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7 St. Nicholas Abbey White ratings

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Vegetal with fresh corn aroma, and light leathery. Mellow aroma as if the rum is holding back/ shy to show it's characteristic. Finishing with light unage rum character on the nose.
Citrus note of grapefruit peel, vegetal, dry and taste of unripe/ less sweet William pears.
Short and dry finishing. Light, easy rum to consume and quite straight forward, was expecting more characteristic from it.


The nose is very floral on the lilac or the rose, it is vegetal, very delicate. Never smelled a white rum with such notes. In the mouth, it is very sweet, pastry, vanilla almonds, cream pat but without the vanilla, the frangipane. The plant side is always present as a common thread. We arrive on white chocolate, superb, a beautiful discovery.

Ce rhum bajan est un rhum agricole, ce qui le distingue des autres. Je ne connait aucun rhum qui arrive à transmettre le goût de la canne à sucre aussi bien que celui ci. On a presque l'impression de croquer dedans tellement c'est intense.
Je peux me tromper mais je crois que la canne bleue est à l'origine de ce rhum.
J'ai hate de voir ce que donneront les rhums vieux qui découleront de cet agricole.

A truly unique and fantastic rum. Tropical fruit like banana and guava.

The aroma in the glass is grassy, almost cachaca-like. The taste, however, is somewhat of a let-down; nothing unpleasant, just pretty bland. Imagine drinking your favorite white rum - regardless of which brand that might be - with some plain water in it. That's this rum. It's a decent light rum, only less so.

It's a white rum, not much to talk about. They have just started distilling their own, so stay tuned? We will be returning soon to get a bottle of the aged rum, even though it was distilled elsewhere.

Very pleasant rum and for mixing it`s perfect but it`s just as good for sipping. I would say it´s a very good all-round white rum that got it´s own personality with a slightly peppery attitude.

Try it in a refreshing daiquiri!