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8 Compagnie des Indes Guadeloupe 1998 16-Year ratings

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Puternic alcoolizat, deși vechi, toate romurile de la Compagnie des Indes nu sunt pe gustul meu. Le-am gustat pe toate la Festivalul German al Romului de la Berlin 2016 dar din păcate niciunul nu m-a convins. Seamănă cu romurile de tip agricole. Există șansa ca în mix-uri să se primească mult mai bine.

For a French distillery that normally produces agricole rhum, the Bellevue folks in Guadeloupe hit a home run with this molasses-based gem. Rich and very smoky. I can practically taste bacon and molasses, plus overripe tropical fruit. This is just wonderful rum.


What a big disappointment the Compagnie des Indes Guadeloupe 16 year old rum was for me. I found the special edition 1998 bottle and the entire contents smell like glue and the rum tastes like super glue. A high end expensive rat poison might have more flavor than this puppy! It's not the worst rum I have ever tried, but easily fits into the worst 20 rum category.

Tastes a little bit like agricole rums, really strong alcoholic feeling. Nothing special though.

(Guatemala 9 ans)

Great complexity, little peppermint, caramel. Great to drink

The flavor of this rum is quite good, but it is a bit too sharp for my liking. You can taste the alcohol which is a shame because the rum itself is actually quite good.

I really like this one. Compagnie des Indes is a small french company which are traveling around the world to buy single casks from different destilleries. They select awesome rums (most likely without any sugar). Not too sweet, not too hard. This one has a heavy body with an rich flavor.

molasses! dry.
i smell smoke and wood. pepper. some elements of fruit.
i taste a deep rum, oaky spice. smokey character. citric tunes.
10/10 - drop 5 points, if you love the sweet rums!
very good. normaly rum from guadeloupe is made of fresh sugar cane. this one is not. its molasses. a clean spirit with smokey and wooden taste. fresh. citric. one of the best sipper without barbados rum!