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129 Kirk and Sweeney 23-Year ratings

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molasses. dry!
i smell carmaell, toffee and much vanilla! spicy notes of pepper and ginger!
i taste vanilla, some coffee, some caramell and cherry and marzipan. maybe some tobacco elements. smooth and silk. full body, supersoft.
8/10 - sutract 5 points if sweet rum is heaven!
in the end you´ll get a dry rum with bold notes and a soft, creamy body. for me its too soft and faceless. i prefer the 18y.

I haven't tried much higher end stuff, probably 20 different ones including the K&S 12, so far this is my absolute favorite with the 12 being #2. This Rum has by far the heaviest carmel tones of any rum I have tried.

Price is weighed lightly in my rating. I paid $50 for a 750ml bottle

Sehr mild, weich und leicht, nicht aufdringlich. Am Anfang deutlich frisches Aroma, Orangenduft, dann leichte Schärfe, nicht zu süß. Etwas bittere Note, hat dadurch eigenen Charakter. Kein Mainstream-Rum.

This is the smoothest and most refreshing Rum I have had in a long time
No bit and a great vanilla finish

The nose of this rum is incredible, absolutely wonderful. Very smooth and just the right amount of sweetness. Lovely!!

To me this is a dark and brooding rum. On the nose and palate I get a lot the the nutty, earthy aromas and very little of the vanilla and fruit aromas others experience. It is very good though and is not syrupy or sweet in the least. I look forward to enjoying this more in the future.

Puffs of sweeted Coffee, cocoa beans and a quite pleasant sweetness. Nice dram!

Nu ma asteptam sa fie atat de bun, are o finete aparte. Este unul din romurile cel mai bine echilibrate din cate am baut.


Un rom plăcut, elegant, un rom de seară cu arome subtile dar bine separate. O alegere foarte buna oricând.

I thought this would be significantly smoother on the finish but was a bit harsher than expected.

A truely great rum! Sweet but not as sweet as plantation xo or zaya. A good bit of oak but not as much as I would expect from 23 years. Well balanced and well done. Not just the best rum I have had but the best spirt. You will not find anything better for under $100.

Very good sipping rum, a bit higher price than its competition, but worth it none the less, top 5 for me

Man, this rum changed my perception of sipping rums. VERY smooth! The molasses taste is there but not too strong (I don't like heavy molasses taste). Its warm and sweet flavor is fairly consistent (Doest start and finish with different flavors as you drink it). Yet I love how complex the taste is.

Good rhum. Mais le 12 est presque aussi bon. Je trouve qu il y a pas beaucoup de différance entre le deux a part la couleur. Mais tres bon sur glace.

This is the best sipper of the group, and it is for me. If you are new to drinking rum straight or on the rocks - The 18 is a great sipper because it is so smooth and mild, but I prefer the 23. We finally tasted the 12/18/23 in the same night. By the way - the 18 and 23 were much harder to find then the 12. When we did find them, only a couple of bottles of each were on the shelf.
All three rums smell great and are fairly mild, the 18 being one of the smoothest rums we have tasted.
The 12 mixes great, the 18 works well either way, the 23 would be my selection if I wanted to enjoy a cigar. All three are very good, all three are just a little different from one another, and they are affordable with only a few bucks difference between each bottle. Will always have at least one of these in my rum cabinet. If the bottle means anything to you - nice bottle to pull out of the cabinet and leave out on the bar for the evening, makes for a contrasting line up with other selections being offered.

Could be a bit higher proof but unbelievably smooth...almost like having desert

Nose: sweet sugar, brown sugar
Taste: sweet sugar, wood, subtle stone fruit, chocolate, tannin

This is very smooth, Carmel and vanilla. Nose is excellent and tastes great

I've really tried with this bottle, I think this is e realizing I don't like agricoles as much. It is a solid rum, but didn't have the long after taste I was hoping for. Not the best review, apologies.

I base this review from a person who really likes the K&S 18. The 18 is actually my wife's favorite rum. This is a good rum. The problem is it isn't better than the 18. It doesn't have the nose and is maybe less smooth. You have to deduct a point or 2 for that. If you like K&S, stick with the 18...

They were out of Zacapa 23 at my store so a sales person (actually fairly knowledgable about rums) recommended it. No disappointed at all. I still enjoy my Zacapa but this is more like the oak from a rye with a smooth rum finish. Has earned a regularly stocked place in my bar.

If you like a more dry harsh rum this is for you. A bit vapid and insipid. Not too many notes. More of an alcohol bite. A slightly harsh afterbite which would be unpleasant for some. But of course better than bacardi.

Those who've read my other ratings know I am a big fan of the Kirk & Sweeney 12 Year - among the best rum values out there in addition to one of the best rums I've tried. I purchased the 23 Year recently and sampled it alongside the 12 Year, and my conclusion is that those who prefer a less-sweet rum with more "barrel character" should definitely seek out this edition. Makes sense right? But, to be clear, I find this rum has virtually all those other characteristics that make the 12 Year great - the buttery finish being my personal favorite. And once again, the price of this offerings makes it a great value. Well done!

This rum is great! Not much more expensive than the 12 year but it's worth it! Prefect balance of sweet and dry. I will be buying more of this soon!