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Hamilton Guyana 151 rum

Hamilton Guyana 151

Caribbean | Overproof

33 ratings
Now this is some good stuff


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33 Hamilton Guyana 151 ratings

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Posted 3 months ago by Awesomedon from United States with 31 ratings

Gotta love a good 151 and this Hamilton is one of those πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»


Posted over 1 year ago by Jerry de la Hoya from United States with 26 ratings

Got it for Zombies, but its a surprisingly complex and flavorful overproof rum. It may not be a sipper, but it's quality through and through.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Vin from United States with 14 ratings

This is the second 151 I've tried, not what I was expecting. It's a 151 so yes, it's going to burn, it will numb the tongue.. but it carries such a powerful toffee and caramel flavor, the flavor is very potent, more so than the regular 40% offerings.

You can pour this over a stack of ice and take small neat sips. I've also tried this with ginger ale and lime. 1 finger of Rum and about 6oz ale with ice, the flavor of the rum will still power to the front. It does not get left behind.

I think this strong toffee flavor can make it a great rum for desert drinks as it will bring an excessive amount of flavor and alcohol, but not so much liquid that will thinn the drink. If you decided to do something like a vanilla milk shake.

Be careful tho.. 151 is no joke, 1 mixed had my mind floating quite a bit.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Jaybird from United States with 48 ratings

This is a bully on the palate! It has a nice big nose of rich molasses, burnt sugar and of course alcohol. The aroma is rich and full.
This one packs some heat! Sampled neat it's hot and numbing. Molasses and alcohol. After resting for about 10 minutes I dropped in an ice cube and swirled it a bit. A small sip reveals molasses and big alcohol. Some caramel, tobacco and smoky hints. Not one for sipping unless you have an iron palate that's for sure.
Used in cocktails needing an overproof this rum can definitely pick up the kick! The flavors come through so it's great for those wanting a Demerara character. Great price and a wonderful mixer but too much for me straight up. I give this a solid 7 for use in cocktails.


Posted 2 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2727 ratings

Tried a glass of Hamilton 151 Rum while in San Francisco. Cheap looking bottle and label design. Extremely strong and potent rum mixed with oak, glue and pure alcohol to your nose and palate. Super strong burn at the end. Nasty stuff.


Posted over 2 years ago by Glenn from United States with 20 ratings

nose - brown sugar
taste – dark and rich, hot cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses, smoky, burnt oak, tremendous burn

Tasted side by side with Plantation OFTD, I liked the Hamilton neat better than Planation since Hamilton was pure Demerara, was more rich, like the brown sugar taste. This is not for sipping.


Posted almost 3 years ago by JackOrion from United States with 61 ratings

Extremely similar to Lemon Heart if not a little more refined. I have read that all Guyana rum is processed at the same distillery.
Can’t go wrong here for mixing or even sipping with a water-back.


Posted 3 years ago by piratejabez from United States with 325 ratings

Insanely strong nose. You can smell and sip it neat, but a few drops of water help. Deep, rich caramel. I prefer it to the current Lemon Hart 151. It's also the same stock as Hamilton Guyana 86, just not diluted. So theoretically one bottle can do double-duty!



Posted 4 years ago by Wayne Upton from United States with 136 ratings

I've heard a lot of people say this was the replacement for the classic Lemon Hart 151. Well, in it's absence, sure, this will work; it has good flavor, but not as rich, and a bit thin. Works nicely in cocktails. A good value.


Posted 4 years ago by michael from United States with 44 ratings

I love all of Hamiltons productions. So much flavor in all. This is a great rum for tiki drinks needing demerara and overproof rums.


Posted over 4 years ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 470 ratings

I had this side by side with the Lemon Hart 151, both straight, and both with a little water mixed in. Both are from Guyana. I liked the Lemon Hart more.

This was dryer that the Lemon Hart. Tastes and smells of molasses, tobacco, and oak. I prefer slightly sweeter rum.