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Medium bayou satsuma rum 400

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Sugar: estimated at 80 gpl.
This is not rum, and the label is honest about that as it does state that it's an orange rum liqueur. The rum part is smooth enough and it has a very nice aroma of oranges, but drinking this will put you into a sugar coma. I tried it on the rocks, with club soda, and in a Hurricane, but it failed. I suppose that with some effort you could come up with a decent orange flavored rum drink. There is some potential but with so many good rums on the market I think it's a waste of rum time.

Finally a rum my wife will drink. Great straight on rocks. But I love it with Coke Zero.

This is actually labeled Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur and comes in at 30% ABV rather than the normal 40% or higher ABV for rum. Also it's not for everyone considering it's quite sweet with the Satsuma flavor. With that said I like it. To me it's as if someone used a good, smooth rum in a 16oz bottle of Diet Sunkist orange soda (or Diet Orange Nehi, or Diet Orange get the picture). That's not necessarily a bad thing but unique enough where many just won't care for it. It isn't all that bad straight either once you get used to its sweetness and citrus flavor. This would be an interesting rum in various mixed drinks...maybe a "Satsuma Hurricane"?

It is late autumn in southeast Louisiana, which means that satsumas are in season. At 80 gpl of added sugar, I have been long hesitant in buying a bottle of this. However, after stuffing a duck with satsumas for Thanksgiving, I told myself WTF and bought a bottle of this for only $15 more than a week later.

Somehow, this distiller does indeed capture the flavor of satsumas, which is a close relative to the mandarin. Both are naturally sweet. This distiller does not lie and states on the label that it is only a 30% ABV rum liqueur.

I cannot see myself sipping this one neat, but when drinks such as the Mai Tai or Goombay Smash call for an orange flavored liqueur, this one should work quite well. Since Clement Creole Shrubb is somewhat hard to find where I live and this one is always on my grocer's shelf, this makes a great substitute. However, no matter what quantity of this stuff that I use, it ruins a perfectly good Margarita.

Update 19 days later: This rum liqueur has great flavor, but is so disgustingly sweet that it cannot be consumed any way. For a Mai Tai, I would rather use orange juice instead of this syrup. I now drop my rating from a 6 to a 4. (Notice that I never use the word "cloying" to describe excessive sweetness. No one has ever accused me of being a gentleman, since I have always been brutally honest.)

Very nice from the bottle to the finish. Excellent flavor, ya it’s not your typical rum but take it for what it is and you will enjoy it. I like it neat or you can head a shot to you current rum and coke and kick it up a notch. Great price at 15$. Good stuff.

Probably the best of the Bayou line. However, this to me is more like a rum version of Grand Marie or Cointeau. After trying it I put it in in some home-aid daiquiris with capt morg, and pineapple coconut daquori mix.

Good for what it is I like it now to come up with some drinks.

Not bad for a citrus liquor with a rum twist added to it. I'm not usually a liquor guy. I actually like more whiskey style rums over ice. So needless to say a sweet citrus flavor rum is not my typical wheel house. However this rum liquor was a good addition to the cabinet and it fills its roll when I'm looking for something on the sweet side. I'm sure it would make a great mixer as well for people that want that sweet orange kick added to their favorite cocktail.

Smooth and sweet is what you would expect for a rum liqueur and that is exactly what we have here. It does taste somewhat like satsumas and Orange Nehi(credit to Beukeboom and maybe Radar). Really nice aroma too.


This is a very good orange rum. It has a fantastic nose and a nice taste. My biggest complaint is that it is weak at 30%abv, and for that reason I definitely prefer the Clement Creole Shrubb (40%) and the Santa Teresa Orange Rhum (40%) which are similar, but better. Still a very good orange rum, ESPECIALLY if you find 40% too strong for you.

Open up the bottle and take a drink. It's a great tasting orange rum liqueur

Everything I've had from Bayou has been fantastic and this is no different. This rum has a sweet satsuma flavor with minimal bite, I enjoyed it most just on the rocks as a nice sipping rum in the heat of the summer. I tried a variety of sodas and mixers but none of them really caught my fancy. It was interesting mixed with regular Mountain Dew, might also work in Mountain Dew Live Wire. I would have liked to have found a really good mixer. This is one of those rums that's great to break out at a rum tasting, great to have on hand.