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This is the better of the Ipswich players. The Tavern Style is smooth and fairly light. Can use in any cocktail that calls for a gold rum or even in some white rum drinks as this is fairly light. It is very very smooth and cocktails well. Not full bodied enough for dark rum drinks, but a good rum.

It's great to see so many rums coming out of Boston and vicinity once again after an 80-year lapse. Old Ipswich Tavern Style is a very dry molasses rum with lots of oak and not much else to distract you. Although it's okay straight up, it's better with an ice cube, and even better in Tiki recipes calling for either dark or golden rums. It tends to complement the other ingredients without overpowering them. Perhaps not a top-shelf, straight up sipping rum, but still a great, whiskey-like workhorse mixer. Dare I say, it's probably even tasty in cola...