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The label in itself makes this rum earning its place at my rum shelf, but I really like it. It’s a very good everyday rum to bring to the table with lots of bananas in nose and taste as well as in the afterburn. Grenada rum is more or less impossible to find in Sweden. Bought this one and a Westerhall from UK.


je me laisse encore du temps pour l évaluer... a venir


Facile à boire, un peu boisé et épicé. Une belle découverte.


First of all I love the cloth sack it comes in - Nice! That said the bottle label is nice too - I'm a sucker for pictures of old time sailing ships.
This rum has a beautiful golden colour with a slight reddish hue. It has a nice syrupy smell accompanied by spices and vanilla with only a hint of alcohol. Sipping it straight was harsh at first, but it actually quite smooth with only a mild burn. This rum makes an excellent mixer with cola - A perfect light balance of spice and fruit (I thought of citrus, although I'm reading people say banana - Hmnnn).

This is quite a special one with a pretty distinct scent of banana in the nose. Positive: tastes less artificial than Bumbu (also banana). Not very complex though. A bit alcoholic and sharp, not very well balanced.
Serve it on the rocks on a hot summer eve.


This is a decent rum that is hard to come by in the States. Usually, I can only find this in the U.K. Clarkes Court is the largest distillery in Grenada and uses dark molasses to produce this lovely golden colored rum. Smooth with notes of oak, various fruits and spices linger long after the last sip.
Interesting tidbit is that Clarkes Court uses the old technology of steam to run and produce their rums.
Enjoyable neat or mixed...

Truly the fruitless rum I've ever tasted. Can be difficult to find but well worth picking it up if you can. Very unique from other rums. One of the lightest I've experienced as well.

But not all of it is good. Smells sweet, tastes like vanilla and bananas, might be good mixed

Den hab ich direkt aus Carriacou bei unserem Segeltörn erworben :-) ist nur für meine Segelfreunde bestimmt :-)

Jeg har lige været på cruise og der var vi blandt andet på Grenada hvor vi var på besøg på Clarks Court destilleriet.
En af de rom vi kunne smage var denne rom, men for mig som europæer er den frygtelig skarp, den virker ikke færdig, den er så skarp at man ikke kan smage noget.

Hard to find in the states, I generally have to bring this up from Grenada. Not a spiced rum, but quit spicy. Notes of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and coffee give this rum a completely unique taste.

went to where it is made had a tour and some tastings it was a great experience the rum is smooth and has nice finish

A really lovely banana flavoured rum Excellent when you fancy a change
See the full review at

Very heavily spiced. For those who are a spiced rum drinker, this will probably be great for you.