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Dictador Cafe 100 rum

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23 Dictador Cafe 100 ratings

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Per Rosenhave from Denmark with 173 ratings

I must collect something, else i get crazy, so why not Rum?

Posted about 1 year ago by Javaznenevim from Slovakia with 52 ratings

This is not rum. This is liqueur. If you dont like coffe and if you dont like liqueurs, dont even buy this. Go away from it and buy something else. Or you will be really and I mean REALLY dissappointed. Understood? Good.

Now I must admit that this is my favorite liqueur so far. I love its smell and the taste is brilliant. It is also stronger than clasic Kahlúa (which I can definitely recommend) and you can also use it to desserts. It both smells and tastes exactly as you would expect. As coffe liqueur. There is not much more to say about it. But it is obvious that rum used for this liqueur is no trash and Dictador put a lot of work into this.

Posted 6 days ago by Steven Richardson from United Kingdom with 122 ratings

Didn’t want to mark it low because of my dislike of coffee. My gf likes it a lot though.

Posted about 2 months ago by Pollux from Canada with 116 ratings

Intéressant rhum pour les amateur de café. A boire sur glace ou dans un café.

Posted 6 months ago by Biohazzard from Czech Republic with 12 ratings

Very specialized for its coffee flavour and tasty combined with classic rums

Posted 10 months ago by Andy Tee from Malaysia with 148 ratings

N- Interestingly fragrant, creamy, bean-y with trace of salts and banana leaf. An eight years rum if the info is correct. Natural with coffee notes and unsweetened, but feel lacking at the same time. Can go either way and depends on what's you expect. (83/18)

P- It reminds me of the scents of young stone fruits, black Americano that also quite nice. But somehow it developed the perfume-y scents of floral which a bit weird and quite potent to the flavor. (78/16)

F- Short, salt with black coffee sour tannin, would be better off without the troublesome perfume-y flower notes. (83/18)

B/B- 83/18

Weighted Rate- 70pt
— at The Rum Bar KL.

Posted about 1 year ago by Petr Gabriel from Czech Republic with 24 ratings

I really like the idea to create a rum with coffee taste. The result is very fine. Rum is quite smooth and not sweet at all because of the bitter taste of coffee (in a good way) which is very interesting.
I recommend everyone to try this rum.

Posted almost 2 years ago by Martin Tousek from Czech Republic with 21 ratings

Filtered through 100% Arabica and that is exactly what you feel in its taste.

Posted almost 2 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2555 ratings

Tried a glass of Dictador 100 Cafe while vacationing in Versailles. So and so bottle and label design. Very deep color. Super strong coffee straight to the nose. Alcohol and stale coffee to your palate. Burn at the end. Add 2 points if you like coffee, or go directly with Santa Teresa Araku which is much better.

Posted almost 2 years ago by Jesper Lindegaard from Denmark with 3 ratings

Lækker kaffe rom som især gør det god sammen med en kop kaffe og vanilleis

Posted about 2 years ago by Loxias from Czech Republic with 154 ratings

This is really not my cup of coffee. The rum maybe is not that bad, but there is a lot of intense coffee in aroma a so in the taste, that it beats everything else. When I want that much coffee feeling I would rather go for a nice shot of espresso.

Posted about 2 years ago by Mathias from Norway with 15 ratings

This rum is like a nice little dessert that anyone can dig. Quite mild in taste, but the coffee/cocoa notes are very obvious still.

Posted over 2 years ago by Jagsroy (PREMIUM) from Canada with 153 ratings

As a rule I don’t venture into flavoured spirits, Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka being the exception. I have had my eye on Dictador Cafe 100 Rum for some time and I recently sampled this Columbian flavoured Rum. On the nose the coffee aroma is prominent and promising. The taste, however was a bit of a letdown for me and while a small sample was enjoyable and would be fine as a desert drink, I could not see myself drinking a regular sized portion on any given night.

