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This is an elegant masterpiece, smooth yet full of overripe fruit, pot still funk, freshly sawed sandalwood and a touch of allspice. Not nearly as intense as more traditional Jamaicans (Hamilton, Smith & Cross, Wray & Nephew), this is a more nuanced and refined rum which deserves to be enjoyed neat. It's wonderful.


Mezan calls itself "The Untouched Rum" which means no added sugar, no added colouring (like caramel) and only a light filtering. The Jamaican XO is the only rum that's currently permanently in their portfolio (others are single years vintages). It's a blend of selected casks from different Jamaican distilleries aged between 4 and 23 years and reaged after blending until deemed ready for bottling. Mezan do not put an age statement on their rums and rightly so. It's about creating a consistent flavor profile year in year out, in order to achieve this the actual age fluctuates. I wish more rums would abandon age statements, seeing as they are often misleading and little more than a marketing thing. Taste is what matters, not numbers. And this is tasty! Smelly too. Lots of overripe banana, as can be expected from a Jamaican pot still rum. Some caramel scent too, giving the impression of bannofee pie. Taste is less sweet than expected based on the aroma. Very light body, very smooth, no burn. Quite a lot of oak, you can taste this has some age. Finish is quite dry and medium long. All in all I'd have preferred a slightly fuller body and some bolder flavours, but this is a very pleasant effort nonetheless by an sympathetic brand.

Ce rhum est tres bien maitrise il est tres precis en gout.apres des premieres notes de reglisse et de fume il retrouve de la douceur et une note legerement ducree en fin de bouche.tres bien fait.note 8.5.j ai hesite pour mettre un 9 que je garde pour mes tops 10.mzis certains y mettront des 10 car fameux.....

Lots of ripe banana and just a hint of grassyness. Smells like maybe overripe pineapple or banana skin. No added color, no Carmel, more rums need to be honest about the real color from aging and added color.

One of those rums that seems more like a whisky to me.

Цена, 01.04.2018 , приобрёл его за 35 евро
Люблю подобный дизайн бутылок - не слишком высокие, но раздутые, толстые. Сам дизайн достаточно прост, и тем самым и привлёк моё внимание.
Сразу обратил внимание на пробку, она винтовая. Не слишком часто встретишь пробки с винтовые пробки уже в этой ценовой категории. Но взглянув ещё раз на общий образ бутылки и дизайна, соглашусь, что «винт» в данном случае даже более уместен.
Первое - аромат. Напиток кажется очень ароматным по запаху и в уже предвкушаю его фруктовый вкус.
Наливаем в бокал. Напиток достаточно светлый. Я бы сказал цвета светлого вина, по типу рислинг. Запах все ещё такой же хороший, очень приятный. Чувствуется сладость и фруктовый букет.
Пробуем. Данный ром действительно очень ароматный, он определенно выделяется на фоне многих других. Достаточно сладкий, но в меру. Как по мне, то сладости ровно столько сколько нужно в нем. Но по долгу держа во рту - мне уже было не приятно. После нескольких последующих глотков пришёл к выводу, что намного приятней его сразу проглатывать, не задерживая во рту.
Послевкусие очень двоякое: именно из за него я и поставил, казалось бы столь низкую оценку данному напитку. Есть ароматное послевкусие, которое ещё долго прибывает. И как мне кажется, преимущественно это не цитрус, а скорее банан, ананас. С другой стороны есть что-то не очень приятное, что остаётся в послевкусии. То же ощущение если задержать во рту напиток, не глатая сразу.
Опробовав несколько бокалов данного напитка, пришёл к мнению, что мне не доставляет большого удовольствия его пить. Толи в спиртовых испарениях дело, хотя на запах напиток очень приятен, толи ещё в чем...
Нужно попробовать его в сочетании с сигарой.


I try and alternate between sweet , spiced and real rum. This is real rum , light in colour , no sugar or other additives.
Not as funky on the nose as I expected , left in the glass for 10 minutes , I found banana , pineapple plus a bit of vanilla. Quite dry , lots of esters in the taste , a bit of a burn but in a nice way.. Even better with an ice cube..
Excellent rum and coke with a slice of lime.. just not too much mixer as it kills the taste. If you factor in price ( Marks & Sparks) this is great value as well as taste.
Not available here in Aussie so will have to try and make the bottle last ! Oh and no headache the next morning , very important !!

Real rum, no sugar, no coloring. Nice smell of original spirit with a lot of esters, just touch of the wood barrels. It's all about the spirit, this shows how the proper rum should taste.

Very fruity smell and taste of banana, but not sweet, and a slight oaky essencence. All very subtle and very sympathetic to the overall taste of a rum that does not have a lot of additives. I like bananas and believe elegance often lies in simplicity. It this case it does show. One I'll definitely be looking out for in future again.

Not terribly harsh, but the sweetness is weird - almost glue like.

Wow, after leaving the rum just sitting in the glass for a short while the smell from this rum really hit home. As time wore on the aroma permeated into the air and I love it. I think I finally understand what people mean about the funk of Jamaican rum. Anyway, the taste...

