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Flor de Caña Añejo Oro 4-Year rum

A sugar-free 4-year old premium rum that is sustainably produced (Carbon Neutral & Fair Trade certified). From a 5th generation family estate, it is naturally aged without artificial ingredients, distilled 100% with renewable energy and KOSHER certified. A medium-bodied rum with a long and smooth finish that lingers in the palate. Best enjoyed with soda or sparkling water, or in punches and tropical cocktails.

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55 Flor de Caña Añejo Oro 4-Year ratings

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Posted over 3 years ago by Rodrigo from Mexico with 115 ratings

Excelente ron para mezclar .. ron con coca una excelente opción, grata sorpresa. Ron un poco dulce y con poco sabor a madera comparado con el resto de los rones de flor de caña.

Posted over 2 years ago by Derek Harris from United States with 30 ratings

I killed about 3 of these bottles during my trip to Mexico at an all-inclusive. They had some good quality rums and they didn't skimp on drinks

Posted over 3 years ago by Ryan from United States with 33 ratings

For a 4 year old rum it is good. I like the 12 year rum they offer a lot better.

Posted about 2 years ago by Cory Wid from United States with 80 ratings

It can be had for $14 in Wisconsin, and so I use it for fruit maceration and blends to a great effect. The Creme De Bananes I make with this is particularly good... the dryness from the rum opens up toasty and deep banana flavors that are otherwise lost when steeping with a sweeter rum. For the simple mixer, clementine juice is a great pairing.

Posted over 2 years ago by Chad from United States with 6 ratings

Nice for mixing or sipping.. enjoyed this one.. not bad for the price...

Posted over 4 years ago by Victor from United States with 4 ratings

For roughly $23 for a 1L you get one amazing rum. Good on it's own, the rocks, or with Cola. Mild smell, mild but good taste. Simply delicious.

Posted over 4 years ago by Mark from Canada with 59 ratings

This rum has a beautiful dark golden colour and a nice mild (not harsh) smell. The flavour is rich, with sweet and smoky tones. Makes an excellent rum and coke!

Posted 18 days ago by Vin from United States with 12 ratings

This is my now go to mixer. Cheap at under 20 bucks for a handle and its got a nice basic rummy flavor. Not having any overly unique flavors means this rum will be compatible with a lot of drinks.

Posted 2 months ago by Giordrum from United States with 6 ratings

I’m not a fan of drinking this one straight. Has a good smell and nice color, but I don’t like the bite. I prefer it mixed with some coke, which mellows the taste but still adds a nice rum flavor to my drink.

Posted 3 months ago by Frank van Rossum from Netherlands with 18 ratings

Lekkere rum om mee te mixen, puur en met ijs geprobeerd , was minder.
Zachte rum

Posted 4 months ago by Djgross144 from United States with 29 ratings

Has a bite afterward. Ok. Not great. I am not a fan.

Posted 5 months ago by xrodriguez from United States with 14 ratings

Not bad at all for the price. Bought on a whim and pleasantly surprised

Posted 5 months ago by Jason Berman from United States with 44 ratings

Another great rum from Flor de Cana. It’s a bit harsh to sip on but for a rum n’ coke it’s perfect! It’s not overly sweet or expensive.

Posted 7 months ago by vocalisedclown from United Kingdom with 6 ratings

A good tasting rum great value for the price goes well with cola

Posted 10 months ago by Rick of the rum from Norway with 6 ratings

I’m not gonna review every flor de Cana. All I can say is I spent 4 very drunk weeks in Nicaragua

Posted 11 months ago by Tikiducks from United States with 54 ratings

I had this as a Daquiri. It was average. Nothing really bad, but nothing really stood out either.

Posted about 1 year ago by Jleveille from Canada with 17 ratings

To be fair, I need to try one that is aged a bit more, I like it mixed more than straight. Solids, gotta try the older and more refined rum from them.

Posted about 1 year ago by jennissa from Switzerland with 28 ratings

haben wir in costa rica immer getrunken kommt zwar nicht von dort aber wird überall angeboten! schmeckt super mit cola;) ist ein rum zum mixen für mich. sogar in thailand im mariott haben sie den angeboten für ihre cocktails!
für mich stimmt die preisleistung!

Posted about 1 year ago by Amauri from United States with 29 ratings

Good taste and worth value. Excellent color and taste as well. Highly recommended.

Posted about 1 year ago by Rumncoke from United Kingdom with 11 ratings

Lovely smooth easy drinking rum without any harshness in the aftertaste. Mixed with cola it always brings a smile

Posted over 1 year ago by rumdrinker99 from United States with 7 ratings

I used to be a captains drinker and after trying this I am a 4 year Flor De Cana and coke drinker. Best tasting rum and coke I have ever tried.

Posted over 1 year ago by Vox Anator from Costa Rica with 5 ratings

As a fan of Flor de Cana 7, I was hoping to get 90% of that jewel for 60% of the cost, but alas, another failed attempt at bargain hunting. The Anejo Oro 4-yr just doesn't deserve the "vintage" appellation. It's much too young to sip it neat. There is a hint of spicy sweetness at the outset, but it's elusive to perceive and noting it may depend on one's frame of mind. For a liquor drinker on a budget, however, it's more entertaining to the palate than cheap vodka.

Posted over 1 year ago by Alejo from Argentina with 29 ratings

Good and oaky-like taste. Add couple drops of angostura for better result. Good price-quality relation.

Posted over 1 year ago by Alexandre Rousselle from Canada with 29 ratings

Bon rhum, bon prix. La première fois que j'ai goûté ce rhum était au Nicaragua, une belle découverte.

Posted almost 2 years ago by KevinGT from Puerto Rico with 17 ratings

I’m giving it an 8 only if I were to compare it to rums of a similar like. Most of the rums I have rated on this site are aged many years, however this rum has an outstanding capability to mix with other juicies, sodas, self-made syrups, among others. It turns your cocktail to the sweet side but it will keep its distinctiveness.