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What can I say. I put QRM 30 on the top shelf as my all time favorite, but I think I have to put another one right next to it. The Esclavo XO Cast is pure magic. It literally explodes in your mouth. Distilled by Oliver y Oliver and marketed by Danish based 1423 you can clearly find similarities with QRM as it is very sweet, very rich in both nose and body. But this one attacks all your senses with it's high, but not intrusive alcohol level, rich in butterscotch, dates, sugar cane and it's slightly smoky flavor. The high alcohol rate gives it a certain sharp licorice touch to it. It's INTENSE! The only gripe would be that after tasting this everything, literary everything, taste bland. So don't start with this when you're testing other rums. Finish with it!
It really feels exclusive with the numbering and it won't break the bank for you. A new favorite!

The color is dark, The taste is thick. The finish hit you like a sledge. If morse rums where like this i would be a happy puppy.

Man fornemmer slet ikke at den er på 65%, den virker blød og rund i munden og pga. styrken holder smagen længe.
Der er noter af karamel, honning, vanilje og kanel.
Virkelig en rom der skal have en plads i samlingen og pga. styrken er det jo ikke en man drikker flere gals af, den skal nydes ;-) og det bliver den. ;-)

At the first smell you get a knock from the alcohol. After a while the sticky alcohol fades a bit and you can sense beautiful sweet aromas.

In mouth you will first get a kick from the alcohol but almost immediately you can taste vanilla, caramel and some spice. The 65 % alcohol makes this rum different in a good way. It almost vaporize in mouth. A very nice experience.

The aftertaste is very long and sweet.

This is one of the all time great rums I've ever tried. Purchased from Vinoble Skanderborg (Denmark), batch #5.

I thought I'd love this rum, as I rated the Esclavo XO a perfect 10. This one is even better (great rums taste better stronger). I like this even more than the Tres Hombres Captain's Choice rums, which are also quite amazing.

In fact, as of 300 reviews, I'd rate this as my #3 rum of all time (after the Centenario Real (#1) and the Centenario XX (#2)).

Very nicely sweet. Smells and tastes of caramel, butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon spice. Simply a beautiful rum. And a pretty good value at only ~$70 (500ml). I hope I can find more!!!


This is a really strong and sweet rum with a big body and long finnish. Really good!

It's an explosion of sweet flavours in the mouth that lingers for ever. The only downside is the sharp hellfire burn on your tounge :-P

This one has a great aroma and the taste is even better. Even though it's a strong rum the alcohol taste doesn't take over as I expected it to do, instead there's an explosion of of different flavors that makes it very enjoyable. The aftertaste lasts several minutes afterwards.

Testé au RhumFest Paris , vraiment très fort à la première gorgée mais la suite est une explosion de saveurs ! ! !

All I can say is wow, what an amazing rum. Truly a masterpiece! After well over 1,000 aged rums later, what an amazing find and what a big surprise. Ron Esclavo XO Cask Strength comes from the Oliver & Oliver group, so that does not surprise me a bit since most of their rums are simply stunning. The Ron Esclavo XO Cask Strength comes in a black clay bottle, handwritten label, it has a very deep color, surprisingly strong alcohol to the nose from being 130 Proof. Cask Strength differs greatly from the Esclavo XO in a sense that Cask Strength is all about chocolate whereas XO is all about coffee. The Cask Strength does not have any burn at all at the end which is very surprising taking into consideration its 130 Proof. This rum goes directly to my top 2 spot after well over 1,000 rums later. Stunning. Masterpiece.

Detailed scoring analysis:
10/100 Packaging, bottle and label design 10
10/100 Color of this rum 10
15/100 Nose test 15
20/100 Palate test 20
15/100 Afterburn of this rum 14
15/100 Availability to purchase this rum 11
15/100 Ultimate value for money 15
Total score 95

Here's my top 30 list:
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2. Ron Esclavo XO Cask Strength
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6. Ron Esclavo XO
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20. Bacoo 12y
21. Ron Esclavo 15y and 12y
22. El Pasador de Oro Gran Reserva
23. Brugal Leyenda
24. Exquisito 1990 and 1995
25. Koloa Kaua'i Coconut
26. Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala & Belize
27. Unhiq XO
28. Ron Hero 21y Solera
29. Punta Cana XOX
30. Ron Cartavio XO


You will smell mainly alcohol due to 65% of content. But in alcohol is dissolved everything good and it is not diluted. After drinking a small sip or just few drops you will not guess 65%. I have drinked just one bottle, so i have tried only one batch but I hope that every batch is little bit different :-) Taste is extremely complex, smooth and strong with long and pleasant tail. You can feel everything you like in rum, but in this complex taste is hard for me differentiate anything dominant. Tail is long with strong flavor.
And price performance ratio is great also ;-)

Couldn't decide whether it should be a 9 or a 10, because I gave the original XO a 9. But I ended up with a toprate, because I'm surprised every time, that it's so smooth, soft and tasty even though it's 65 %. Absolutely brilliant. Worth every cent.

A great rum. One of the best rum I have drank. Very special. A little bit to sweet, sugar added.

This could chock anyone! strong that it helpes to let it brief before, But to be so strong really goo!

This drink is STRONG... And I am not a fan of those kind of strong things, the taste (in my humble opinion) are slightly warped with such a high procentage... But here it kind of works...

Duft: lækker sød duft. vanilie, røget, blomme, kandis og en lille smule sprit.
Smag: sød og lidt røget i smagen. Karamel og blomme. God lang sød eftersmag

Powerful, sweet, spicy! Explosion of taste in the mouth that lasts forever! Even for people that don't like really sweet and strong rum's (this one has a high 65%), you will like this one!

Eine unglaubliche Geschmacksexplosion im Mund. Den hohen Alk-Anteil nimmt man deutlich wahr


Fryser man tungen skal denne nok få den varm igen. En behagelig sødme, men tror det med stærke rom 65% er endnu en ting man skal lære at drikke, før man sætter rigtig pris på det.

This is a powerful rum, bold, very strong and rich in flavor. Despite it's 65% alcohol level it's still possible to drink straight and I really enjoy it. My current favorite by far.

This is brutal bit I say wow!! Awesome flavours, nice color and a taste that lasts a long time.

Car j’espere Trouver mieux encore! Mais quelle découverte! Le nez, la bouche , l’apres... tout est au top. Je recommande chaudement

První rum, kterému dávám hodnocení 10/10. Dánský zabiják si určitě toto hodnocení zaslouží. Ze zkušenosti vím, že stačí málo a zažijete hodně. Každá sklenička je lepší a lepší a vás i přesto, že obsah alkoholu je 65% nutí přemýšlet, zda li si nevychutnat ještě jednu skleničku. Zakoupil jsme v tmavé lahvi, která je velice originální.


We all have that one rum, which got us hooked on the juice. For me it is this one. Someone once described the feeling of drinking this perfectly to me. It is like being cradled by your mother and punched by your big brother at the same time. Smooth, sweet and powerful at the same time.

Nose: Burnt sugar, vanilla and molasses
Taste: (Almost too) sweet with hints of caramel, vanilla and coffee and then a swift kick to the tastebuds by the 65abv. Long and warm aftertaste.
Overall: I love this rum. It is maybe a bit too sweet for my normal liking, but the alcohol level makes up for that and creates a fantastic experience.