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2 Margaritaville Silver ratings

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I'm not going to waste my time with this. They've taken something akin to rum and added a ton of sugar to it. This isn't silver/white rum but a sugary mess. A massive mistake. Sad. I'm a Jimmy Buffet fan and frankly I think he should be ashamed for allowing this to carry his brand. Pass on this. It's going to be poured down the drain after this.

Sugar: 0 gpl. I wandered into the Las Vegas Margaritaville location and thought I would try this rum. It wasn't showing on the bar and when I asked if they had any they said yes they keep it in the "well". Should have known this rum would be a mistake. It's in the same category as Captain Morgan,or Lamb's and is a basic bar rum. There are better mixing rums out there, but if you are "wasting away again" and this is all you have then go for it.