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Fak,že jsem čekal trochu více. Nicméně vůně po chvilkovém odležení ve skleničce je velice příjemná a ovocná. Vanilka a cherry je opravdu cítit. Nicméně chybí mi trochu sladkosti (podotýkám nejsem moc na sladké rumy) a nadbýa mi zase přílišná ostrost. Ale pitelný kousek to určitě je.

I was excited for this rum- the higher the declared age, the tastier it gets, right? I can't help but feel let down though.

Despite a pleasant nose of hints of fruit and caramel, the actual taste was much drier than I would like in an upper tier rum. Smooth enough going down, but overall not as pleasant of a sipping experience as a $25 bottle of Barbados Plantation 5-year in my opinion. I will finish this bottle, no doubt about that, but will likely not buy again. I would really rather not need to let a glass of this stuff breathe for 30+ minutes before it becomes easily drinkable

The cork is not exactly "tight", so it could be the reason for the weird taste. It tastes weak and dilluted. Otherwise very similar to Solera style rums, despite being made from cane juice.

Tobacco and prunes, with a zesty kick of lime and Sherried orange peel.
very similar to the Millionario Rum
very sweet and without a particular original flavor
but a good Rum

tried this first sip and didnt really care for it.

then i heard on the site to let it breath for a bit and voila... fantastic. i didnt really think that small step could make such a difference.

This is by far the best rum I've tasted. Its not too sweet. Tastes of caramel, and vanilla. I buy the Kirk and Sweeney 18 frequently and its a great rum, but there is some batch to batch variability. The 23 taste more mature and balanced.

Very good rum, well balanced just lightly sweet. There is little bitterness in the middle, but continues to longlasting aftertaste which is more sweeter

Yes! Excellent flavor with notes of vanilla and toffee. Incredibly smooth and great as a sipper. I'm making a point of keeping this in hand always.

Very well balanced and smooth flavorful with aged oaky finish. I really enjoyed this rum but like the 18 more which has more pronounced vanilla and flavors to me

This was the first aged rum I bought. I thought it was really great. After drinking half the bottle I’m not so sure. It’s a very nice rum. Smooth, not too sweet. Not a lot of hang time though. I’m givin’ it a hard 8 if it’s really made from cane as they claim.


Long a fan of the Kirk and Sweeny 12, I had high expectations for the 23 year. While priced substantially higher ($44 for the 23 vs $27 for the 12 year), this once again proves that neither age nor price make a good rum.

Side by side with the 12, the 23 is quite a bit darker. It certainly smells much older. Almost damp and cellar-like. It has much darker woodsy notes, a bit of chocolate, and a bittersweet note. It lacks the bright vigor and fruity notes of the 12 year. The 23 has a more acidic note, and seems a bit rougher in the aroma. It has a heavy mouthfeel, but a smooth finish.

You may love the 12, but don't assume the 23 year to be any better. It is just different. Not better, not worse, depending on your taste. When it comes to value, the 12 beats the 23 without question.

Did a side by side with zacapa xo. This was smoother with equal depth and flavor. Best rum I’ve ever had.

Instantly among my favorites. Remarkably smooth & has a subtle sweetness to it. ZERO burn. The oakiness (is that a word?) on the front end adds nicely to the complexity. Will continue to purchase this in the future & look forward to checking out the 18yr for comparison.


I see Kirk and Sweeney sitting on the shelves everywhere. Well I finally bought a bottle of 23 year old and tried it last night. Wow. Deep vanilla aroma. Surprisingly smooth and complex. An instant favorite.

I actually like the 18 better. I'm guessing this is aged in barrels a bit longer, and no doubt it adds complexity and some tannins the 18 lacks.

Big jammy nose, surprisingly compact mouth feel. Big (ish), floral, good bit of spice. Nicely balanced, sweet and pepper finish. This is no doubt a beautiful rum, and my preferance for the 18 may belie my immature taste in Rums overall, but...hey, I gotta rate em as I drink em. Overall though, NOTHING wrong with this, and I'm enjoying the bottle a great deal.

Smoothed out and extra spicy for the Kirk and Sweeney trio. Sweet candy in a glass. I keep all three of the Kirk and Sweeney Rum on a constant refill. Always a replacement ready should an empty bottle threaten. As the oldest of the group the 23 year didn’t pick up too much wood but it does add enough additional spice to tone down the caramel and toffe of the 18. A wonderful sipper. A little breathing time is a good idea.

Kirk and Sweeney have their stuff together! All 3 ages are priced appropriately and each a little different than one another. For a few extra bucks than the 18 you can grab a 23 year. They are not dissimilar and again lots of creamy caramel flavor and vanilla, but not overly sweet! Highly recommend this and the 18, nothing against the 12 which is fantastic but for a few extra $$ the 18 and 23 are great buys!!

...but then I let it breathe. Toffee, vanilla and dried fruit on the nose, silky mouthfeel with added notes of maple and tobacco and a long, lingering finish. Expensive, but worth every penny.

This is an amazing sipping rum, great neat or with a single ice cube to open up the flavors. There was minimal cask taste until the very back end, but it was so subtle. It was sweeter than I expected, but only in the best sense of the term. Toffee, vanilla, oak, caramel and mild hints of spice make this a pleasure. I was only going to give it a 9, but while drinking it I left the bottle uncorked. My refill reaped the benefits of that, and it pushed to a 10, Great price point in the low-$40’s. Buy with confidence if you see it. Don’t waste it on drinks. This is a sipper you’ll keep coming back to


Amazing sipping rum! Will be my staple to go to for many years to come

Dominicans rum, dark honey color.
Nice smell, sweet vanilla flavors taste.
Very good drinkable spirit .

Complex and smooth with a a little smoky firiness months throat. I find that the 18 is slightly smoother, but at the cost of complexity. Both are remarkable rums however.

Purchased after sampling the 18 year old. Orderered from Amazon at £49.54 prime next day delivery. Kirk and Sweeney rums are well priced. Aged in the dominican republic and bottles in Fairfield, California. This bottle is a 750ml US whereas the 18 was a 700ml (may be differences in vendor).

I find the 23 a wonderful sipper on its own it has a fruity, nutty, butterscotch nose, it's a wonderful aroma. The flavours in the mouth of the sip are sherry and forest fruit, caramel and slightly nutty, there are many other things going on in this rum and I can't quite put my finger on it, it's just delicious; there is however a slight firiness on the throat but a cube of ice solves that.

Wonderfully smooth and beautifully complex and at £50 a bottle it's a steal easily comparable to the Eldorado 21 year which is priced around the £80 mark.


Ce rhjm sur des notes de canne de caramel et de vanille se rzpproche d un brugal 1888 el dorado 15 et d un admiral rodney mais avec sa touche.bien fait et bien equilibré il ne vaut pas à mon sens un opthimus 25 et meme n a pas ce coté unique.par contre a 52e il a un bon rapport qualité prix.Et c est surement une des plus belles bouteilles de ma collection.note 8.6.A acheter si possible....

Not as good as the K&S 18 year old which not only is less expensive but nicer on the nose and mouth. The finish is a bit flat.