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2 Tanduay Silver ratings

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Based on the promotion you expect a lot more. It's nowhere near as good as a good cuban white and certainly miles off the premium whites. But it's ok. Probably would have this with the same enthusiasm as your standard Bacardi.

Apologies for the title being a bit pessimistic but I was hoping for more. Although labeled a "silver" rum, this is more straw color (according to both my eye and the back label). I had read about the Tanduay brand online and thought it interesting. Surprisingly I found it in a liquor store in tiny Eastpoint, Florida so I got a bottle. This one is definitely a rum best suited for mixing. It's way to harsh for drinking neat IMHO. Works well in Coke Zero but not as well as others. Okay for a basic mixing rum. Does not stand out much at all. Has a marked vanilla flavor and somewhat sweet aroma. Okay to try but would recommend others first.