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45 Bacardi Carta Oro ratings

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Light colour, the taste is very shallow and watery and has a strong alcohol smell. it's missing the body, taste and ingredients. the aftertaste is a bit strong and bitter. i'm pretty disappointed

This is a lovely rum, don't understand why the overall rating is so low to be honest

Proč je to Bacardi tak oblíbené s kupované, když nestojí vesměs zanic?

As stated in the title there's some oak flavours but nothing really amping it up from the standard version. Still pretty alcoholic and cheap tasting. A little less bitter than the standard white, although I expect this to be aged longer.

Unlike others found this rum well balanced and smooth when used in a Cuba libre.
Surprised as I don't particularly like bacardi rums

Good enough to refresh yourselve on a hit Summer day. Lots of ice and a good mixer. Life can be good!

Blank a sipper not suited, a mixer with coke it's ok, if nothing else is around.

A friend of mine only had this, that is the reason I even tried it...

Rather get Bacardi Oak Heart, tastes way better.

More like a 3,5...

only for mixing, in this price i rather take Havana Club Anojo

Заметный аромат: пробка, цветочная пыльца. чуть приторно, пластик.
Попробовав, ощущаешь горечь и добавленную жёсткость, которые глушат аромат. В середине ощущается провал/пустота вкуса, а заканчиваются все вкусовые ощущения благородным жжением.
Ощутимо дерёт горло, даёт тяжесть в желудке, ведь выдержка всего 1 год.
Попробовать его можно, но кроме яркого начала, удовольствия никакого.

After a failed Carta Blanca expected acceptable quality rum from a well-known manufacturer. But no. It is the same white rum bacardi, aged from one to two years in oak barrels and tinted with sugar cane. I hate when the drink is not a natural color. So Carta Oro has artificial color. The smell is still the same "grassy" and spirituous of the basic bacardi. The taste is a short sweetness, alcohol and that's all. Disappointment, again. Not worth your money.

После провального Carta Blanca ожидал приемлимый качественный ром от известного производителя. Но нет. Это тот же белый ром bacardi, выдержанный от года до двух в дубовых бочках и подкрашенный сахарным коллером. Ненавижу когда у напитка не естественный цвет. Так вот у Carta Oro цвет исскуственный. Запах все тот же "травяной" и спиртуозный базового bacardi. На вкус короткая сладость, спирт и все. Разочарование, опять. Не стоит своих денег.

A million better golden rums out there. Reasonable value.

Stor besvikelse...
Färgen är tilltalande. Beskrivningen på etiketten är lockande vanilj, nötter och torkade tropiska fukter. Men när man väl har öppnat flaska noch doftar på rommen så blir man besviken, doftar mest alkohol. Och smaken, finns ingen direkt karaktär och sp gott som nästan obefintliga toner av vanilj, nötter och torkade tropiska frukter.

Men den duger att blanda med cola, ett plus iaf...

The Taste is OK to mix with cola, i like it. 7/10 cheers !

Last drink on a rainy Sunday. Bacardi Carta Oro is very light on color. Could be between gold and spiced. Smell test is pretty weak. Taste taste reveals a very dry rum, close to a cheap cognac. Far from the worst Bacardi's, but struggles to be a neat sipping rum.

Consommé à l'apéro dans du coca, il manque de caractère...

Hard to drink straight due to heavy alcohol smell and taste. OK to mix with cola, etc.

Tasted it without knowing it was the 'new' bacardi gold, so unbiased. Rather liked is, quite to my surprise when I found out what it was. Definitely not for those looking for a sweet rum though.

It recommend drink other rums! Its not the best product of Barcadi.

Prvé stretnutie s týmto rumom bolo nedávno na firemnej akcii. Po otvorení fľaše ma prekvapila silná aróma, typická pre miešané nápoje. Na samostatné pitie nevhodné.

je to rum z kategorie vypic a zic :-). urcite sa ale neda porovnavat s niecim ako C.M., toto je hodne lepsie

Tried this with coke as the label stated it was ideal for this mix. In my opinion it is lacking body and lacking a punch. Oakheart does this very well, so far the only member of the Bacardi family that delivers.

Colore chiaro, profumo dolce e molto tenue. Il sapore è di legno tabacco e alcol, con una iniziale nota di melassa.

Sometimes rums brands did something amazing, not in this case, but I tasted 2 times in a bar, dont like it, needs more body

Had a bottle of this lying around that was unopened..
I could well have left it like that too :)
Didnt bother with a mixer as i prefer my rum straight...
Bacardi has yet to impress me with a rum, never mind wow me