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I saw this in sainsburys and thought I'd give it a try as I don't normally buy the well known branded products. £16 seemed a good price and I was really surprised at how nice this rum is. Yes it's sweet, but so what?! I like mine sweet and so do a lot of people. The bottle looks cool, the colour looks awesome, the smell is inviting and the taste actually blew me away, spice and sweet. This came close to my favourite rum called red leg and I will be buying it again, well done Bacardi.

A little harsh for drinking neat, but ok on ice. Quite good with cola though. A little expensive for a mixing rum.

My preferred rhum. No more available in Quebec. So sad.

À lot of Sugar though. Sweet taste and very round. Great rum for people that aren't ready to drink mode dry rum.

Bacardi Fuego has a rather pleasing semi dark color, but unfortunately a very boring bottle and label design. The nose and taste test reveals a very strong artificial coffee flavors. Bacardi Fuego should be a mixer rum, not really a pleasant neat sipper.

Ya it has a little spice to it not a sipping rum it's a mix but to me it's paint thinner

Thought this would be just another Bacardi gimmick.Actually really sweet, not too much vanilla, and didn't taste of Booze like most bacardi products.

I found this rather sickly with the strong vanilla wiping out the other tastes. Mixes better as a shorter shot mixed with coke. Wont buy this one again

1 van de vele mix bacardis voor de rest niet spectaculair om zo te drinken

Vind ik puur veel lekkerder dan met cola ............

I tried it with cola and as a shot. With cola it's maybe the worst rum I've ever had. As a shot it does its work but it's far from good.

Un rhum à shooter, pour faire décoller les plombage. Mais très drôle dans un party.

This rum can be consumed just with ice or with black currant juice.
I prefer to drink on the rocks to savour all the spices that makes this rum a fantastic sipper.

Way too sweet for my tastebuds... That ruins most cocktails as there sweet enough with sugar... With coke also not pleasant... As a shot rum its good though.

commentaire a venir

Gut zum Mischen mit Cola. Als Shot mit ein paar Tropfen Tabasco - so schmeckt er jedoch am besten!

Spiced and sweet. Could not decide if that is a caramel or maple syrup flavor. Serving suggestion is to add a few drops Tabasco, that works for me!