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Bacardi Carta Blanca rum

Bacardi Carta Blanca

Puerto Rico | Light

249 ratings
Barely drinkable, hard to swallow


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249 Bacardi Carta Blanca ratings

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Small 5391064 lg

Posted 5 days ago by Warzywisko4231 from Poland with 6 ratings

Wiadomo, że tego typu rum nie ma być do degustacji jako takiej, tylko jako uzupełnienie drinku. Świetnie komponuje się w mojito i tutaj widzę jego rolę. Do picia "straight" są inne rumy kosztujące również inne (większe) pieniądze. Do swojej roli pasuje idealnie.

Small 10zpkh

Posted 20 days ago by Limsn from Poland with 22 ratings

Oh, all you rum specialists and connoisseurs - of course Bacardi Carta Blanca is bad, bleh, and so on, it is produced to be flooded with coke in every cocktail bar in the world. But when you organize a barbecue for your family, who has no idea about rums at all, and you want to treat them with some basic mojito or cuba libre, I'm pretty sure that's the one you will buy. And you know what? Everybody is going to enjoy it.

So, 5/10 seems pretty high, but damn, I truly prefer to buy this one, than oversugared Don Papa or Captain Morgan Private Stock.

Small 20210505 193505

Posted 2 months ago by JacaJaca from Poland with 25 ratings

Podstawowy, pod mojito w sam raz. Można podbić też smak nalewki domowej


Posted 2 months ago by Simon_W from Switzerland with 35 ratings

Many tiki era cocktail recipes call for some light Puertorican rum, presumably to stretch the mixture and to make it more affordable. So naturally I use this one, what else? It's cheap and available everywhere. However, its vanilla flavour, allegedly "developped in oak casks" (as the bottle claims), smells artificial. I'd bet it's artificial vanillin, added to the rum, rather than the natural vanillin that oak casks tend to impart. There also seems to be some sugar added. Unlike some other commenters here I don't find it harsh, to the contrary, it's smooth. As for the gasoline smell, I also noticed something like that when I tried it in a wide snifter. Reminded me of exhaust gases in the rain. But in a small shot glass I don't notice that, it smells very vanilla dominated in a small glass.
EDIT: I forgot: I also use this for the Pina Colada. Because the Pina Colada is a Puertorican invention, so it's only natural to use the rum of that island for that drink.


Posted 2 months ago by Havanafan from Gibraltar with 22 ratings

My grandpa used to drink rum flavored alcoholic beverages, made from industrial alcohol, artificial flavors, and coloring. Cheapest stuff you'd find in your corner minimarket. Stuff that should have a warning on the label, like cigarettes do. I still think it was superior to this Bacardi.

I'm not sure what's more ridiculous about this Bacardi - the price (16 euros for a 1L bottle) or the fact that there are people buying this garbage thinking it's actual rum.


Posted 3 months ago by Aileen2909 from Germany with 5 ratings

Just a simple white rum. I like spices in it. Brown rum is much tastier.


Posted 3 months ago by Skitto from Australia with 10 ratings

Usually teens first experience of a rum mixed with coke. And that's all it's really good for, as a mixer.

Certainly need it in the cabinet for cocktails.


Posted 3 months ago by rumtrinker from Germany with 28 ratings

...since "gasoline-like" is what the description for a 2/10 rating gives as an example. I actually think a little gasoline, or really any kind of taste would help this.
It tastes of nothing. This is like Vodka. Possibly slightly sweetened vodka. And it has a note that I otherwise associate with window cleaning agent and with Korean soju (the cheap stuff), neither of which I like to drink.

Really, "vodka" is the closest I can think of.
Very dissapointing as a rum, probably also dissapointing as a vodka (I would not know, I do not drink that stuff).

Small 88

Posted 3 months ago by Passie from Netherlands with 60 ratings

I see rum brands here on this site that score higher but are really no better than bacardi. Only because of the brand. Grow up people. Bacardi blanco is a mixer and gets 5 stars for me. Well deserved.


Posted 4 months ago by Weglin from Poland with 15 ratings

Przerost formy nad treścią. Do coli można wypic ale brugal blanco lepszy !