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Captain Morgan Black Spiced rum

Captain Morgan Black Spiced

Puerto Rico | Spiced

292 ratings
Easily consumable in a bind


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292 Captain Morgan Black Spiced ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by Metalli from Finland with 12 ratings

Caramel flavored spiced rum. Overly sweet, and cheap tasting, might work as a part of a cocktail, but I wouldn't use this as the main ingredient. I wouldn't recommend drinking this straight.


Posted over 6 years ago by Joshua Cook from Canada with 13 ratings

Not bad at all, it tastes very vanilla like, and mixes well with cola.


Posted over 6 years ago by Frank mac from United Kingdom with 53 ratings

i first tasted this on holiday in the states and have had to ask a relative who lives there to bring me a bottle back every time they visit. Nice spicy pleasant taste,love it with coke and a slice of lime.


Posted over 6 years ago by Linas from Norway with 33 ratings

Dark color with notes of Vanilla. Best With cola .


Posted almost 7 years ago by Sav from United States with 5 ratings

Strong enough and smooth enough at the same time.


Posted almost 7 years ago by Rony from Finland with 7 ratings

I saw this bottle at local liquer store, and it was going out of market, so i decided to give this one a shot. or two.

Well, the colour atleast is kinda exiting. Also the when i opened the bottle it iimidietly gave me a nice hint of maybe herbs and spices similar to jägermeister.

First sip, got me a bit confused, but after second one, it just kept going better and better. You really "grow in" to like this one, for me its not for to be consumed at once. Rather let it stay in cabin for week, couple shots in the evenings, really nice. Especially in autumn, when its gettin a bit colder, this is a ideal to have in a small flask when going to parks or small hikes.


Posted 7 years ago by Sammie from United States with 15 ratings

To say the least this is an interesting rum. At first it was not on my good list. But after having the bottle around for over a week i have grown to like it a lot . My rule is if i can't drink it neat then it sucks. i can take this straight from the bottle no problem. Chilled or room temperature it rocks either way. i will definitely keep some of this around...especially for very cool nights. It's a strong taste, no doubt. Sipping and swallowing slowly let the flavors develop into a pretty neat surprise. i can see where this isn't everybody's thing. It's stout and spicy. i prefer it straight up better than on the rocks. I didn't love it at first but i most certainly do love it now.


Posted 7 years ago by Chris from United States with 21 ratings

This rum has a real bad finish but tasteful start


Posted 7 years ago by Rick from United States with 5 ratings

Dark color with Notes of Vanilla rich in flavor very smooth


Posted 7 years ago by Felipe P from United States with 70 ratings

A failed attempt to ride the wave created by Kraken rum. They should be ashamed of its artificiality.


Posted 7 years ago by Alden Mosher from United States with 16 ratings

If you are looking for something slightly different than normal capt. this is it. Did not try straight, but mixed with coke.