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13 Pumpkin Face 23 ratings

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I usually rate rums about a point below their consensus rating, but I enjoy the Pumpkin Face 23!

I thought it might just be a novelty rum based on the bottle and rating, but I think it's pretty good!

Smells and tastes of oak, brown sugar, caramel, toffee, tobacco walnuts, and a touch of spice (maybe cinnamon and nutmeg). Perfectly sweet.

Easily a high 8. A very good rum for the money!

Nice rum from the Dominican Republic. A sweeter rum that pairs well as an after dinner rum with dessert. Flavorful, full bodied and smooth with vanilla and baking spices with some oakiness present from the length of time aged in barrels.

Don't let the funky bottle make you think that the rum will be bad. The taste is like a dessert. Vanilla, sweet almost like a cream. It is good straight or with Sprite.

Figured its Halloween time so why not? Well, I'm glad I tried this. It got a spot on my top shelf and will buy it again and again. Real close to eldorado 15yr old. Very well rounded and after your first sip you will notice the care that went into it. And, the bottle design is a fantastic idea. It's about time we step out of the ordinary and into the new. Bravo guys!!

Enjoyed a glass of Pumpkin Face 23y while vacationing in Versailles. The bottle is super unique. Color is deep amber. Surprisingly strong alcohol to the nose. The younger Pumpkin Face was much more sweeter and had a strong butterscotch flavors abound, whereas the 23y is just plain old dry. Definitely some heat at entrance, but hardly any flavors. Unfortunately easily forgettable.

Awesome bottle !
Awesome price !
Wonderful nose !
And smooooooooth !
Good for sipping good for a rum press I was very impressed by Pumpkin face 23 . Well worth picking up a bottle or 2

Cool à mettre sur la tablette, ça amuse la visite :)

Rhum décevant pour un 23 ans.

Ceci dit, quand même agréable.
Noix, vanille, petit fruits et traditionnel goût d'agrume.
Manque cruel de finition.

Il est fortement suggéré de lui laisser un 5-10 minutes dans le verre afin d'apprécier la dégustation.


À venir prochainement.............................

Only the synthetic cork let's the very cool bottle down. Cheeky pumpkin face with sharp lime green eyes and mouth.

A complex balanced, slightly sour nose.

Initial taste has some sweetness but also sour, becoming evident towards the back of your tongue.

The wood is evident but not as overpowering as you might expect from something that was aged for 23 years.

Sourness continues in the finish but very deep.

Not my favourite rum but given it is pretty well prices anyone serious about rum should consider getting a bottle of it.

This needs some time in the glass, first round of reviewing it was pretty much irrelevant spirit, given 15mins or so breathing time:

Nose: Ah, it has a smell now. It’s not jumping out of the glass at me, gotta get my nose right in there, but I can smell rum! Nose prickle, oak, some general baking spices. Mixed nuts, oak, maybe even a faintest whiff of smoke.

Palate: Yeah this is better. Medium body, very dry. Oak. Oak, some more oak and lots of nuts (Walnuts), like I've just run my tongue over a wooden plank. A little woody spice; cinnamon, nutmeg and a tiny touch of clove. A distant nod to brown sugar, way off over there somewhere.

Finish: Still quick. Short finish, like it can’t wait to get out of the door. For the brief moment that it’s about there are some mixed nuts, salted and roasted, some tobacco leaf, vanilla (light) and some baking cupboards again.

Full review here:

I found this to be one of my favorite rums. Great straight up or mixed. It has a bit of a bite to it which I like because it presents itself quite distinctly.

I bought that based on a review...
It's not great...
Really not great at all...

I always take price into consideration. I remember I paid $49 for a bottle. Unlike most of my other rums, this one, I cannot drink straight. I've tried letting it rest, ice, water, etc... I just can't down it and I find myself 'wasting it' by mixing it with coke.


It's a funny bottle, but if it really has been aged for 23 years it's a bit of a disappointment. There's no flavour or at least very little.