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I picked up a bottle of this recently thinking it was something new from Appleton Estate and I was partially right. It's a new label for the same rum as the Appleton Estate Reserve rum. They changed labeling and naming structure in the spring of 2015. Confusing.

The aroma in the bottle has some astringency to it but nothing much else. Upon tasting it I notice some vanilla and caramel but that gets knocked aside by some tongue-tingling spiciness. Doesn't have much of a burn but still not very smooth. I would not recommend this as a sipping rum but as a mixer. It's usable and for the price a decent mixing rum.

I cannot believe how Appleton Estate has jumped into the glue rum wagon! Some older ones are slightly better, but the Reserve Blend is just nasty alcohol and glue to the nose and palate. Burn is nasty at the end. Struggles to earn a 3.


Simply ok, I would not buy again as better value rums are out their

This appeared to be a high-end rum from Appleton, although it's age is unclear - Regardless, I was expecting a very good rum. The bottle itself is quite nice, and the colour a rich amber. The rum has a decent smell, a little oaky and sweet. This rum is too harsh for me to drink straight, although it has a typical Jamaican "dryness" and depth to it. OK for the price, but not a top shelf rum - Good with a nice sweet cola (I had it with Coke Life) though.

Not the greatest, but it'll do in a pinch. Better for mixes than sipping.

Was hoping for a sipper, but definitely a little harsh for that, for the price wasnt excited.

Sugar: 0 gpl. Got a bottle of this as a present and quickly opened it as I thought it was something special. Must have been the new label or I had consumed too much rum already. It's okay as a mixer. It seems that Appleton is taking whatever they have left over from various barrels and calling it a reserve blend. There are some trace elements of tastes found in the higher priced Appleton's but it's my opinion that Appleton is aiming for the Bacardi section of the market with the price of this rum. It's still better than Bacardi, but the bar has been lowered. It's a fair to decent mixing rum. Spend the extra and get the Appleton 12 year old.

I tasted this along side with the discontinued Appleton Reserve, and I felt this was a nice improvement. This has a little more spice, and a little more flavor than that does.

This is a LOT closer to the Appleton 12, thought that one still takes the nod in a side by side comparison.

Smells and tastes of oak, hazelnut, nutmeg, vanilla, and molasses.

Although the 12 is better, I rate them both a 7!

There are definitely better rums in this price range but I won't shoot it down completely. Has an English style rum punch to it with some fruity notes.
Be nice as a mixing rum, good on the rocks once the water melted a little, otherwise it was a tad to strong for my liking.
Would happily drink it but I say that about every rum haha

I was a fan of the V/X, which this supposedly replaced. However, there's nothing here for me. Blended to complacency for a typical consumer, I feel.

Why they have even made this?!?!? Pass years I have had this feeling that the quality of Appleton has gone down. Even their 12-years old does not taste as it used to.
I was expecting little more when I decided to taste these "relatively new ones" Signature and Estate Reserve Blend. Same crap both of them. This one is just slightly more interesting, but unfortunately interesting does not make it better

Very sippable rum. Even a little bit of water is diluting it's flavor

This is not a rum to be drinking neat.

If you must drink it, it needs a whole lot of diluting to become even slightly palatable. It is cheaper than other Appleton offerings, to be fair, but there are much nicer rums in this price bracket.

Definitely not a rum for me.

Tried this rum at a Christmas dinner, I have the 12 year rare blend at home so I was curious about this one. I found this too much strong and disappointing in flavour. Don't get me wrong, you can sip it and it's ok for that, but don't expect to feel too much emotions because it's light in taste and you definitely feel the burn.

Not really something to sip on but it makes a mean rum runner.

Sippable, but nothing to write home about. I will not that i enjoyed this more than the pricier “rare”. If in Jamaica, this is widely available at most resorts, so it’s not a bad default rum for sipping.

There's not a lot of complexity here but the Reserve is much more flavorful and a bit more smooth than the Signature Blend. It's priced right about where it should be. Makes great cocktails and can be sipped too. Great bar stocker.

Seems there is more column distillate, or light pot-still distillate than I would have hoped. Its light, which kinda bums me out. No eruptions of over-ripe banana and pineapple... It can be too much for some people, but I love that heaviness and funk - It's what makes the Jamaican style so unique and sought after. When it starts getting light, it loses what makes it special.
Still has that pungent smell, so I get a lot of pleasure out of that. Honestly, I would skip this and go for the 12yr.

nothing to say more, great price, great taste, no sugar added....I like it even for sipping. I think this is the best price/value rum at all.

Like all Appleton's of this price range the strong tastes only works with pouring this in with a sweet mix to tone down the harsh bite. Then the flavour is satisfying but your best bang for the buck in this price range is still V/X.

I guess I just don't get Appleton's. They have a pretty good reputation and seem to command a bit of a
premium. I've only tried two but they did not live up to expectations. A friend had this when we visited and he knew I liked rum. This one was definitely OK for my taste but just OK. The taste was not may favorite and it felt a little harsh.There are a number of better rums for less money. I don't see me buying any Appleton rums, but I certainly will drink it when offered. I drink rum on the rocks, never mixed.

Now that Appleton has downsized and discontinued the V/X, White, and Special Gold, there are only three rums below the $35 per bottle price tag. The Signature Blend is the entry level mixer, which I will not try. Then there is this one blended from 20 select aged rums with an average age of 6 years, followed by the Rare Blend 12 Year. I had the latter one a month or so ago and developed a love/hate relationship with it because of too much hogo Jamaican funk. This one has the hogo funk subdued quite a bit, which is alright with me. The aroma has the most hogo, but on the palate is perfectly smooth with natural sweetness from the wood and molasses with no added sugar. There is no bitterness going down the pipe. I miss the old V/X, which is a step up from their Signature Blend. I am so glad to be able to continue buying Appleton instead of giving up on them. This bottle was $27 and a better buy than the $33 Rare Blend 12 Year in the fancy box. It is also a very versatile mixer, making great Mai Tais and Goombay Smashes.

Great value, nice taste. not spicy like 12year rare blend.

Bought this just to try before reading any reviews. For the price I was hoping for a decent sipping rum but as already mentioned it is a bit harsh neat. Tried it with ginger ale but didn’t taste very nice. Not tried with cola yet but will edit the review if that changes any opinions. Would be best used in cocktails as that would cut the harsh taste. Smells nice just to strong for me

Tasting notes talk about intense orange which I did not get. Its a dryer version of the Signature with less burn. I would use as a mixer but the Signature is fine for that. Ok Rum that I would not knock back if offered ,but I can do better for the price