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O'Hara's Spiced rum
O'Hara's Spiced rum

O'Hara's Spiced

United States | Spiced

6.2/10 (5 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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5 O'Hara's Spiced ratings

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Posted almost 4 years ago by Joseph Doherty from United Kingdom with 25 ratings

Very mellow and vanillary. Really nice. I would recommend drinking with coke

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Posted 3 months ago by Garyadey from United Kingdom with 3 ratings

Nice and smooth but too much vanilla for my tastes.

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Posted over 2 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2605 ratings

O'Hara's Spiced rum bottle looks like a 5 year old made it. The color is rather dark gold, but most certainly filled with artificial sugars. Smell and taste test reveals a toffee vanilla extracts exploding out of the glass. Maybe mix it with Coke and have a bit faith left, but only at your own peril try it neat.

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Posted over 2 years ago by Snookerman from United Kingdom with 121 ratings

It reminded me of a gentler, more subtle version of Rebellion. Not quite so fiery, maybe slightly more lime and vanilla and a bit less mixed spice. Both are pretty sweet and enjoyable either straight or in a mixer.
I'd give it 6.5 if I could.

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Posted over 3 years ago by Tom South from United Kingdom with 4 ratings

I am not usually a spiced rum drinker, however you can taste that this is a high quality base rum with a strong hint of vanilla and toffee allowing for a sweet and smooth finish.

Can be drank neat, with coke or in cocktails.

My recommendation would be to shake over ice with espresso and Kahlua, add a drop of sugar syrup and enjoy a spiced espresso martini.