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129 Kirk and Sweeney 23-Year ratings

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Easily approachable and exceptionally smooth. Lovely presentation (I don't want to know how much has been spent on marketing this product.) Will update if I get another chance to try it.


Update 11/17: After tasting over a hundred more rums since my original rating, I re-tried another in this range, and it's got curiously strong vanilla notes. I'm wary. Also, what's up with everyone thinking this is an agricole? Citation needed…


Sampled K&S23, I had read a lot about this rum which had been on my wish list for some time. At $129 CAD in my area (compared to $43 US South of the Border) my expectations were high. After sampling this rum I must say it was a big disappointment. While the rum is smooth, I found the oakiness overpowering to the point that other flavours were hard to detect. Other reviews mention that the rum improves once it breathes but my initial experience was indeed very disappointing.


Super lækker smag. Især hvis den får lov til at hvile i glasset i 10-15 min. Lækker duft og eftersmag også. Absolut en rom jeg vil anbefale👍

I like the 12 but the 23 is just so smooth and easy to drink.


Very smooth with a caramel woody taste but not too sweet

Cest le meilleur rhum que jai goûter à date note de vanille avec une fin un peu épicé vraiment doux incomparable!!

It is a smooth tasty sipping rum with all kinds of flavours

Rich, complex, smooth, just flat out delicious. Yes I drink it with a mixer and I love it that way!

For a rum at this price........ the taste hits you with a boom in the mouth, and then VERY shortly after - NOTHING......... the taste is gone. A very hyped rum, that lack a lot in taste.

Rating kommer når jeg er blevet ædru eller i morgen.

for me it burns a Little to much. The Tast is smooth & sweet. nice Ron.

Last year when I was in Vegas they had just sold their last bottle of the 23 year old so I had to settle for the 18 year old.
This time I managed to nab the 23 amongst a few other select choices (more on them later).
Sitting down with this bottle I expected it to be an 8 or a 9; if nothing more then the fact that it is aged for 23 years.
But alas; you can't always assume that age makes everything better.
Actually; the extra aging over the 18 has made this one a little bit too oaky and bitter. I tried letting it sit longer like some others have noted; but it didn't seem to help that much.
It I had to pick one of the three; I think I would stick with the 18.

I didn't know what to expect when I bought this rum. I admit i saw the bottle and wanted to give it a try. I was very happy with this rum and want to try the 12 and 18 year. I enjoyed it neat.

This is my favourite agricole, could turn some whisky drinkers I suspect. Smooth.

Beautiful sweet aroma, taste itself needs time to evolve. Leave your glass open for a while.

It's just a very good product. No more words needed.

This was an easy drinking sipper. But perhaps too easy. The flavor was too muted. Licorice.Nice roundness to it though. Just wish the actual taste wasn't so dull.

I paid $32 for a bottle and would have happily paid $100 and not been disappointed. From the nose to the finish it is nothing less than fantastic, lots of dried fruits, vanilla, carmel, chocolate and Mascarpone and lightly sweet to the exact perfect amount. The mouth is pure silk and goes down the throat just as well. I am a rum snob no quams about it but dollar for dollar i have spent this is well worth every penny of it. Probably in my top 5. Much better than the 12 year and I can't wait to try the 18, but i know it won't measure up to this 23 year bottle of perfection. GET SOME DUDE!

Duften er super god, men smagen er meget skuffende bestemt ikke en rum jeg ville købe, hvis jeg havde prøve smagt den først...


This rum has a lot of depth for the value.

Nose: Banana, butterscotch, toasted caramel, banana cream.

Mouth: feels and tastes delicious. If you know to sip properly you can have as much or as little bite as you want. This creates a much longer or shorter finish.

It's Woody, Sweet, Vegatal, Caramel, creamy, some nice dry moments that still leave this pleasant flavor lightly pulsating down the back of your throat.

Overall great experience.


One of, if not the best I have tried. Great for sipping and will not break the bank.

I normally don't spend this much on a bottle. I was pleasantly surprised!!! It was smooth and flavorful. It didn't taste like any sugar was added. I would definitely buy again!

I like this rum for sipping neat, but it is very smooth and sweet. I would be surprised if there was not added sugar. That being said, I don't mind the sweetness, it makes it more palatable and quite refreshing. You can taste a bit of barrel and smoke, but I would not be surprised to find out that not all the rum in this bottle is 23 years old.

When I had my first sip I thought I had peeled a banana! The banana fragrance hit me immediately followed by caramel and vanilla. A bit of coffee comes through a little later. This is an exceptional rum and for a rum over 18 years it's tough to beat....especially for the price....around $55. This rum actually opens up twenty minutes after pouring. I'm giving this a 9 ..., although if looking at it solely from a price would be a 10. Why not a 10? Because the El Dorado 21 is a true 10 and I cannot give this the same perfect score. Nevertheless it's outstanding.