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Opthimus Malt Whiskey Finish 25-Year rum

Opthimus Malt Whiskey Finish 25-Year

Dominican Republic | Aged

9.1/10 (51 ratings)
Truly a fantastic choice


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51 Opthimus Malt Whiskey Finish 25-Year ratings

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Posted about 1 month ago by Tomas from Czech Republic with 137 ratings

Rich body with explosive fruity burn and body. The aftertaste is a bit plain, that's why I rate it 9.

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Posted about 2 months ago by VikingXO from Denmark with 45 ratings

The nice whisky touch just added the extra point up. Sweet and tasty!

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Posted 8 months ago by Peter from United States with 25 ratings

Bought on the strength of the reviews here and wasn't disappointed. Initially quite sweet but mellows out after a taste or two. Can't say I can pick out anything particularly 'malt whiskey's barrel about it but very nice nonetheless

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Posted 8 months ago by RumBech from Denmark with 12 ratings

Opthimus, Markant sødme, nougat smelter på i tungen, meget fed og fyldig rom. Krydderi fra malt whiskyen. Eftersmag: Lang, fyldig eftersmag.

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Posted 9 months ago by Michael N from United States with 70 ratings

I’ve tried several of the other rums offered by Opthimus and have never been disappointed. The standard 25 year was the first rum I gave a 10 rating, and it is well deserved. This 25 year malt whiskey finish is the best rum I’ve tried. It has all the flavor and smoothness of the standard 25 but is a little more complex and robust. An absolute must try for anyone who drinks rum. It will be a staple in my liquor cabinet from now on.

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Posted about 1 year ago by Underdog from United States with 18 ratings

Why did I wait so long to try. Nice bite on the tongue followed by a smooth velvety coating of vanilla, oak, buttery molasses with hint of orange. Ohh so good. Similar to Zacappa XO but a step up.
Highly recommended.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Taster from Switzerland with 109 ratings

Nose: voluminous scent of caramel and some orange. And some hints of smoke.
Palate: smooth, warm, voluminous body. Very well balanced, almost no burn. Very natural and authentic. Not too sweet taste (althrough it contains 34 g/l of added sugar) I like this one.

8,8 - 9


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Posted over 1 year ago by Nielf from Denmark with 127 ratings

Helt fantastisk rom som er yderst kompleks. Den har det hele.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Anders Ravn Jørgensen from Denmark with 94 ratings

Så vild en rom, hvis du kommer i nærheden af denne så køb den, endnu bedre end den almindelige 25 års. Bør være i et hvert barskab trods prisen (kan fås til 700 kr i Tyskland)

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Posted over 1 year ago by Pavel from Czech Republic with 133 ratings

The very first sip was a bit disappointing for me, I just expected a little bit more. But then it reveals its potential, it's very well balanced, colorful strong, dark, longlasting smooth aftertaste