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Kirk and Sweeney 23-Year rum

Kirk and Sweeney 23-Year

Dominican Republic | Aged

8.3/10 (215 ratings)
Now this is some good stuff


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215 Kirk and Sweeney 23-Year ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Russ from United States with 85 ratings

Any rating lower than a 9 for this rum is nonsense! It's a godsend...and King of the Agricoles!

Oak, vanilla, and caramel are the dominant flavors with hints of brown sugar, molasses and maple syrup. The nose is almost candy-like. It finishes like silk, smooth and luxurious with no bite at all and with a pleasant tobacco note. This is not a hot or spicy rum and despite its 23 years in a barrel the conspicuous tobacco note is not burnt or foul tasting, more like a very well maintained high quality cigar. It has a deep cherry wood color and a thick, rich body that sticks to the glass. This rum needs to breathe a bit before drinking, I say at least a half hour. The next day I chilled it in my freezer and it was amazing, more candy like.

This is a sipping rum and I know its not the smartest thing to do with a rum such as this but if you add it to Coke you'll have Vanilla Coke with a kick! I'll be buying this rum again next week... I'm glad to have taken this one off my wish list. For $42 a bottle this rum is actually under priced!

Edit: I've always said the best way to really get into a rum and discover its character is to get hammered off of it! I did that this weekend. I woke up and there was that beautiful tobacco note lingering in my nose and the taste of vanilla beans in my mouth. Then, three hours and two Gatorades later I got out of bed. Yes, this is a very fine rum...but it delivers a crippling hangover! Play with caution.


Posted over 4 years ago by Mihai from Romania with 213 ratings

Un rom plăcut, elegant, un rom de seară cu arome subtile dar bine separate. O alegere foarte buna oricând.


Posted over 4 years ago by Surfyguitar from United States with 56 ratings

I thought this would be significantly smoother on the finish but was a bit harsher than expected.


Posted over 4 years ago by Rob from United States with 50 ratings

A truely great rum! Sweet but not as sweet as plantation xo or zaya. A good bit of oak but not as much as I would expect from 23 years. Well balanced and well done. Not just the best rum I have had but the best spirt. You will not find anything better for under $100.


Posted over 4 years ago by Robert from United States with 23 ratings

Very good sipping rum, a bit higher price than its competition, but worth it none the less, top 5 for me


Posted over 4 years ago by Wolfsgeist from United States with 6 ratings

Man, this rum changed my perception of sipping rums. VERY smooth! The molasses taste is there but not too strong (I don't like heavy molasses taste). Its warm and sweet flavor is fairly consistent (Doest start and finish with different flavors as you drink it). Yet I love how complex the taste is.


Posted over 4 years ago by Pat Bou from Canada with 94 ratings

Good rhum. Mais le 12 est presque aussi bon. Je trouve qu il y a pas beaucoup de différance entre le deux a part la couleur. Mais tres bon sur glace.


Posted over 4 years ago by jim from United States with 31 ratings

This is the best sipper of the group, and it is for me. If you are new to drinking rum straight or on the rocks - The 18 is a great sipper because it is so smooth and mild, but I prefer the 23. We finally tasted the 12/18/23 in the same night. By the way - the 18 and 23 were much harder to find then the 12. When we did find them, only a couple of bottles of each were on the shelf.
All three rums smell great and are fairly mild, the 18 being one of the smoothest rums we have tasted.
The 12 mixes great, the 18 works well either way, the 23 would be my selection if I wanted to enjoy a cigar. All three are very good, all three are just a little different from one another, and they are affordable with only a few bucks difference between each bottle. Will always have at least one of these in my rum cabinet. If the bottle means anything to you - nice bottle to pull out of the cabinet and leave out on the bar for the evening, makes for a contrasting line up with other selections being offered.

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Posted over 4 years ago by steve from United States with 5 ratings

Could be a bit higher proof but unbelievably smooth...almost like having desert


Posted over 4 years ago by IKEDA JUNICHI from Japan with 19 ratings

Nose: sweet sugar, brown sugar
Taste: sweet sugar, wood, subtle stone fruit, chocolate, tannin


Posted over 4 years ago by Michael from United States with 2 ratings

This is very smooth, Carmel and vanilla. Nose is excellent and tastes great