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18 Santero 11-Year ratings

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Rich intense and aromatic.

Santero is actually taken from the Cuban religion Santeria and means a wise man or a priest. Rum is still a very important part of the Santeria rites.


Santero 11 did convince me on the second turn. Frightened by the 1-year and 3-year edition of Santero I had refused to enjoy the 11-year version for long time but was really surprised. Who is into the Cuban flavour world (dry Rums, wood, tabacco, citrus ... rare of dried fruits, raisins, vanilla, sweet) probably likes that Rum.

It tends to be easy and not that complex but represents the Cuban Rum world in one single bottle the best!

Great aged Cuban rum. Smooth and mellow apricot notes with some woody flavours.

Nice aroma with fruit tones. Very smooth taste. Light and simple taste, firstly dry but with sweeter aftertaste.

Surprisingly mild for 11 years old sigle cask rum...

Je déguste pour la 1ère fois ce rhum et je le trouve divin .C'est le meilleur rhum que
j'ai bu de toute ma vie.J'ai 56 ans et j'ai eu la chance de boire beaucoup de rhums
mais celui-ci est merveilleusement très agréable au gout.Je vais prendre mon temps pour
le déguster avec une certaine fierté par ce qu'il est écoeurant autant à l'odeur qu'au goûter.
Je me délecte les babines.

To me it is the essence of a Cuban rum. A glass of this, a good cigar and your favourite chair, what else can you wish?

Very smooth with notes of caramel, vanilla, tobacco, wood. Better than the Havana Club 15.

One of my favourite rums to enjoy on a regular basis with a cigar. A smooth and mellow Cuban that I always bring back a couple of bottles of.

Wow! - an extremely, extremely smooth rum, no harsh elements, delicate flavors, sweetness is evident, nothing overpowering, , but again, as smooth as it gets.

Bottle: Too ordinary. - 0/0,5
Colour: Nice amber
Aroma: Very nice. I smell some vanilla and other sweet tones. - 1/2
Taste: It is not agressive on the tongue. Sweet. Nothing memorable - 2,5/5,5
Aftertaste: Pleasant. It leaves some sweetness on the tongue. - 1,5/2

Bought this rum home from Cuba. I love it. It's smooth like galaxy chocolate. No burning, just smooth. The aroma is soft and gentle to. Will definitely be buying more as you can drink it as straight as you like. With or without ice .

Tried Santero 11 year old rum during my last trip to Havana and it was quite disappointing for a 11 year old rum to have this mixed flavor profile, strong alcohol smell to it and a bad burn at the end. There are so many much nicer Cuban rums out there, Santero struggles to even earn a 6.


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A heavy toasted wood flavour, very intense in all ways, definitely not smooth enough for me. Good rum, but there are far better rums for the money in my opinion.

Lacks in complexity for a 11 years old but good enough to enjoy on ice.

Smooth and earthy tast with a smokey finish but not sweet.
Very respectable as a gift

An okay rum, but if you ask me, better as the 12 yr old santiago rum.