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Kirk and Sweeney 23-Year rum

Kirk and Sweeney 23-Year

Dominican Republic | Aged

227 ratings
Now this is some good stuff


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227 Kirk and Sweeney 23-Year ratings

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Posted 4 years ago by John frederick from United States with 59 ratings

Was looking forward to this having tried the 12 and loved it. The taste was beyond good, the reason I didn't give a 9 is that is had a more harsh finish than I would have expected, sipping it neat and rocks Guess what though, still finished the bottle. Found a local store selling it for $40, $7 less than I paid, so I'll be getting it again


Posted 4 years ago by Peter from Hungary with 91 ratings

it was definitely on my wishlist, my friend managed to deliver it at last through

As we opened the bottle,we had high expectations.The rum is very hyped and not existent in shops in Europe.
First we thought we have a dram of a Quater-cask whisky,but not of a good kind. Bitter,almost not enjoyable.We thought it's a faulty batch,or the cork was maybe too old and too much air destroyed the aromas.
But we sought a 2.chance,fairly. So we let it breathe for a hour or so. And voilá- the horrible bitter oak vanished and a true great Dominican appeared. Caramel,molasses,christmas spice on the palete,the oaky bitterness was present but formed a good unity with the other aromas. So this is maybe the first rum i tasted which really changes a lot after breathing.The rating of 7 is because of the first disappointing experience,else it would be a strong 8


Posted 4 years ago by Chet from United States with 192 ratings

I paid $32 for a bottle and would have happily paid $100 and not been disappointed. From the nose to the finish it is nothing less than fantastic, lots of dried fruits, vanilla, carmel, chocolate and Mascarpone and lightly sweet to the exact perfect amount. The mouth is pure silk and goes down the throat just as well. I am a rum snob no qualms about it but dollar for dollar i have spent this is well worth every penny of it. Much better than the 12 year and I can't wait to try the 18.


Posted over 4 years ago by Ben Mitchell from Australia with 18 ratings

The aroma was even better than the flavour....ok nearly. Silky smooth with banana, vanilla and butterscotch. A saver for special moments.


Posted 17 days ago by Koldegaard from Denmark with 4 ratings

Great flavors fills the mouth when enjoying this fine rum

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Posted 27 days ago by Skiut79 from United States with 9 ratings

Smooth, easy to enjoy neat. Notes of Butterscotch, mahogany.

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Posted 1 month ago by Kaax91 from Denmark with 7 ratings

Really good rum, with taste of Vanilla, dry fruit, and oak - really enjoyed this one

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Posted 1 month ago by Milan from Slovakia with 60 ratings

Dominican republic, 40%, 23 year old
This pleasant and delicious drink has malt inspired by the taste of caramel and sherry, perfectly balanced with piece of vanilla.

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Posted 2 months ago by Jirka23689 (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 151 ratings

Ve vůni vanilka a drevo. Chuť sladší asi nejlepší z trojice 12,18,33. Nepřekvapil ani extra nezklamal.


Posted 2 months ago by Ric Stryde from Canada with 9 ratings

I previously tried the 12 and I am a big fan of it. So my expectations for the 23 were high. It disappointed greatly.

The good: Nice presentation. Beautiful mid-amber colour. Gorgeous bottle. Brown sugar and a hint of butterscotch on the nose. A little alcohol too, but that’s ok.

The bad: Medicinal taste. No really positive flavour notes can come out because of the overpowering medicinal flavour. Far too much burn for a 23-year-old rum. Even the aftertaste makes you want to drink something else to get rid of the taste.

The 12 is substantially better. I am a fan of Dominican rums, I don’t recommend this at all. Especially not at $100+ here in Canada.