My initial thoughts were that it was clean and I understand the references to tobacco and on the swallow banana but not in an overpowering way. I tried this with cola and a slice of lime, too much coke and the unique taste is drowned but just right and you have a premium mixer. However, for myself I will generally be treating this as a sipper. There’s some alcohol burn but it’s short and adds positively to the sip.

this has a strong nose, like unaged spirits over raw peeled bananas. but the taste is surprising. the rum has a strong approach when you first sip it. it gives a strong tingle and burn, like a good whiskey. the finish is very very light. often i fall for that "darker is better" with rums and then one like this comes along and I really like it. what a lovely surprise value bottle. this makes me want to try all the different mezan blends.

I love this rum. The color is light which worried me when I bought it. Then I opened the bottle. The aroma is delightful. Not a strong alcohol smell like most rums have. A fruit aroma. The legs are nice and long. Now to important stuff. Taste is great. Banana hit me first. Then I got that famous Jamaican funk taste. A bottle cost me $30. Overall a great rum. My favorite blended rum.

I didnt hear about this rum before I've seen it in the shop. It cost about 30$ so I decided to try. It tirned out very intresting rum with very unexpecting taste. It wasnt so heavy like classic jamaican rum but with its own "funk" taste. It excellent neat with no ice.

No gimmicks, no color, no sugar. Just a pure to form Jamaican rum with a bit of age. It has an interesting leathery quality to it, and I agree with the label there is a "tobacco" note in it, like aged pipe tobacco. Spicy, rich, and finishing dry. It would be wasteful to blend this in a cocktail, instead I prefer to sip it neat.

I find this more like a fine brandy than a rum it's fruity, floral and fresh. It's mezans way of untouched rum you can see that on the colour it's pale strawish with a grassy fresh aroma. But it mixes well with fruit juice rather than cola

Has the distinct Jamaican pungency, albeit very mildly. Its VERY delicate on the palate, which is a description I've almost never used for a Jamaican rum. Almost non-existent banana funk, very clean and slightly nutty mid-palate, and a mildly spicy finish. This is a good sipper, and has some potential for tiki / fruity drinks. Maybe with a good ginger beer too...
Its good and classy, no doubt, with a noticeable amount of rum oil... Its delicate nature caught me off guard, and as I cool down and sip slowly, I find more and more to appreciate.
The greatest disappointment with this rum is how very mild it is. When you spend a premium price, you want a rum with lots of flavor (especially Jamaican!). 45% abv or more would have really made this rum sing, and would have justified the price of $45.

My experience with Jamaican rum is fairly limited. Some of those have had the "funk" that characterizes Jamaican rums, some are just regular-tasting rums. This one is not the latter. It has that astringent, overripe fruit taste that I assume is the "funk" everyone talks about. It's there and it's noticeable. The problem is, there isn't much else in the flavor profile. So that pretty much sums it up. Still, this is a bit better than Plantation Original Dark when sipped straight. However, it is an amazing mixer! Not only does it pass the daiquiri test with flying colors, but it is a welcome addition to Coke (unlike Plantation Original Dark).

I usually require a rum to be a passable sipper to garner a 7, but this one gets it strictly as a mixer. It makes for a pricey mixer, but I think it's worth it.

I had higher hopes for this one given prior tastings of Mezan rums. Flavor was a bit strong, but it mixed fine with Coke.

Foarte placut, usor aromat, usor dulce dar nu exagerat. As zice un rom de incercat vara pe o plaja cu multa gheata :)

40% ABV. Delightful nose! Funky ripe bananas and other tropical fruits. Reminds me rather of Hamilton Pot Still Jamaican. So, I'm picking up on some of the Worthy Park distillates. Medium finish.

Delicious. Delightful. I do wish it was bottled at a higher proof, but really, it's super tasty as-is. Approachable yet utterly full of flavor. Cheers!


It's ok. I had expected this to hit me with a smell like a force 10 gale - it didn't; I expected it to be tasty - it was so so; I expected a strong banana taste - it was there but not nearly by as much as folks say. Instead I found it another variant of fairly dry, oaky, slightly bourbon-like Jamaican rum...only it's not as good as Appleton's - and I am not a huge Appleton's fan to start with. It has a little sweetness to counter the overall dryness, but I just didn't think it was anything special and I wouldn't choose it as a sipper.

This rum has more flavour than expected. Vanilla, oak, crispy and fruity. A little short on the palate. But it had its moments

Very pleasant aroma of warm wood, tobacco, fresh jam, like bajan rum.
In the mouth, an amazing sweetness at first, harmonious, rounded. And yet the tongue grows numb. Woody shade.
Aftertaste spoils previous impressions: burning and heaviness in the esophagus, stomach, dull head. There is no ease in the desire to continue. But the next morning will be easy and good.
And I didn't find information about aging.

This is something else.
I love the concept of the "untouched rum" and my favourites come from Foursquare distilleries where Richard Seale is the Barbados advocate of the unadulterated rum.
Bought from Marks & Spencer at reasonable price the box and bottle are attractive and do well for a present.
Remarkably light in colour, due to lack of caramel colouring.
Nose: Described as "pungent" they're not kidding. It's an esther filled punch of overripe bananas. Initially overwhelmed I came round to it after 10min in the glas as the funk had tamed. Does will with an ice cube.
Mouth: Aromas of (over)ripe fruit fade quite quickly, there is a sizeable vanilla hit. Fruity but not sugary.
Sweetness 2/5
Throat: Moderate burn, aromas don't linger long.
I'm not rushing to get another bottle but I relish the experience.