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Byram River Light rum

Byram River Light

United States | Aged

Byram River Light rum, a hybrid pot/column-distilled, molasses- and evaporated cane juice-based rum that’s fermented with wine yeast and bottled unaged at 80 proof.

via American Rum Report

7.0/10 (1 rating)
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Posted over 5 years ago by mamajuana from United States with 148 ratings

A very interesting breed we have here. I would liken this most to Sammy's Beach bar rum. This one is a different animal however. A rather interesting nose of Chardonnay on this rum I can only assume comes from the wine yeast fermentation of this product. Most similar to an Agricole in style yet much smoother compared to Agricole produced in the Caribbean.

The molasses aspect levels it out a little bit but its mainly agricole-like in finish and flavor. Overall I would say as a sipper this one is difficult to approach for the masses due to is powerful flavor and bite. It is somewhat bitter in its finish. overall an interesting product because of is unique overall attributes, there are not many rums like this.

This rum is not aged at all. It is pure from the still to bottle. If I had to peg this I would say the cane juice is from Hawaii based on the juice tasting so similar to the cane juice offerings of the area. The ratio in my estimation is high to cane juice 90% cane juice or more to maybe 10% molasses. It is a tough rum to love and one of a few rums that make me pour another rum after I have a glass of it. Though not a bad tasting rum or additive laced rum the natural vigor of this does not allow for repetitive consumption easily. A rum not easily forgotten.