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27 Bacardi Carta Fuego ratings

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Quite sharp and flavoursome when neat but with Coke slightly sweet with a good mix of spices and quite smooth. Very nice.

It's not a bad rum for this value! It's to foggy but it's resonable. Very Sweet!
Too much Coffee and caramel added.

Bacardi are releasing new rums all the time.... More bad than good however this is excellent as a coke and lime drink as it has a harsh

Pretty tasty by itself, but even better with a drop of Tabasco.

Didn't really taste rum in my coke due to the very Sweet flavor. But Great for sipping, very Sweet caramel flavor And a Sweet nose to it.

This is not your traditional spiced rum. Definitely notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Absolutely wonderful as a Cuba libre. Very smooth, almost no bite.

Not a sipper way too sweet the predominant flavour for the first few seconds is sugar syrup almost pure sugar then you get hit with a burn that's mostly fiery cinnamon with an undercurrent of ethanol. It goes alright with coke as a mixing rum but still isn't great.

Just bought this for £13 and didn't expect much but thought I'd give it a go. Wow, incredibly smooth, good balance of spices. Really good with a ginger ale mixer!

A Warm rum, lovely to drink pure.... from a large glass of course....
But be aware... soon there is a softening experience.. You might want to stay seated....
Until the glass is finished.. just wondering what happened...
I'm a BaCo-drinker.. did not want to blasphemy this rum, so I drank i pure.... love it.. every sip of it


Not especially to my taste but one of my wife’s favourites.

...for a rum n cola. Way too many 6/10 rums out there in the shops. If you want something nice in the UK you either pay top dollar and get ripped off, or have to fly to the Caribbean!

Another very good rum. Can be drunk neat but has a sharp taste so again is better with a mixer. Goes great with cola and lime. A good rum for the price.

Sweet on the rocks, no coca cola with it! Not dry in the throat! Good and not expensive!

Tried it pure but drank the rest with coke easy to empty the bottle

Bacardi Carta Fuego has a rather pleasing semi dark color, but unfortunately a very boring bottle and label design. The nose and taste test reveals a very strong artificial coffee flavors. Carta Fuego should be a mixer rum, not really a pleasant neat sipper.

Definitely drinkable neat, but better mixed, it has a sweet edge and goes great with coke. Also love the colour

Carta Fuego is my drink of choice, I always have a bottle at the ready. It's perfect amongst cocktails my favourite being the 'Dark and stormy' to which it brings a smooth spice to the drink. Although with this said I would also recommend drinking neat as another pleasant experience.

What ive always wanted spiced rum to be.
Straight up, rich vanilla, followed by honey and some other spices i cant put my finger on but work well and a touch of the trademark bacardi zing at the end which i personally enjoy..
Its on the sweet side so doesn't do too well with cola, unless you give it a good limin'. The only spiced rum ive tried and enjoyed neat.

Best of canada below 30 dollars and i tested many Rum (Captain Morgan Black, The Kraken, bacardi Gold, Captain Morgan Original ...)
Very Sweet, not expensive !
Perfect for many cocktails.

Smooth and plenty of nice flavour. Surprisingly good

Great rum to spice up your cola. And to give it just that extra bite

En god rom att avnjuta som den är men passar även bra ihop med Cola. Absolut en av Bacardis bästa rommer. Ljuvlig färg och milda men tydliga smaker finns om rommen får rulla en liten stund på tungan.

Not bad with coke not something that stands out to me though.

Gut zum Mischen mit Cola. Als Shot mit ein paar Tropfen Tabasco - so schmeckt er jedoch am besten!