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Mekhong Gold rum

Mekhong Gold

Thailand | Flavored

4.2/10 (10 ratings)
Flawed with a glimmer of hope


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10 Mekhong Gold ratings

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Posted about 3 years ago by Tom from United States with 231 ratings

I enjoy this representation from Thailand! Yes, it has a very different taste than many of us are accustomed to, but that is what separates rum from one country to the next. Distilled from sugarcane and rice with herbs and spices indigenous of that region creates a nice combination of flavor albeit with a subdued 35% alcohol by volume. I have not tried Mekhong other than by itself as I feel that the distinct flavors and aroma would be sacrificed by adding soda.

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Posted almost 5 years ago by Per Rosenhave from Denmark with 173 ratings

I wont open this Thai Rum, since i have bought it for my collection only.
Its cheap, but hard to find in my country, thats the reason for not opening.

What I have been told, should it be good with cola, so i go with that.

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Posted about 2 months ago by RummyDog from Canada with 27 ratings

Tonight's Rum: Mekhong from Thailand. On the nose, it smacks of almonds and slightly herbal. It's nice and welcoming. On the pallet, it continues with the almond but adds a bit of sour fruit, not exactly what you expect. Perhaps even bitter and without sweetness. On the throat, it's clean and disappears as you swallow, no burn. It finishes with a nutty flavor and bitter flavor. Not a favorite, 4 out of 10. Perhaps a bit better as a mixer with a sweet juice like mango.

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Posted about 2 months ago by Rene Rum from Switzerland with 355 ratings

Sattes Bernstein im Glas.
In der Nase ein wenig wie beim Medizinmann. Da liegen sackweise Gewürze in einem niedrigen, dunklen, feuchtem Raum. Currykraut, Liebstöckel, Oregano liegen in den oberen Säcken.
Am Gaumen seht weich, geschmeidig und süsslich. Karamell im Kräutermantel in Vanillesauce getunkt.
Im Abgang schnell vorbei, doch die Kräuter bleiben länger.
Legale thailändische Partydroge, mehr nicht.

Rich amber in the glass.
In the nose a little bit like the medicine man. There are bags of spices in a low, dark, damp room. Curry herb, lovage, oregano are in the upper bags.
On the palate it looks soft, smooth and sweetish. Caramel in herb coating dipped in vanilla sauce.
In the finish it passes quickly, but the herbs stay longer.
Legal Thai party drug, nothing more.

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Posted about 2 months ago by Diego from Australia with 20 ratings

It's labelled a whiskey but it's sweet and more like a spiced rum. Quite Unique for what it is. Similar but not as good as Sangsom. Goes well with Coke, Sprite or Soda. Worth trying for something different!

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Posted 8 months ago by Kasper Meijer from Panama with 30 ratings

Tried this of course as well in Thailand, but even worse of a headache than the Samsong. Not really worth it, maybe if you would mix it...

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Posted over 1 year ago by Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) from Sweden with 152 ratings

Saw that it was rated here, I have always thought that it was rice whisky.
There have been some bottles when at vacation in Thailand before I found SangSom which I think is slightly better.
Both works as a mixer together with coke or sprite.

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Dan-Fix from Sweden with 113 ratings

A bit better in taste then the sangsom. But like I rated the sangsom it's more of an nostalgian rum for me. Drink it with pepsi in Thailand on a beach then it tastes good. Do not drink it straight, tastes like petroleum.

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Posted almost 4 years ago by Paul from Australia with 116 ratings

Not too bad better than i thought it would be
Put it on a par with Bundabergs rums

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Posted about 4 years ago by Makhao from Thailand with 15 ratings

If you expect rum, you should not buy this. Typically thai this is strongly flavoured and the taste has nothing to do with rum anymore. After tasting I understand, why Thai people call this whiskey and not rum. They add spicy herbs to create a unique flavour, but that takes much getting used to.