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I'm generally not a big fan of American rums, but the Bayou (and also the Koloa) is one of the best.

Smells and tastes slightly sweet with sugar, spice, maple, oak, and perhaps a light hint of bourbon.

This is a nice rum that might do even better with age. The bottle doesn't say how long it's been aged, but I suspect it's still very young.

This rum has so much potential but falls just a tad short. The color is a deep amber. It has a bit of an edginess in aroma...stinging the nose a bit. Hints of being harsh. It initially has an interesting molasses flavor with a little vanilla but fades into a bit overly hard oak tone. The burn is a bit harsher than I like. It's a good mixing rum especially in sweeter drinks (the dry aftertaste would counter the sweet well) and does well in Coke Zero but needs to be aged several more years to raise it to sipping rum status. This rum has so much potential and I sincerely hope they have more barrels of this in reserve to bring out in several more years.

I've tried their other rums (Silver, Spiced, and Satsuma) since they are readily sold locally here in this section of Florida. The Select is not and I had to go to Louisiana to get a bottle. It's pretty good stuff but I think it would be much, much better if aged longer.

I like the bayou brand. This is a good sipper. I probably prefer it to the spiced.

Not a good dark rum at all ... Very bad flavour and blend cheating the market

Nice color on this rum. From there I'd like to see them age this more and reduce the burn on the backend.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this rum today, Bayou spiced is one of my favorite rums. I have enjoyed everything that the Bayou company has put out so far, and this one is no exception. For a little less than twice the price of the regular Bayou you get a very smooth flavorful sipping rum. I do find this one to be more of a classic rum flavor than the regular spiced Bayou, but don't let that fool you, this rum tastes better than anything else at this price point. This reminds me of a rum I bought in Costa Rica, Ron Centenario Anejo Especial. Great rum to sip on in the winter.


At first pour, a sipper with a small bite. After sitting for a bit, the bite is subdued and the slight astringency has disappeared. This will be a very good rum in 5 more years i think.

I have long put off trying this one from Bayou since I was not at all pleased with their Spiced and Satsuma. Since I am now experimenting with Martiniquan agricoles and this one from Louisiana was on sale for $27, so I figured why not. I honestly was not expecting much when I got it home.

It starts off with 100% sugar cane juice from Louisiana and it is fermented with cane yeast. It is then distilled in copper pots before aging in American oak barrels. My bottle is from Batch 1704. Agricoles tend to pick up too much of the charred barrel taste, so lengthy aging times are not necessary. This one was wisely aged just right, but there is no age statement. My guess would be 3-4 years. Others have stated that it needs more aging, but that would indeed ruin this rhum. It has minimal vegetal and floral notes. The aroma and taste remind me of a toned down version of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, which is maybe why I like it. The sweetness is perfect with only an estimated 9 gpl of added sugar, which qualifies it to border on being semi-dry. This added sugar also would disqualify it in being a true rhum agricole. It also does not make a good Mai Tai.

Annoing rum. Flavour added, nice bottle. For me, doesn’t matter but is supraestimate.

I was wary of this at first thinking that the label was cool but less than sophisticated. Great “anejo” taste and aged to the point of a good taste of scotch. Good price, I wished I had purchased more for sipping. This board is just so varied in tastes it is fascinating. While it appears there are polarized opinions we can all agree we enjoy rum! Cheers and G-d bless friends!

Sampled this rum with a variety of cocktail syrups at Cardiff Rum Festival on the weekend. It's ok and is comparable in flavour profile to the spiced version, much better as a mixer with cola. I probably wouldn't buy a bottle

Good rum, enjoyed with Coke. A little hot straight.

Ναι ..... Ρούμι από την Αμερική , όσο κι αν ξενίζει κάποιους ...... καλό ευκολόπιοτο , θυμίζει burbon , άξιζε τη δοκιμή και άφησε μια ευχάριστη αίσθηση ...... Σίγουρα δε μπαίνει στα αγαπημένα μου , αλλά είναι ένα καλό (not sweet) ρούμι ...... Μη φοβάστε τη χώρα προέλευσης και κάθε λογής "δαιμόνια" !!!!!!!!
* Πίνεται ευχάριστα και σφηνάκι !

Belle bouteille mais goût triché ( goût ajoutez après vieillissement) par la description semblait très prometteur mais goût un peu neutre

I wish I could say that I love this rum and that it was great, but it wasn't. Selling for around $30.00 this rum is overpriced artificial sugary rum. No depth, single flavor notes, and smells of rubbing alcohol this rum is was a disappointment to the legacy that crescent city rum left behind. You are better of saving your mone and just getting Bacardi.

Bayou Select has a semi light gold color, cheap bottle, alcohol smell to the nose and a nasty burn to top its fabulous score of 2.

Not a bad rum, but not a great rum. Has a good nose and the initial hit is a combination of molasses and oak. Finish is a bit weak and has nutmeg undertones.

Frankly this rum could use more time in a barrel and I would like to see it come at barrel proof instead of 80 proof. I really think there is a lot of flavor there, but Bayou waters it down. The potential is there.

Un très bel équilibre, puissant malgré ses 40% sans être agressif. Le nez rappelle la Jamaïque 🇯🇲 tandis qu’en bouche on pense à un Rhum de Guadeloupe 🇬🇵 c’est super !


Drank this when a representative of a spirits distribution company came to introduce his products at the hotel were I work. Not sure about this one, I might need to procure a bottle because it is intriguing and might secretly be good. Apparently it's a blend of molasses rum and sugarcane juice rum ('agricole' if you like) and it shows, it's fairly 'green' and dry and has some bite. It could probably have done with a bit more aging to take the edge off, it did taste a bit raw. Not many people would enjoy drinking this straight, I suspect, but for the hard drinkers out there - and I include myself - on the right occasion this might just be what you need.

Tried some at the Manchester Rum Festival and got a little sample to take home. The sales rep said it was meant as a sipper but for me it doesn't stand out as a sipper in anyway. Heard its the base rum used for their spiced rum, which I liked a lot more.

I think I read this is aged 5 years. If I'm right, this is great for a 5 yr rum. Love the taste. Not too much burn

I really enjoyed the Bayou Silver and I thought that the Select would follow but I was just a little disappointed. I'll agree it needed a little more aging to take the bite out of it.

picked up a bottle in Maryland for $38.50 with tax. They did not carry the highly rated Bayou Spiced Rum so I bought the Select. Not a good sipping rum, not smooth, harsh after taste.