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133 Kirk and Sweeney 23-Year ratings

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Dominicans rum, dark honey color.
Nice smell, sweet vanilla flavors taste.
Very good drinkable spirit .

Complex and smooth with a a little smoky firiness months throat. I find that the 18 is slightly smoother, but at the cost of complexity. Both are remarkable rums however.

Purchased after sampling the 18 year old. Orderered from Amazon at £49.54 prime next day delivery. Kirk and Sweeney rums are well priced. Aged in the dominican republic and bottles in Fairfield, California. This bottle is a 750ml US whereas the 18 was a 700ml (may be differences in vendor).

I find the 23 a wonderful sipper on its own it has a fruity, nutty, butterscotch nose, it's a wonderful aroma. The flavours in the mouth of the sip are sherry and forest fruit, caramel and slightly nutty, there are many other things going on in this rum and I can't quite put my finger on it, it's just delicious; there is however a slight firiness on the throat but a cube of ice solves that.

Wonderfully smooth and beautifully complex and at £50 a bottle it's a steal easily comparable to the Eldorado 21 year which is priced around the £80 mark.


Ce rhjm sur des notes de canne de caramel et de vanille se rzpproche d un brugal 1888 el dorado 15 et d un admiral rodney mais avec sa touche.bien fait et bien equilibré il ne vaut pas à mon sens un opthimus 25 et meme n a pas ce coté unique.par contre a 52e il a un bon rapport qualité prix.Et c est surement une des plus belles bouteilles de ma collection.note 8.6.A acheter si possible....

Not as good as the K&S 18 year old which not only is less expensive but nicer on the nose and mouth. The finish is a bit flat.

Russ said it all in ‘I’m in love’.
Just cracked my first bottle and wow. Such complexity. The vanilla dances around the tongue. Rather dry. An amazing rum. The K&S 12 is delightful for one so relatively young but this 23 is simply stunning. I have a bottle of the 18 staring at me. Mmmmmmm. Compare and contrast? Perhaps not this evening. On the other hand........

This rum has a full body taste. It can be served at room temperature or chilled. It has a nice taste upon entrance but the back end has a little bit of a bitter undertone.

Scored an offer at Binny’s. For 39.99 is one of the best runs out there. Hopefully it will stay under the radar, so we’ll can enjoy it more

One of the smoothest rums I’ve tried. Not overly sweet with vanilla on the nose, through to leather and candied fruit on the palate. Light finish and no burn at all.

Duft af vanilie og smag af karamel med mange smagsnuancer. En virkelig god rom. Meget tæt på 10. Kan muligvis få det ved næste smagning. (Så smagte jeg den igen, og det er virkelig en topklasse rom)

This is a wonderful rum. Somewhat sweeter than the Kirk & Sweeney 18 year. Distinct molasses and brown sugar. Sweet, but quite complex. Excellent value.

This is the one of the easiest sipping rums i've had. Excellent for beginners.

Edit: As of 5 days later I found this rum is lacking a bit I changed my rating to a 7 it's easy enough to sip but gets old after a few glasses.

Ein netter Rum zum Feierabend. Ganz lecker, viel Alkohol.

En lo personal creo que este Kirk and Sweeney es un buen ron, sin embargo no llega a ser tan bueno como esperaba; el aroma que desprende es interesante algo dulce, y ligeramente se puede sentir el tabaco; al probarlo tiene un sabor agradable, un poco dulce, matices de frutados y tabaco, sin embargo a mi parecer es un poco ligero, como que le falta densidad. El color es muy bueno, es caoba claro.

This is a great go to rum. Nice to sip and makes an excellent rum and coke! It is a sweet golden rum, with nice notes of vanilla, caramel and oak. It is smooth with a touch of heat that then fades back into a vanilla brown sugar finish, damned satisfying! Honestly this is an 8.5 on the Joe scale.

Udemærket rom med en fin smag. Ligger på 6,5 - 7,0, men har smagt mange andre der siger mig mere

This is my favourite Kirk and Sweeney rum, I love sweet rum and this is so very smooth, always drink my rum straight up and this is no exception.

Very smooth. Dryer than the 12 year and also more expensive, obviously with the additional aging, I like it a lot but also like the 12 year at the better price.

Received a bottle of Kirk & Sweeney 23 year old rum for Christmas and loved it! However, prefer the 21 yo El Dorado over this 23 yo rum!

This is a grade A rum. Top notch. Beautiful in the glass, on the nose, and in the mouth. Delicious aroma and taste. Smooth, slightly sweet, soft, buttery caramel, vanilla, amazing.
Having said that, it's only slightly different from the 18yr, and if you have to pay more than $5 extra for the 23, get the 18yr instead. Nearly the same experience, I wouldn't pay a significant premium for the 23.

Very enjoyable. Smooth. Great nose. Brown sugar and vanilla. Nice viscosity. Mild, pleasant “burn” and aftertaste. Drinking side by side with Ron Zacapa Solera. K&S is better. Zacapa seems thinner and less flavorful compared to K&S.

Has an after bite to it. Would prefer smoother going down. Almost acidic. not quite. Defers the taste.

The best rum I have had so far!!! I buy a bottle of this any chance I get!!!

Wow, just fantastic. If I'm traveling and see this bottle behind the bar, it's my first order! Just as smooth as can be, great color, oak, vanilla and the like. Perfect to end the night on or enjoy with a cigar, I know I have!

rum nieje velmy sladky, skor suchsi ale naozaj vyborny. v chuti preraza dubovy sud po cherry, a ja tam citim horkejsie tony cokolady a jemne susene ovocie.