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89 Plantation Original Dark ratings

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Posted about 3 years ago by Duckstab from Czech Republic with 72 ratings

Jediný rum pod 400 Kč uspokojivě poživatelný i samostatně, mimo koktaily. Se svým bílým bráchou (Plantation 3 Stars Artisanal) nejspíš i jediní v této kategorii, co ještě mají korkovou zátku (lahev je zcela standardní velká Plantation, jen bez slámoveho opletení). Přesto soudím, že přidat si stovku na Plantation Barbados Grande Reserve je mnohem rozumnější volba.

Chuť i vůně jsou oproti jiným Plantationům drobet přisprostlé, ale jinak velmi příjemné a výrazné. Abych to přirovnal k něčemu obecně známému - rozdíl je stejný, jako mezi povedenou domácí tlačenkou a dobrou šunkou od kosti. Pozoruhodným náhodným zjištěním je, že ani proložen mezi rumy o řád dražší, nepůsobí Original Dark jako nějaký nechutný vetřelec - pořád je to tatáž povedená tlačenka, která neurazí ani mezi kaviárem...

Posted over 4 years ago by Steven Cooremans from Belgium with 41 ratings

Medium sweetness and quite easy. Smokey taste/smell, some ripe fruit (banana). Lacking aftertaste though.

Posted 11 months ago by Amalas from United States with 65 ratings

Quick burn, but fades quickly. Flavor lingers a long time. Notes of caramel and vanilla.

Posted about 1 year ago by Panos from Greece with 11 ratings

It’s my favorite cheap rum
It has great mix-ability for tiki cocktails or an old fashioned and it can be a cheap sipping rum.

Posted about 3 years ago by Carsten from Germany with 12 ratings

Mein 4. Rating:
Der Plantation Original Dark ist irgendwie abgefahren im Geschmack. Aber lest selbst...

Preis: ca. 14-18€

Ganz klar ist hier die Alkoholschärfe des 3-jährigen Havana Clubs zu riechen. Aber da wo dieser keine weitere Note aufweist, überrascht der Plantation Original Dark mit...was ist das?...Banane? Es riecht irgendwie fruchtig und dennoch schwer.

Geschmack pur (Note 3):
Der Geruchseindruck setzt sich hier fort. Allerdings kommt eine gewisse Süße hinzu. Dennoch nicht pur zu genießen, da der Alkohol klar im Vordergrund steht.

Geschmack in Cola (Note 5):
Okay, schmeckt wie beschrieben. Allerdings wird die Alkoholschärfe etwas milder und der Geschmack noch süßer in der Cola. Im Prinzip ist es ein etwas süßerer 3-jähriger Havana Club mit Bananengeschmack(?). Irgendwie anders und abgefahren. Von daher 5 Punkte insgesamt.
Kommt nicht an den Pampero heran.

Posted 1 day ago by SSies from Netherlands with 5 ratings

Decent zipping rum. Nice soft and not to sweet. Flavor doesn’t last long. Little taste of smook and oak is good and my personal favorite tastes.
There are Rums with longer after tastes therefore 7 is high.

Posted 12 days ago by filipec from Czech Republic with 33 ratings

taste - 6/10
sweetness - 8/10
price/value rating - 7/10

Posted 3 months ago by Brian Casali from Italy with 13 ratings

Not the best of the brand but still a good one....

Posted 4 months ago by tortemd from Germany with 50 ratings

für Cocktails prima geeignet und sollte als Standard in keiner Bar fehlen

Posted 4 months ago by Pedro1987 from Portugal with 6 ratings

Not a smoth easy drink for me as a rum should be. At this price level we cannot ask for more. Still better than others in same price range.

Posted 4 months ago by peter75 from Netherlands with 13 ratings

Rokerige smaak. Niet te zoet. En een redelijke lekkere nasmaak die helaas niet lang blijft hangen.

Posted at Hidden Harbor 4 months ago by beeporama (PREMIUM) from United States with 20 ratings

Almost certainly artificial vanilla, slightly off, but there is a nice rum under that. Subtle hints of clove, orange peel, and burnt almond are almost lost under the sugar. Not bad for the price, but I wouldn't return to this.

Posted 4 months ago by Rumrotsevni from Netherlands with 1 rating

Darkish rum medium thick body. However finish disapears a bit fast.

Posted 5 months ago by Sheff Ma Zi from Russian Federation with 13 ratings

Not the best idea to put cocktail rum to the congac casks. Brandy aroma mixed with molases doesn't work great if you mix it with juices. It's okay with cola, ginger beer, but not good for mixing, especially if you trying to represent unique tiki mix.
Another point is striking smooth aroma and weak taste and more weak aftertaste.

Posted 5 months ago by Oleh from Ukraine with 4 ratings

It is quite smooth and sweetie. You will recognize Jamaica from the first sip. But it is really good for just drinking in company or mix. Slightly fruity afterburn..

Posted 5 months ago by Michal Micko (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 251 ratings

Aroma is complex and nice withy sweet wood and black tea tones. Taste is sweet and fruity with plums and cherries.
Aftertaste is average and fruity.

Posted 6 months ago by JT from Norway with 34 ratings

god smak med et lite hint av røyk, som jeg liker veldig godt i Rom

Posted 6 months ago by Smovens from United States with 87 ratings

My pour of this had a strong fusel alcohol taste and flavor to it. So much so that it might have been a bad bottle or something else

Posted 7 months ago by TY from Austria with 30 ratings

Alkoholisch, aber nicht scharf, fruchtig, feinwürzig, lieblich.
Evtl. gut mit Cola zu mischen.

Posted 7 months ago by rkralik89 from Austria with 21 ratings

Geschmacksvoll, fruchtig, süß, aber nicht lieblich. Alkoholgeschmack gleich stark vertreten, wie die süß-fruchtigen Aromen.

Posted 7 months ago by abrarey from United States with 17 ratings

I like the smell, some caramel notes. Flavor wise is OK for sipping again caramel can be perceived, banana and some orange hints.
Where it really shines is for mixing. Cuba Libre, Old Fashioned rum, you named.
Excellent price.

Posted 7 months ago by Pete034 from Australia with 20 ratings

One to enjoy. not quite to the standard of some of the better proof rums but good value none the less.

Posted 8 months ago by Kuuorava from Finland with 2 ratings

This was my first rum to start experiencing the world of rums. Didn't really like the taste at first but when I got to the end of my 0,7 litre bottle (consumed in about a month not at once :D) my tongue got used to it. Really hard to rate as this was my first rum so I didn't really have a good comparison.

Posted 9 months ago by Jaybird from United States with 47 ratings

Aroma and flavor are both muted. Soft molasses, slightly medicinal. Soft sweetness. Did a decent job as a mixer in a cocktail but it is the least impressive member of the Plantation family that I've had so far. Respectible as a mixer. Not recommended as a sipper at all. Affordable but there are better rums in this price range that are both much better sippers and much more flavorful in cocktails. I give a generous 6 but more of a 5.5.

Posted 10 months ago by BlackP2 from United States with 12 ratings

This stuff tastes like it is of much higher proof than it actually is, so if that's your game this one for you. Very affordable and I like it quite a bit as a "Dark & Stormy". The ginger ale cools it off and allows for the back flavors to come out. I got floral and orange flavors while my buddy said he got almonds and caramel, go ?