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This is extremely Christmassy. You can taste and smell Christmas cake in it at every moment and for some time after you've drank it. Whether this is to an individual's taste would be highly variable. It depends what your tolerance is for heavy sweetness and the unusual.
I'd say that it was good for a tipple over the Christmas period. Actually, if I'm honest, I'd sometimes prefer a really good sherry for that, but this is decent and a change.
I'm giving it a 7 rather than a 6, because I think it deserves an extra point for making a bold and memorable statement.
If you like the sweeter and spicier end of rums, I'd personally say that Dark Matter was better and more subtle as well as being more suitable away from the Festive Season - but this too is very much a debatable point according to subjective taste.
Another similarly wintery one to this is Rumbullion - but that one is a little more subtle, less complex and has a spicey-orange flavour.

Complex taste .....fruity w/ cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, coconut, all spice, lemon and orange also has a bit of a peppery flavor . Mahogany color with reddish tinges. Complex nose of bitter orange, nutmeg, cinnamon and sweet raisin. On the palate a rich sweet mouth feel with exotic spice – nutmeg, vanilla, clove and balanced by a crisp citrus orange peel character. Not easy to find but worth it....tasty as a neat cocktail and also tasted great with some 7-up ! Highly recommend

One of the top selections in this expense category for spiced rums

First time I have tried Chairmans reserve spiced, i was suprised. It tastes exactly the same as when I make my own rum old fashioned cocktail. A bit of maple syrup, orange skin and lot of bitter.

The best spiced rum I have had. You get some sweetness and some spice / cinnamon with out it tasting artificial like some. I would bet the base spirit is more mature than most. It also does a nice job of staying balance for a spiced rum.

Fin smag og flot farve
kunne godt ha tænkt lidt mere sødme.

Another good spiced rum. Pretty strong spice level, maybe too spicy for some. But with a little ice it became a very smooth and enjoyable sipping rum. Not bad for the price.

This is a heavily spiced/flavored rum. Perhaps too much. Unfortunately one of the predominate flavors I taste is cloves.

I hate cloves.

I do also detect citrus and figgy undertones. A hint of cinnamon & nutmeg as well. Other spices and flavors that I cannot readily identify.

I honestly cannot give this more than a 4 however I clearly see the best use for this is in some mulled cider variant during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Others clearly like this more than I but I offer my opinion as is.

I'm not a spiced rum fan and this has not changed me. The cinnamon taste was far too strong for me.

An unexpected Christmas present from the wife. I commend her on her excellent choice! I might let her choose all my Spiced Rum from now on! A wonderfully smooth and rich rum. Lovely sweet taste with no sickly aftertaste. Highly recommended.

One of my favorite rums to mix with a couple ice cubes and ginger ale.

Gorgeous aromas of fig, cinnamon and vanilla, smothering the mouth with sweet cloves, burnt Orange peel and treacle flavour, this is a fantastic winter night rum beside the fire.

Lovely spiced rum, like christmas ................

Finaly I got all of Chairmans rum. I just love to have "Fuld House" for the rum I college 😊

En weekend à Ste Lucie, j'ai enfin mis la main sur ce "chairman's reserve spiced".
Présentation : basique, bouchon à vis, le rhum à une couleur ambrée.
Nez : dominante orange, cannelle, clou de girofle.
Bouche : attaque sucrée puis notes d'orange, de cannelle, de girofle, de vanille suivis d'une amertume et d'un petit goût de muscade.
Finale : très courte, petit arrière goût de cannelle.
Sympa pur, encore mieux avec du coca, un bon rhum à cocktails pour environ 11€ à Ste Lucie.

This is one of my favorite spiced runs to date. It's got a carmel overtone. Some may find the spice overwhelming ... but I think it's perfect for a rum and coke.

Very enjoyable and unique flavour. . Nice to sit and chill with a couple of glasses

Bon petit rhum épicé assez complexe et chouette à découvrir! Bonne dégustation!

Had on The rocks was a bit different.. Should have been with cola... ..

Delightful aroma, no irregularities, short aftertaste. All this together for little money is alarming.

Not as intense as my personal favorite "The Lash" but probably one most people will like better. Enough cloves and other baking spices to make it interesting, sweet enough to make it quite palatable on its own. I could be nuts but I get some cherry taste, though pleasant and not cough-syrupy like many others.

I will give this an 8. Relative just to other spiced rums it would be higher but relative to the best rums, it would be lower. So somewhere in the middle. This is not overloaded with vanilla and sweet flavours as most spiced rums are. More complex and very enjoyable as a sipper. I haven't even bothered trying to mix it. If you can get it in St. Lucia or Barbados, it's a massive bargain for the price at around $11US.

This is a very different spiced rum. The flavour is very strong when consumed straight and can become quite sickly. However, just a splash with coke and you have created a very tasty drink. Without knowing the actual fruits used, this tastes like a rum version of southern comfort. You get the touch of clove and cassia and a distinctive citrus/berry fruitiness that is really something else.

The rum has a main note of strong cinnamon. The strongest cinnamon flavor I have had on a commercial spiced rum. There is some vanilla and other spices such as clove apparent. This rum also offers a sweetness to it that the Kweyol Spice does not offer, which is a traditionally spiced rum with little sweetness, also the cinnamon is much stronger nearly overpowering. Tasted at the distillery in St. Lucia. Too much cinnamon for me to enjoy straight.