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Ron de Jeremy XO 15-Year rum

Ron de Jeremy XO 15-Year

Panama | Aged

7.4/10 (153 ratings)
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153 Ron de Jeremy XO 15-Year ratings

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Posted almost 5 years ago by Martin Grönvall from Denmark with 115 ratings

Virkelig en positiv oplevelse.
Dejlig duft, lækker smag / sødme og rigtig god og lang eftersmag.


Posted 5 months ago by Alois from Germany with 1 rating

I had better cheaper ones. This one is tasty but not complex or in mind keeping Aroma.


Posted 6 months ago by Alltherums from Netherlands with 9 ratings

⭐️Ron de Jeremy XO⭐️

Origin: Mixed 🌎
Year: 2019
Style: Multiple estates/Pot & Column still/Molasses
Price: 35€
Ron de Jeremy is the brainchild of One Eyed Spirits, a creative consultancy agency from Finland, who specialises in mixing spirits with pop-culture. At first glance this might seem as a gimmick drink, but after receiving numerous medals for their libations at spirits festivals all over the world, and with involvement of legendary master blender Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez (Matusalem, Havana Club, Ron Abuelo,…) it should certainly be taken seriously. A blend of column still rums from Barbados (Foursquare) & Trinidad (Angostura) with pot still rums from Jamaica (several estates) and Guyana (DDL) makes it likely sourced from and bottled at E&A Scheer in Amsterdam.
Unfortunately transparency is not top priority with this rum segment, but what we do know is that the blend has been aged in a Solera system of ex bourbon barrels for an average of 15 years. From my research it is also likely that a fair amount of sugar has been added to the final product, in order to create the “long & smooth” character of Ron de Jeremy rum. Great as dessert with a double espresso, but also makes a decent Daiquiri (in which case I would limit or omit the sugar).
Nose: Charred oak barrel, Apple pie, Pepper, Orange zest
Taste: Cherry flavoured candy, Caramel, Dessert wine, Banana bread
Finish: Smooth, long and incredibly sweet. The sugar takes over the oaky spice you expect from the nose.
Overall: For this price you are getting quite a complex XO expression and an easy entrance point to aged rum.


Posted 6 months ago by Pollux from Canada with 138 ratings

Pour un rhum de 15 ans, j'ai gouté à mieux rapport qualité/prix.


Posted 6 months ago by Lukasz from Poland with 19 ratings

Composed of at least fifteen-year-old rums from Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana, from bourbon barrels. In the aroma: cinnamon, wood, dark sugar, chocolate and cherry flavors, the finish is dark chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla.


Posted 7 months ago by WW from Netherlands with 32 ratings

This was one the biggest suprises of a rum tasting. Verry smooth and fine rum!


Posted 7 months ago by Brad from Czech Republic with 4 ratings

Chuťově lehce do vanilky, jemnost podobná diplomaticu


Posted 7 months ago by rišo from Slovakia with 30 ratings

nemal som velke očakavania od tohto rumu, kedže som si myslel že sa jedná o nejaký komerčný oblbovák, ale príjemne prekvapil svojou jemnou chutou


Posted 7 months ago by Miroslav from Slovakia with 35 ratings

Za mňa v poriadku, u niekoho môže tá pikantnosť vyvolať pocit vyššej alkoholovosti rumu.


Posted 7 months ago by Miguel from Germany with 13 ratings

First off Im a fat kid at heart, so I have a sweet tooth. This is a great rum for rookies. No really deep tastes, easy on the nose and like I said - sweet. I enjoyed my first bottle with coke and it was a grand night. 30 euros is fine for this product. Maybe the taste pallet is a bit shallow for a 15 y/o rum but the sweetness and drinkability make up for that. I really liked it and its my wifes favourite.


Posted 7 months ago by dejvix from Slovakia with 26 ratings

Vôňa príjemná po vanilke a kokose. Už prvým dúškom si ma získal. Na môj vkus primerane sladký (nie príliš), jemne zadymený, cítiť v ňom vanilku, pomaranč, na konci príjemne trpnutie jazyka. Odporúčam pred pitím, nechať 3-4 minúty postať v pohári. Rozvinie sa vôňa i chuť a vyprchá "alkoholový prvý pocit". Mám len dve výčitky a to že mal plastový korok a neprehľadnú fľašu (nevidieť, koľko tejto dobroty ešte vo fľaši ostáva). Rum som kúpil náhodne v akcii za 25€ v Lidli, keď som čakal pri pokladni :) Rozhodne odporúčam nie len odskúšať, ale rovno si kúpiť fľašu.