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Ron de Jeremy XO 15-Year rum

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146 Ron de Jeremy XO 15-Year ratings

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Rasmus from Denmark with 137 ratings

I bought this rum purely because of the name, which was a little clever even though we are dealing with a porn legend. To my surprise I also got a fairly decent rum for my collection.

Nose: Sweet and deep caramel, coffee and a hint of oak
Taste: A smooth and warm taste of caramel with a small hint of oak
Overall: This is a decent rum for beginners and not just a gimmick with a "funny name". It is however too sweet to really hit the spot for me. It is however a good rum, when you need a little cozy sipper.

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Posted 4 months ago by Miroslav from Slovakia with 32 ratings

Za mňa v poriadku, u niekoho môže tá pikantnosť vyvolať pocit vyššej alkoholovosti rumu.

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Posted 4 months ago by Miguel from Germany with 13 ratings

First off Im a fat kid at heart, so I have a sweet tooth. This is a great rum for rookies. No really deep tastes, easy on the nose and like I said - sweet. I enjoyed my first bottle with coke and it was a grand night. 30 euros is fine for this product. Maybe the taste pallet is a bit shallow for a 15 y/o rum but the sweetness and drinkability make up for that. I really liked it and its my wifes favourite.

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Posted 5 months ago by dejvix from Slovakia with 23 ratings

Vôňa príjemná po vanilke a kokose. Už prvým dúškom si ma získal. Na môj vkus primerane sladký (nie príliš), jemne zadymený, cítiť v ňom vanilku, pomaranč, na konci príjemne trpnutie jazyka. Odporúčam pred pitím, nechať 3-4 minúty postať v pohári. Rozvinie sa vôňa i chuť a vyprchá "alkoholový prvý pocit". Mám len dve výčitky a to že mal plastový korok a neprehľadnú fľašu (nevidieť, koľko tejto dobroty ešte vo fľaši ostáva). Rum som kúpil náhodne v akcii za 25€ v Lidli, keď som čakal pri pokladni :) Rozhodne odporúčam nie len odskúšať, ale rovno si kúpiť fľašu.

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Posted 5 months ago by DiNiko from Greece with 41 ratings

Difficult to imagine this particular one could get anyone disappointed.
A decent, moderately sweet type (half a step below the widely known Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva), easy to sip rum, kind of those Panama has got us used to.
Recomended even for starters.
I enjoying it everytime I'm given the chance.

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Posted 5 months ago by Inshore from Poland with 51 ratings

That is my favourite kind of rum, that balanced taste of carmel, tabaco, and red fruits i goes. All mixed with oak aromat. This is dry rum with a bit fo sweetness, but not to much. Highly recommended for sippers.

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Posted 5 months ago by tortemd from Germany with 53 ratings

Halte nicht viel von solchen Marketingrums, aber der sticht wirklich hervor. Rundum zu empfehlen.

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Posted 5 months ago by matus8683 from Slovakia with 6 ratings

výborný, lahodná chuť. pomer cena vykon je paradny.

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Posted 5 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 153 ratings

Not exceptional, an easy lover :)
Common aromas, not very complex.

Smell: caramel, oak, alcohol
Taste: vanilla, caramel, fermented fruit, sherry (watery)
Very mild

Sweetness: 2/5
Spice: 1.5/5
Fruit: 1.5/5
Mildness: 4/5

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Posted 5 months ago by Isegal from Germany with 81 ratings

Nothing special but smooth to drink, for this price its ok

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Posted 6 months ago by Stadaik from Greece with 38 ratings

I liked the colour and that spicy pepper aftertaste