Posted over 2 years ago by Daniel from Czech Republic with 117 ratings

Easier taste, Finish is touched by coffee beans after 100 months of aging.Ron is nice smooth taste and smell.

Posted over 2 years ago by Peter from Slovakia with 74 ratings

neskutocne mile prekvapenie. kava, kava a zas kava. niekde na pozadi hladate ci to je rum, nakolko chut kavy je neskutocne dominantna ako uz sam nazov hovori :-).
pre mna velmi mile prekvapenie kedze mozem kvalitnu kavu

Posted over 2 years ago by Adam from Poland with 86 ratings

I never drunk that kind of rum. Destilled with coffee beans. I'm not a fan of coffee but the aroma is strond of course full of coffee and carmel. Taste...more sweet and carmel. Finish - you can feel stroooong coffee. Fantastic they make somethind like that. Definetly something new for me. Good job, clever idea.

Posted almost 3 years ago by B.P.O. from Netherlands with 51 ratings

So far, every Dictador I am a fan of. None are TOP shelf but all are sound, solid examples of rum; flavored or not.
The Café -100 month has light notes of coffee and toffee. The viscosity is not thick or syrupy but smooth like water. The tast has an ohh so slight coffee appeal MOST importantly for me, is that the rum is not over powered by it.
Definitely one of the better flavored rums I've ever had.

Posted about 3 years ago by Duckstab from Czech Republic with 72 ratings

Průměrný rum, který by měl smysl jen jako kuriosita, kdyby stál tak tři stovky za láhev. Vzhledem k tomu, že se prodává za cenu skoro stejnou, někde dokonce i vyšší, než o třídu lepší Dictador 12, je skoro až komický.
Asi moje největší rumové zklamání, i když jsme si to měl domyslet.
Voní jako kafe, chutná jako kafe. Žádnou přidanou hodnotu skutečného rumu v tom nenacházím.
Kdyby se vzal obyčejný líh a protáhnul se přes zrnkové kolumbijské kafe (což je na lahvi uvedený způsob výroby této kořalky), chutnalo by to možná skoro stejně.
Chudě působí i láhev bez špuntu, jen s plechovým uzávěrem jako na tuzemák, zejména ve srovnání s precizním obalem Dictadora 12 a lepších.
Na druhé straně ale nelze nepřiznat, že Cafe 100 je opravdu originální destilát - rozhodně nečekejte žádný blbý likérek typu Bolsu - tento Dictador je naopak až překvapivě suchý.
A v komparaci s tím, že celou flašku pořídíte levněji, než deset hnusných kafí ve vývařovnách typu Costa či Starbucks, je to vlastně skvělý kauf!

Posted about 3 years ago by Tom Rhoads from United States with 88 ratings

What can I say, I love the coffee aroma and flavor in this rum. Bought a 2nd bottle before the first was empty.

Posted over 3 years ago by 2ephyr from Czech Republic with 41 ratings

Po otevření mě překvapila velmi výrazná, ale příjemná vůně kávy. Otevřít pytlík kafe by o moc výraznější asi nebylo. V chuti však již zdaleka tak dominantní není. Naštěstí - kafe z rumem si přece můžu udělat snadněji :)
I v chuti je káva samozřejmě snadno poznat, ale síla je to vyvážená. Nijak zvlášť ostrý, spíše jemnější, což je taky fajn.

Posted over 3 years ago by Dennis from Czech Republic with 1 rating

In mouth is normal taste, little spicy for me but good. After swallow there is really nice and strong flavour of coffe.

Posted over 4 years ago by Rum un from United Kingdom with 59 ratings

Bitter coffee up front taste but not in a very nice way.

Aftertaste lingers but again not pleasantly.

Posted over 4 years ago by wiedrzensky from Slovakia with 16 ratings

Cinammon, sugar cane, lot of coffee, honey, pie nose. Light to medium sweet, cinammon and coffee taste. Well ballanced.