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Captain Morgan Spiced rum

Captain Morgan Spiced

Puerto Rico | Spiced

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is made by combining yeasts, molasses, water and mash, which are then distilled in a continuous still. The rum is aged for up to 1 year followed by the addition of spices and flavors indigenous to the Caribbean Islands.

Captain Morgan Spiced is owned by Diageo and produced in Puerto Rico by the famous Destilieria Serralles, Inc. The company Captain Morgan is named after the 17th-century Welsh privateer of the Caribbean, Sir Henry Morgan was an admiral in the Royal British Navy who earned a knighthood in 1674.

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443 Captain Morgan Spiced ratings

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Posted 20 days ago by Sock from Netherlands with 14 ratings

the only situation where this bottle would be nice is to pass it around at a campfire. but there are better options for that situation.


Posted 1 month ago by rhodes from Canada with 16 ratings

Run of the mill but not awful. Good mixer, but that's about it.


Posted 1 month ago by jonesgoodall from United States with 2 ratings

My wife and myself like to drink Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with all different types of cola. Coke / Pepsi/ Fargo. Try something different you might like it.


Posted 2 months ago by jbruffian from United States with 6 ratings

What can I say that hasn’t been said before? It’s good as a mixer, (coke, or my new favorite with the white sugar free monster) adds a nice vanilla hit. But as a dipping rum? Nah.


Posted 2 months ago by Dav from United Kingdom with 2 ratings

If you want to get pissed then drink this stuff with mixer, I drunk 2/3 of a bottle ( 1L) with a house mate after several after drinks and this was the most enjoyable drink we had , despite having it as shots which i wouldn't recommend. Would defiantly get more in the future if it didn't cause me to have some bad consequences. Hits like a brick later on if you have too much but will get in the future if i feel the need to get pissed despite that it has great flavour but strongly recommend having with mixer if you aren't used to strong spirits on their own.


Posted 2 months ago by DerMassi from Germany with 15 ratings

No, no, no, no, a hipster drink with nothing in common with a beverage to call rum. Even not with Cola, mix it with rinse water😑


Posted 2 months ago by Osbornello from United Kingdom with 8 ratings

Enjoy drinking this with a cherry flavoured Pepsi or Coke, but on it's own it is nothing special.


Posted 3 months ago by mking from Australia with 2 ratings

Its cheap, so you can't really complain. The vanilla is insanely strong. Makes regular coke taste like vanilla coke. I'm not sure they even put other spices in there, or just 10 different types of vanilla.

I'm sure most people have already tried it, but if you haven't, it really does just taste like alcoholic vanilla extract. Smells like it too.

Tastes fine as a cheaper mixer.


Posted 4 months ago by eadrn from United States with 49 ratings

Definitely not my first choice spiced rum. Another that is adequate, given no/few other options.


Posted 4 months ago by Pirate from United States with 11 ratings

Caution: only for people who don't like rum. I have never been able to enjoy a spiced rum and nothing makes me madder than to ask in a restaurant what they have in a good dark rum and the wait staff says Captain Morgan! I then have to ask them to go to the bartender and ask what they have in a non spiced dark rum. This stuff is swill. Sorry Captain Morgan, enjoy your sponsorships for Fantasy Fest, but hate your Spiced Rum.