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Chairman's Reserve rum

Chairman's Reserve

Saint Lucia | Aged

Chairman's Reserve rum is produced in St Lucia using continuous and pot stills. The rum from these stills are aged for 3-4 years separetly, then combined and aged for 6 more months to marry the flavors.

The first blend of Chairman’s Reserve was produced in 1999 by St. Lucia Distillers, which was founded in 1932, and overseen by the company's Chairman Laurie Barnard.

149 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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149 Chairman's Reserve ratings

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Posted 3 months ago by filipec from Czech Republic with 142 ratings

taste - 7/10
smell - 8/10
sweetness - 6.5/10
price/value rating - 9.5/10


Posted 6 months ago by Richull (PREMIUM) from United States with 17 ratings

Better than expected. Subtle with a pleasantly surprising and lingering finish. Caramel, banana, lasting warmth...not hot. Easy drinking. Not big but flavorful. Good sipper. Like it a lot.


Posted over 3 years ago by Tomas from Czech Republic with 146 ratings

Nothing extraordinary. Decent rum for the price, but too boring.


Posted 9 months ago by Erik Marum from United States with 39 ratings

This is a wonderful rum that is very smooth and has great character and flavor. Caramel and Toffee are most forward in this one which is what I like. Scents and smooth and pleasing and I really enjoyed sipping this neat. It is quite similar to Clement VSOP but this one has a bit more character and bit thicker in flavors. Definitely one I'd recommend and have again.


Posted 11 months ago by Harrie from Netherlands with 81 ratings

Though my bottle has the new label ('original') I want to rate it in the 'real' thread as the rum hasn't changed. Saint Lucia has only one distillery and the rums are a bit Bajan-like but with a stronger pot still influence (Jamaican-funk-Saint-Lucia-style).

My first impression of the Chairman's Reserve (CR) was that it was a little unbalanced. On the nose there is a smokey oak, raisins and some pot still funk with napalm-orange. On the palate a lot of things seem to happen independant of each other; at first some dried fruits, vanilla and alcohol, then the pot still part with funky orange comes rushing in very sweet, followed by tobacco, chocolate and very dry and smokey oak. It ran in all directions and didn't seem to care what I thought of it.

Half a bottle later (in multiple sessions....) it became to make some sense and I understood that this is exactly how CR should be; rather complex, not easy and with a pleasant dissonant. This is not a rum you serve when you introduce your friends to fine rums, or after a nice dinner (except a smokey BBQ maybe) . This is the rum you want to drink when the rain hits your windows and you feel like playing a Tom Waits album.

I never want to be without anymore.


Posted 5 years ago by Brian from United States with 11 ratings

View: Pours golden brown.

Nose: A ton of honey on the nose with some char.

Initial Tasting: One of the smoothest rums I've tasted. No bite whatsoever. Raisin and spice.

Body: Drinks like a bourbon. Spice and oak.

Fade: Smoother than a baby's behind.


Posted 6 years ago by Skipjack from United States with 20 ratings

This rum looks and tastes great in a flask and that is where you will find me enjoying it. On cold days when racing a single man dinghy, this rum will help keep me warm and reside in my PFD. My friends will come by and ask to partake and when we all come in, the flask will be dry.

Bottle: The label is interesting looking and a good representation of its birth home but the bottle fails to impress after that. Very little detail about the distillery, no syn-cork that says it is a better product, the bottle bottom notes indicates that it is not a cheap bottle. Presentation could be better.
Color: A very nice golden brown, it looks the part of a great rum.
Bottle Aroma: A heavy ethanol odor hits the nose first but the rum does come through.
Glass Aroma: The ethanol smell has dissipated and a light oak, easy drinking rum smell fills the nose.
Taste: The rum starts out light which surprises after the bottle nose, a good start of flavor hits and the caramel begins, then the oils leave the tongue and the heat comes back. This is another rum that I'll pack into a flask for cold days when the backbone needs strengthening, but this is not the rum I will chose in front of the fire.

This rum is a bit uneven but I do not dislike this trait in rums. Rums should not be 20 year old bourbons or 30 year old cognacs, they should bite a little and when they fail to do so, I tend to get bored. Some may find this rum a little harsh, but like my personality, I find the harshness true to character and enjoy the company.


Posted 5 days ago by BoD from Canada with 7 ratings

Had to try it of course. First taste that came through was bananas. I'm sure some will like it, but I prefer a little more bottom end.


Posted 7 months ago by Kazisvet from Slovakia with 26 ratings

Nevýrazný, ničím zvláštny rum. Pre bežné popíjanie v pohode. Chuť trošku ostrejšia, drevitá.


Posted 7 months ago by Kenneth from United Kingdom with 64 ratings

For the price you will be hard pushed to find a better honest unadulterated Rum. An absolute joy to sip neat, no harsh alcohol taste, very, very smooth but with enough heat to keep it interesting, and plenty of wonderful flavours to excite the palate. Not sweet or fruity, more leather, tobacco and wood flavours.


Posted 8 months ago by Seko from Czech Republic with 124 ratings

With the first glass, I really enjoyed just sniffing it, it is smoky on the nose, has sweet and fruity taste, with the smoky tones of a good whisky, tiny alcohol bite at the end which is which is almost hidden in the charred barrel aftertaste, surprisingly smooth and sippable for its age (under 5y), with no added sugar. It is not a very complex rum in the taste profile, but it is very well made a it is a very good value for the money. Considering the relatively low price I am even thinking about score 8. If you appreciate dry rums, go for it.