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The first drink I made with this wonderful Rum locked me in. Taste is subjective and I can't speak for anyone else, but the Mai-Kai's Oh So Deadly is one of my favorite drinks and in my humble opinion, can't be made without Hamilton Gold and Black. I find no similarities between the Smith & Cross (which I like) and the Hamilton.

I tell people to try and drop any preconceptions about rums when I pour it for them. It's very different.

Out of the 53 rums I keep on hand, the Hamilton is in my top 3.

Bottled at 46.5 the heat hits you right up front. The flavor and aroma is instantly recognizable as it should be and is in the same pocket as Smith and Cross Wedderburn pot still. However this is a tad sweeter, though not overly sugary for a dark rum, than the S&C and finishes with a medicinal tang. As you become acclimated to it a lovely black strap molasses creeps in.
At the price of $26 you can't go wrong. If you want a heavy dose of Jamaican funk with a bit more sugar than Smith and Cross than this is an easy choice.
I'm definitely going to buy another S&C before I burn through this Hamilton for a proper side by side.

Really hard to find this any more. Got the last bottle at one of my local haunts, hiding behind the Hamilton Jamaican Gold. Speaking of which, I've read that both rums are identical except that the Black has been colored with caramel. I did a blindfold taste-test and would agree that they are semi-identical twins. Like the gold, this black rum is pure Jamaican funk. Rotting bananas, spices, bandaids, and a bit of wood. You will either be revolted by this challenging rum or you will be enchanted by its unapologetic, savory assault on your taste and smell buds. I enjoy it neat because it deserves the spotlight all to itself...

Had it in a tiki drink called "Doctor Funk", which may be the most expressive Hogo-Heaven beverage I've ever consumed.
If I'm going to have a dark rum, I want it to be bursting with flavor. Hamilton delivers, and so we have the perfect rum for a Dark n' Stormy for us drinkers that relish the funk. It represents a unique category of rum, with only itself as a member - Jamaican Pot-Still Dark - genius. Rich, thick, and dark with all the best of the Jamaican style. A fine addition to many a tiki drink. $20 in WI (Discount Liquor)

This is an interesting rum. It has a really unique flavor that others are calling 'funk'. I'm not a big fan of this 'funk' flavor (I don't have a better description other than 'dark agricole'); it's a little on the dry side for me. But if you like this rum, then I recommend you try the Taildragger 'After Dark' rum, which has a somewhat similar 'funk' to it, but is sweeter, stronger, and a little better imho.

Very dark pour. Aroma is funky, but not off putting. Taste is slightly sweet, but runs more on the earthy/ woody side. Finishes smooth.

Got to have the funk! My second time drinking this one (in a Jet Pilot). Got a big whiff of licorice which I didn't the first time. Regardless, amazing rum in an amazing drink!

If you love Appleton and that Jamaican funk In your tiki mixes this is an extreme version done the old way with the pot still method. I would recommend this for anyone who is a serious connoisseur of Jamaican rums, my rating is for using it as a mixer, but I suggest using a little less in simple mixes, because it is strong and can overpower a mix. For those multiple ingredient mixes like Rum Barrels or vintage Zombies this can work well. As a sipper it’s kind of a fun novelty if you want to see how much HOGO you can handle! It does have a whiskey profile mixed with that Coruba or Myers type Jamaican. Try 1 oz Hamilton with 1oz simple syrup, 1 oz lime and a dash of bitters swizzle with crushed ice and a couple luxardo cherries. Basically a riff on Stephen Remsberg’s Planters Punch, with less rum. A fun sipper to sample with your rum buddies to see how far they have taken the funk! A rare find that I give a 9 because of rarity and uniqueness and because Ed Hamilton is a gentleman, scholar and fine judge of rum.

Much like Smith & Cross, lots of hogo, just a tad less strong, more darker ( molasses, burnt and smoky, brown sugar), deep like Hamilton 151 Demerara but without the cinnamon and burn.

Update: picked up a bottle of Myers. The 2 are very similar. The Hamilton has a little more flavor. I don't think anyone wiil be able tell the difference if you put these 2 in the same cocktail. Since the Hamilton is hard to find and is more expensive I'll only get it for special occasions.

This rum is extremely funky and flavorful. A great choice in any classic cocktail calling for Jamaican rum. However, if it's a very rum-forward cocktail, this rum might drown out the other flavors in the drink, so you might want to mix around a half ounce or so of this with a less flavorful Jamaican rum, like Myers's

From Worthy Park, this is a blend of three non-aged rums. Color is from added caramel. The same exact rum as in the Hamilton Jamaica Gold, but with a different caramel color(batches will vary slightly).

It has taken me years to learn to love this rum and its ability to bring instant richness to any drink. I will add this to other rums straight up for a little kick. Same review for this and the gold because they are the same.

a deep dark molasses and burnt sugar aroma and taste. such a unique flavor.

You will invariably get a lot of comparisons to Smith and Cross with this guy. I will say there is something kind of like day old coffee, that acid you get from old gas station coffee left in your mouth when drinking this sucker. That being said, it is a cool ingredient to have in your collection, I just can't really seeing myself ever gravitating back towards it.

Great for use in Tiki Drinks. Really enjoy the funk this one offers.

I recently had a chance to try this and was not overly impressed with it. Yes, it had a funky aroma and an interesting taste and burn. I guess I am not used to the complexity of this rum and will stick to a more less funky rum in the future.

I'm not wild about the fact that the only thing separating this from the Gold offering is a bit of caramel color, but I understand the market need. And here, the caramel adds visual character to the drink without over-sweetening it or dramatically altering the flavor. This rum has loads of molasses character already, with the pleasant funk that many here have mentioned, that will make your drink stand out. I love this in tiki drinks, and it can even be sipped neat, if you're in the mood for a little kick. Dark as it is, it's very well balanced. Thanks, Ed!


This rum is not for the beginner! This is for people looking to explore the funky classic side of rum. The pot still method gives such interesting and exciting flavors. If you are doing any tiki style drinks this is a must have to bring out the rum flavor in fruit/mix heavy drinks.