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Doorly's 12-Year rum

Doorly's 12-Year

Barbados | Aged

7.8/10 (133 ratings)
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133 Doorly's 12-Year ratings

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Posted 6 months ago by jackw625 from United States with 22 ratings

This is a decent rum for the price. Hoped for a little more

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Posted 6 months ago by Swisslet from United Kingdom with 15 ratings

The first taste is the alcohol, but quickly this develops into a warm, deep and rich rum. Not artificially sweet, just rum as rum should be. I drank this neat, but I think a drop of water or lime would bring out the flavours nicely. Excellent run.

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Posted 7 months ago by Scott from United Kingdom with 30 ratings

Cant remember the rum itself but I saved the bottle for my collection so it must have been good.

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Posted 7 months ago by J1gg1ns from United Kingdom with 46 ratings

This, at the time of writing, is currently my favourite rum. The taste is really good but the finish is utterly astonishing. It makes you smile after every sip. I didn't have massively high expectations when i bought this due to a lot of mixed reviews but i am so glad i bought this! I wish bars & pubs etc round my area would sell rum like this rather than Bacardi, Captain Morgans etc. I would finish their whole bottle no matter how much a double each time costs! Only reason i did not give a 10 as i am sure there will eventually be something i love even more, like possibly the Appleton Joy blend which i am dying to try.

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Posted 7 months ago by Jacob.burgess from United States with 4 ratings

Great sipping rum that is less sweet. One of my favorites

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Posted 7 months ago by BarometerSoup from United States with 6 ratings

I sip it slow and the flavors come out more and more as it breathes. Unbeatable value.

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Posted 8 months ago by Reiwa from Japan with 136 ratings

This rum is a blend of Bourbon bask and also Madeira cask. So, it has light and bright flover.
However, I think that aging by 100% Bourbon cask is a better for Barbados flover.
So, Mount Gay XO is better for me.

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Posted 8 months ago by Mike (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 128 ratings

Really nice dry rum. Good when you want start with rums without added sugar. Flavours of vanilla, wood, orange and sugar cane. Very well balanced and smooth.

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Posted 8 months ago by Erik Marum from United States with 29 ratings

This is an excellent rum. Nothing overpowering and has wonderful complex flavors of dried fruit, with a touch of spice and a wonderful subtle butterscotch after taste. I prefer this one neat as it accentuates the flavors, but it's still great on the rocks. On the rocks hides the more complex flavors, but hightens the smooth butterscotch tones. All said and done my local total wine has this for $21. There is nothing in that price that can compare. In fact, I'd put this up against rums double the price and it would be right at home.

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Posted 10 months ago by wArChiEf from Austria with 17 ratings

This untreated stuff has all I need.... impressive nose, incredible taste and the leaving.... what the f.... love it!