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Captain Morgan Dark rum

Captain Morgan Dark

Puerto Rico | Dark

Captain Morgan Dark rum is a blend of five different rums from Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados. The blended rum mixture is distilled in a two part process using both pot stills and continuous stills and then aged for 2 to 7 years in charred oak barrels.

Since 2011, the Captain Morgan rum brand has used the slogan ""To life, love and loot."

4.2/10 (322 ratings)
Flawed with a glimmer of hope


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322 Captain Morgan Dark ratings

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Posted 1 year ago by Legru Fabian from Belgium with 20 ratings

Avec du coca on sent bien les épices de ce rhum. Je le préfère comme ça que pure


Posted almost 2 years ago by Haderfck from Denmark with 13 ratings

Denne rom er fuldstændig ligesom dens storebror "gold", den er lidt mere kraftig i smagen men smager stadig af karamel, og skal ligesom de andre morgans - blandes op.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Kenneth from United Kingdom with 64 ratings

I got it as a Xmas present, and was reasonably surprised that it is not near as bad as many on here have made out. I've even managed to sip it neat a few times, but it is much better as a mixer. Nothing really offensive about it, a strong liquorice taste in my opinion, which is ok ... 5 Stars seams fair.


Posted almost 2 years ago by ben_fairweather from United Kingdom with 13 ratings

Drinkable mixed, but the after taste is really not great, even with coke.
I was introduced to rum & coke by a friend when I first started uni. He preferred Lamb's, but we both went for whichever of Captain Morgan's / Lamb's that bar had...can't remember which I actually tried first. I found it slipped down better than vodka / whisky and coke, so I got through my fair share as a student.
I didn't know any better until I stumbled across Sailor Jerry's at a local Wetherpoon's, due to it being 10p cheaper (how?).

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Posted almost 2 years ago by piecervo from Italy with 21 ratings

Rhum di non grande qualità, all'inizio alcuna nota se non quella alcolica con un finale decisamente migliore. Un rhum che però mixer con la coca da grandissimi risultati. Gli darei un 4 bevuto liscio un 87per un buon Cuba libre. Voto giusto 5


Posted almost 2 years ago by walter from United Kingdom with 1 rating

Of all the rums I have tasted this one is by far the best. Unfortunately you cant always get it wherever you happen to be drinking. I don't like the spiced rum and people keep buying it for me as though I would like it. Captain Morgan dark rum for me every time.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Jara from Czech Republic with 41 ratings

Po dvou desetiletích soužití s Božkovským tuzemákem za železnou oponou, jsem poprvé ochutnal skutečný rum. Tenkrát jsem byl naprosto nadšený. Dnes, když už jsem poznal poměrně kvalitní rumy, hodnotím střízlivěji: Nic moc, i když s colou se pít dá. Nesmí se to ale přehnat, ta hořká pachuť - hrůza!


Posted 2 years ago by Jamcan69 from Canada with 13 ratings

Sharp aftertaste... Cheap mixer with Coke or ginger ale.


Posted 2 years ago by Deezl from United Kingdom with 6 ratings

Better than the spiced CM but that's not saying much as other reviews have stated. Would generally avoid but it's not totally undrinkable - 2nd from last out of all the rums I have tried (About 20 currently)


Posted 2 years ago by Logoscripto from Greece with 12 ratings

I would only use it for cocktails as it gives a nice taste because it is spiced.


Posted 2 years ago by Dimitris from Greece with 78 ratings

Drink for 16 years old kids who think that drinks rum. Very bad blended not even good for mixing.