ok. I will never, ever buy a bottle of this.
In all honesty, I see reasons to score this anywhere from 1 to 5, so we're just gonna go with 3 I guess....

Captain Morgan Coconut could be used as a coconut flavored drainage cleaner. It is not suitable for neat sipping. There's way too much sugar, artificial flavors and the alcohol smell and burn is like coconut flavored rubbing alcohol.


Not sure what to say other than there is a reason flavoring is added. This is just not a good dring unless you mix it heavily. Astringent alcohol flavor that is only partially masked by the coconut flavoring.

This is the Captain's version of Malibu rum. It is just as good. Thanks for the free tiki glass!

Not too bad with coke but better when used to make rum punch. Definitely a mixer.

I took this to a pool party with my blender and made the ladies Pina Coladas with it. They all enjoyed it. I don't think it would be good any other way.

I’ve had a few coconut favor rums, but this one is great. I’m not an expert, but I really like the taste and how smooth it go down. It hard to find in CT.

This is actually a decent rum, though it has more of a sugary flavor than a coconut flavor.

Tastes of sweet coconut and sugar with a light hint of citrus.

Wow!! That's a LOT of coconut. It works well in the right drink, of the fruity-island sort... but not good with a single mixer like coke... I do like that it has a higher alcohol content than most of the other coconut rums...

Coconut flavoring with a scary amount of something which tastes like ether. There is no reason to buy this when you can use a good mixing rum and Coco Lopez instead...or even better, try Koloa Coconut Rum.

Nosing - Sweet, floral , coconut slight alcohol fumes wafting thru.

The taste is very strong sweet coconut with some alcoholic astringency in the back round.